Are you ready to discover the most EFFECTIVE ways to create Social Media content that makes people throw money at you? 

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Imagine what it would feel like to save hours of your time and create POWERFUL content that attracts your dream customers and clients.

Imagine how you would feel if your debt was paid.

You know any post you share will get MASSIVE engagement, an abundance of leads, and your income will continue to increase.

You RETIRE from your day job, easily provide for your family, and treat yourself with some spa days.

Each day you excitedly check your emails and see lots of “ORDER” notifications.

Woohoo! You have more than enough money!

No more burning yourself out by spending 3 hours on content creation every day.
No more wondering how to easily create a content calendar that will help you stay consistent.
No more feeling like you’ll never make it because no one is reading your posts.
No more guessing what you’re doing wrong and why your promo posts aren’t working.

This is why I created the Social Media Content Secrets

Let me tell you what’s going to happen to you…
Inside this program, you will learn the correct way to write your content to attract your dream customers and clients.
You will learn simple techniques that will help you sell your products fast.
You will save hours of your time while still getting an abundance of leads.
You will easily plan your content in minutes for weeks and months ahead.
Social Media Content Secrets course

If all you did was adjust 1 thing in your promotional content because of something you learned in this program… this pays for itself!

You’re not making the money you desire because you’re using the WRONG sales language.

If you’ve tried many different strategies yet still struggle to get any interaction, let alone interest in your products or services – you’re not alone!

And it’s not your fault! You just need to get something EXTRA to help you.

What’s included in Social Media Content Secrets program?

You get a PDF with 11 in-depth videos that give you easy to follow action points to create your content quickly!
Social Media Content Course

• You will learn how to create UNIQUE content so that you can attract your target audience,
• You’ll learn how to find THOUSANDS of content ideas so you won’t be wasting hours of your time,
• You will also learn the Top-secret sales language so that you will SKYROCKET your income,
• Learn how to create Social Media content & promo calendar in minutes, so that you will be prepared & organized,
• You will get a hashtag strategy that will get your content in front of target leads,
• And you will also learn how to create KILLER content that will boost your engagement fast, so you can reach a LARGER audience.

+ Yearly Social Media Content Calendar

You will also get ONE WHOLE YEAR of content planned out!
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Because my mission is to make this information accessible to you, I’m offering this for $197

Pssssst, I also have BONUSES for you!

Powerful Persuasive Words List

Powerful Persuasive Words List
($37 Value)

Call To Action Keywords

Call To Action Keywords
($29 Value)

Social Media Checklist

Social Media Checklist
($7 Value)


Get 1-week unlimited email access to me!
You will be able to send me any questions for 1 week – and I’ll help you out by sharing all the expert strategies!
It’s like having a 1:1 coach through emails!

Full Price = $197

Petra from Big Income Paradise

Hey there! I’m Petra Šranc!

I’m a Social Media content enthusiast who loves to help entrepreneurs save time while still achieving wild success in their business!
My journey with Social Media content started way back in 2013. It took me more than 4 years to notice my content wasn’t converting! So I started investing in different content marketing courses. I became obsessed with it!
So…I’m passionate about teaching entrepreneurs like you to create KILLER content that attracts TARGET LEADS to YOU! So you can show your superpowers and exponentially increases your income.
I believe that the key to your success in business is powerful content that you share with the world. So let’s find your strengths and get you to the next level!

It is for entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, network marketers, bloggers, coaches, and any other who have an online business and wants to promote it through Social Media (content).

It is NOT for people looking to get immediate results. It’s also not for those who are not willing to learn and use the program.

I do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you do not see any results (engagement, more followers, sales) AFTER implementing all the Social Media Content Secret strategies. Read the rules below…

To qualify: You must show me that you implemented all the strategies inside this course, including: posting consistently for the past 30 days, having mixed content, your posts about your story, engagement on other people’s posts, consistently engaging with your audience, and creating beautiful & attractive images.

So if you don’t get any results, you will receive a full refund within 5-7 business days.
PLEASE NOTE that any Social Media strategy takes longer to see results. You are dealing with people and you need to make great connections & trust. It’s NOT an overnight success strategy.

If you have any questions, feel free to email:

PDF – inside this PDF you will get action point and links to all in-depth videos & Facebook group. You can download it to your computer or phone. 


No, there are no upsales and you don’t need to purchase any tools (no extra cost).

You’ll receive the PDF with all bonuses right away. Then you can go through the program at your own pace.

Because this work requires YOU to implement what I’m teaching, I do not guarantee results. But I follow these exact strategies, and I see great results. So I encourage you to take action, learn and stay consistent.