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Me - Petra ŠrancMy name is Petra Šranc and I want to welcome you to my blog where you’ll learn about proven Social Media Marketing Strategies for solopreneurs, bloggers and marketers. Dig in the exclusive content, learn and share it with your team to help them succeed faster.

Now I’ll tell you a bit about myself. Don’t worry I’ll be short (oooorrr maybe not 😀 )…

I went through a lot in my life – good and “bad” stuff. Why did I say “bad”? Because I believe that everything happens for a great reason and it makes you stronger. So at one point in my life, I didn’t care about anything – only about PARTYING & ALCOHOL!

Yup, I was a big party girl – a raver and an alcoholic. What changed?

Well, one day (when I was 23 years old) I looked at my life and I saw I didn’t achieve anything. Well, I did good in school (I only finished high school btw). But that was all.

No job, no money, I didn’t have good relationships – I didn’t know what I want, I lost all of my friends…I was alone. And feeling alone is not good – can you relate?

So I decided to get my life together. That’s when I started with Network Marketing.

There were ups and downs, but I finally learned how to use social media to my advantage. And that’s how I found my passion which is: HELP PEOPLE who are struggling in their online business.

And here I am 😉

I enjoy providing value so learn as much as possible.

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Again – thank YOU for being here.
Cheers to your Success!

Petra Šranc

Yup, that’s me now 😉 Big change isn’t it?;)