Karen S. testimonial

“Before purchasing The Social Media Content Bundle, I struggled with coming up with posts. I could actually spend 2-3 hours on one simple post, ugh! But since my purchase, I actually don’t hate marketing through social media anymore. My content is flowing more freely with the provided prompts. I love the prewritten posts, and the bonuses are awesome. I now am able to schedule two weeks’ worth of posts in the few hours that it used to take me for one! Thank you, Petra for this great bundle!”
Karen S.

Gretchen J. testimonial

The Business Bundle has WAY more included than I anticipated! Petra has put together a fabulous course FULL of everything I need to get my online business branded and marketed. The sales info is so helpful. I am really grateful for the templates she has created since graphic design is not my gift. Excited to be a part of The Business Bundle and use the strategies inside!”
Gretchen J.

Shalga B. testimonial

“One word – WOW! I’m In business 6 years online with lots of courses and trainings done, and this one is gold (The Business Bundle)! Even the business basics are what everyone in business should do and reevaluate every few months. I love the target audience and the avatars. The goals, visions, business plans, and content calendar make this worth wayyyy more than the cost. I am so impressed with the workbooks, and I know you will be too. Thank you, Petra, for creating a simple, no jargon but so effective Business Bundle.”
Shalga B.

Linda S. testimonial

“Before I discovered The Social Media Content Bundle, I struggled to come up with content ideas that would be interesting to my followers. I hated creating my posts! But with this bundle, I know what to post each day so I’m not overwhelmed, and I’m seeing better engagement. I recommend this product to anyone who needs help with their content.”
– Linda S.

Elise N. testimonial

“Thank you sooo very much for the Content Vault. As an entrepreneur, I have struggled with thinking of ideas that are interesting to my followers.”
– Elise N.

Elri B. testimonial

“Thank you so much!! I bought your special (The Social Media Content Bundle) with the 12-month content planner, the power words, the hashtag ideas. Mindblowingly good!!! Such value for money! I used your freebies for so long, which are all great value, but I needed to step up my game. And that was a MAJOR step UP.”
– Elri B.

Erica H. testimonial

“I’ve been struggling with creating social media content and I couldn’t figure out why because I tried a lot of different tactics in my business. I was skeptical about getting the Social Media Content Secrets course because I thought I had tried it all. But it turns out there are far better tactics that are so simple. My content now generates more engagement.”
– Erica H.

Denise W. testimonial

“When going through Social Media Content Secrets I realized how many mistakes I made with my content. I didn’t know how to connect with my followers, and I doubted my content would be interesting enough for them. But now people engage with me, and I even made more sales this month! I’m so glad I got this course. It’s a real lifesaver! Thank you Petra!”
– Denise W.

Teresa H. testimonial

“I love the Social Media Content Secrets! The strategies inside take the guesswork out of trying to figure out what content to create. I write all my weekly posts in just an hour. Thanks Petra!”
– Teresa H.

Chad S. testimonial

“Just want to say the Content Secrets course is the bomb! I’ve used some of these strategies and made 4 sales. Before I wasn’t sure if my posts were good enough, but now I know how to make powerful content that gets the message across!”
– Chad S.

Sue A. testimonial

“I can’t believe that some of these content strategies are so easy but so effective! After just two weeks of following some of your tips I’m seeing more engagement on my posts. I can’t wait to get more results.” (Social Media Content Secrets course)
– Sue A.

Jessica R. testimonial

“I love everything that Petra creates. Content Secrets course and some of her other products are so helpful and valuable. And she keeps adding more videos! My favorite is the video about where to find content ideas. I highly recommend this course.”
– Jessica R.

Stacey A. testimonial

“What a great place for resources (The Business Bundle) I can definitely use these tools to expand my business. It helps me in the areas I struggle with and I look forward to applying these new skills.”
– Stacey A.

Sharon K. testimonial

“Oh my goodness, your program, Business Courses Bundle is the most amazing, beautiful course I have ever used. I love the templates and the way you divided it into different aspects for easy access to the information you might want to go back to time after time. The video content and the templates were perfect. Thank you for the value and knowledge!”
– Sharon K.

Taimi B. testimonial

The Business Course Bundle is packed with Hundreds of Golden Nuggets! These courses cover every question you could have about creating a business online. There are clear steps on how to develop your business, how to create passive income with your business, and even how to run the business on social media. There is so much more to this bundle than I anticipated. I can’t wait to implement the processes! The ease of use is fantastic! There is a clear blueprint to follow, a step-by-step guide; anyone can use this! There’s no excess jargon; it’s straight to the point. Absolutely love this!”
– Taimi B.

Krysta D. testimonial

“What I love about the Social Media sales templates: Time-saving, posts are perfectly written – saving you time from writing out your own posts. Easy to change for your own product and niche. Variety – from longer sales posts to short promos. The amount offered will last a long time without repeating. What I love about the Ultimate Guide to Online Sales: The guide is very comprehensive! I’ve heard of many of the techniques but have not had the time to research each one. This guide has it all in one place, with many added resources linked throughout. Very convenient and time-saving.”
– Krysta D.

John R. S. testimonial

“I love the Social Media Sales Kit. It really is a time saver for me. Having templates, I can refer to is incredibly useful for me as I am very busy! Also, it has narrowed down what kind of content works. Petra explains in clear terms what I should be doing with that content. What I love about this kit is that it removes overwhelm, stress, and guesswork from the process. I now have a predictable formula for making money online using social media.”
– John R. S.

Richy M. testimonial

“Hey Petra, I just accessed your Social Media Sales Kit and all I can say is WOW!! You are truly talented at what you do. I’m going to implement some of these templates across my socials straight away and drive traffic to my web pages and affiliate offers. I’m already getting tonnes of ideas with this content. You seriously over delivered on this product, I can’t begin to count all the time these are going to save me!! Great job my friend.”
– Richy M.

Lovina R.

Social Media Templates are amazing you will benefit from them using them in your social media endeavors. I can’t wait to buy more products from her. Thank you, Petra, for all your hard work in these and the great price point.”
Lovina R.

Elise N. testimonial

“People follow my social media beauty page but did not engage or interact with my brand. I did not know how to write interesting text for my makeup audience. But I began to use the instructions and guidelines within Social Media Content 101, and I continue to see an increase in the number of comments, shares, and likes for my makeup posts. I definitely would recommend the Social Media Content 101 course. Petra thoroughly explains what to do, why to do it, how to do it, and when to do it. Petra is great at explaining how ALL the pieces to the puzzle work together.”
– Elise N.

Kim R.

I used to struggle with finding great content ideas for my social media. After seeing these 3 easy-to-follow content calendars, I didn’t hesitate. I purchased them immediately because I’ve learned so much from being Petra’s subscriber. After using the social media content calendars, my engagement got better, so I recommend them to everyone because they are easy to follow and can be used in any niche.

– Kim R.