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I’m Petra Šranc, the CEO of Big Income Paradise. This is a blog that’s committed to helping ambitious female entrepreneurs build a wildly successful online business with simple Social Media strategies.

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– An aspiring lady boss who is new to building and promoting online business through Social Media and wants to learn the most effective strategies
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Petra from Big Income Paradise
Big Income Paradise is all about helping and teaching fierce boss babes to effectively use Social Media and fire up their traffic and sales!

Who is Petra from Big Income Paradise?

I’m a 31-year-old entrepreneur and blogger that’s passionately obsessed with Social Media and content marketing. I live with my cute dog Ciara in a small country called Slovenia (that’s in Europe).

My journey started back in 2013 when my dad dragged me to a business presentation. That’s when I saw the potential of online business and I loved it!

However, that doesn’t mean I started seeing success right away. Oh no, I actually struggled for many years and made a ton of deadly Social Media mistakes. But like many say – we learn from mistakes.

I finally learned how to promote online business through Social Media. And that’s why I’m so passionate about sharing expert tips with you.

Petra from Big Income Paradise with her dog Ciara on a snowy day
You can be free and live the life of your dreams – all you need is a little bit of help, support, and guidance.

How to do Social Media Marketing right?

There is no ‘One Size Fits All’ when it comes to Social Media marketing. I made a ton of mistakes and one of them was – always following other people’s strategies and not adjusting it to my audience’s needs.

In the past couple of years, I invested over $25,000 in different courses, implemented the strategies, and tweaked it to my liking. But there was still something I struggled with. It was…

…Content planning – yes, planning & making posts was my nightmare. So this is a special topic I’m super-duper passionate about – because I created a solution to Social Media overwhelm.

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