Hey! I'm Petra.

I started my journey in online marketing back in 2013 and fell in love with it right away. It’s my passion that’s why I became a Social Media marketing strategist, helping boss babes, like yourself, create a big income paradise lifestyle.

My mission with Big Income Paradise is to provide expert Social Media marketing strategies, and Pinterest marketing techniques to automate your traffic, leads and sales. I also share the best tools and resources for boss babes that want to build their online business fast.

My Journey

My journey started in 1989. I was born and raised in Slovenia (Europe). For the first couple of years my life was good. But soon our family wen’t through a disaster. My dad ended up in jail (I’m not sure why), so my mom had to raise me and my brother alone. Later they got divorced so it was hard but we got through it. 

I was a shy kid, but everything changed when I entered high school. To make a long story short – I was a crazy raver with colored hair (pink, blue, green…). When I finished high school I did go to college but I didn’t finish it. Then in 2013 I went to an event of one Network Marketing company. Like most people, I thought this industry was a scam. But they sure proved me wrong.

What happened next...

Was I successful right away? No, but I thought I would earn at least $2000 the first month. I was so wrong! Overnight success doesn’t exist. It actually took me a couple of years (4 years and 8 months) to start working full time online.


There is a simple explanation. First year in marketing I didn’t invest in myself because I didn’t even know there were courses and mentors that can teach you how to do marketing right. Later I started learning and implementing the strategies, but I made the worst mistake ever. I wasn’t CONSISTENT. And that is why I had almost no success (only here and there).

So don’t repeat my mistake. Consistency is key to success!


Because I know how it feels to not have guidance and support I devoted my life to helping female entrepreneurs and boss babes.

I created a FREE coaching group called Big Income Paradise, where I share new Social Media marketing strategies, lead generation techniques with Pinterest marketing, tools and resources for entrepreneurs and more. I’m inviting you to join our amazing coaching group. You are one click away from learning your was to success.