These business and Social Media tools will help you save time and create a better experience for your audience. They will also help you increase your revenue. So, in short, they will make your life easier. 

I’ll only recommend the free & paid tools I use & trust. This blog post will be updated regularly, so bookmark it to have easy access.

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Which Social Media tools are the most useful for business?

There are a ton of Social Media tools that can help you grow your business. But the most useful ones are Canva & Visme (for graphics), Mailer Lite (for collecting leads), and of course, tools that every Social Media platform provides for free (For example, Facebook live videosanalytics, etc.).

Now let’s look at all the fantastic tools you should be using in your business to get an unfair advantage.

Pre-Written Content & Content Ideas

  • 7+ Years Of Social Media Content Ideas – if you find yourself lacking the time and inspiration to create engaging posts that will keep your audience interested – then this content bundle is for you! You’ll have everything you need to create eye-catching posts that will attract new followers and keep your existing audience engaged.
  • Other Content Bundles – If you need pre-written content for a specific industry, or Social Media sales content, or you’re searching for Instagram captions, you’ll find it in my store here.
  • Content Mega Bundle – I’ve put 3 products in the bundle: 7+ Years of Social Media Content Ideas, Content Creation Express, and Master Resell Rights: 250+ Canva Graphic Templates. It’s for those who are serious about creating content for social media and growing their brand fast! Plus, you’ll save $20.
Content Mega Bundle - social media content and graphics

Graphics & Images

  • Master Resell Rights: 250+ Canva Graphic Templates – they are easy-to-use, stylish designs to make your business stand out. These graphics can grab attention and turn visitors into fans. Plus the best part – you have master resell rights so you can sell these templates to bring more money in. 
  • Canva – it’s an excellent tool for creating graphics, freebies, infographics, and more. You can use it for free. But if you want the premium photos, videos, and the scheduler, you’ll have to upgrade to the PRO version. I upgraded last year and completely fell in love with it! 
  • Visme – this is a simple yet powerful, all-in-one graphic creation tool. It allows you to create interactive presentations, awesome infographics, beautiful Social Media graphics, and more via an easy-to-use drag-and-drop online platform. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or a total novice, with Visme, you can create engaging, dynamic branded content that makes people ask, “How did you do that?!”
  • Ivory Mix – this is more than just a stock photography site. Inside, you will get professional photos for branding yourself and excellent courses & workshops to help you grow your business fast! I was blown away by all the value inside the VIP membership. So it is one of my TOP recommendations.
  • Unsplash – it’s a stock photography site where you can get free images. You will find many different styles for all sorts of niches. 
  • 796 Engaging Canva Graphic Templates – these templates will save you time, lower your stress, and increase your Social Media engagement! Inside you will get fill-in-the-blank templates, would you rather templates, this or that templates, poll question templates, quote templates, infographic templates, sales & promo templates, freebie templates, testimonial templates, and Instagram story size templates. So everything you need to grow your business! Snag the graphics right here.
  • The Viral Content Templates – these are such amazing & professional-looking graphic templates. You can unlock 100 tested and proven Viral Content Templates™ that are fully customizable in Canva. They are expertly formulated to generate more engagement, grow your following, and boost sales without having to pay for ads! You’re gonna want this in your toolkit today, so grab it here!

Social Media Platforms & Tools

  • 3 Social Media Content Calendars – if you’re feeling overwhelmed with content creation, then get my 3 Social Media calendars because they will save you lots of time and stress by giving you daily post ideas – for 3 whole years!
  • Facebook group – a FB group is perfect for building a community of raving fans. You should set up a private group. That’s when your audience will feel safe to ask questions and share their pain points.
  • Facebook business page – every business needs a page because it looks more professional. 
  • Instagram – it’s a great platform to grow your business.
  • Twitter for business – use it for promoting your brand & business.
  • Social Media live videos – video marketing is very popular. It will help you gain the trust of your audience.
  • Social Media stories – stories are great for getting attention and promoting your business.
  • Social Media analytics – you should be analyzing all of your results (engagement, followers, the best time to post, etc.)  

Social Media Management Tools

  • Smarter Queue – I love Smarter Queue mainly because it provides you with so many options to find content, categorize it, and schedule it with ease. It will help you stay organized and consistent with posting. And you get to test it for a whole month for FREE! It boosts engagement by 10x and saves you hours each week.
  • Creator Studio – this is a free tool on your Facebook page where you can schedule posts to your page or even on Instagram. You can also check out the analytics. 
  • Later – it’s a scheduling tool that includes a free plan (30 posts per social profile). You can also upgrade and get more features.
  • Tassi – this is another scheduling tool, but it doesn’t have a free plan. However, it is fantastic software with a graphics library, pre-written statuses, a smart marketing calendar, and so much more.
Get TASSI here.

Blogging Tools

  • Elementor – this is a fantastic WordPress website builder. I use it to create landing & sales pages. It has a ton of options and elements that will help you create a better user experience.
  • Maggie Theme – I’m using this theme for my blog. It’s beautiful & straightforward.

Email Marketing Tools

  • Mailer Lite – every business needs an email list. Mailer Lite is one of the best! I compared the prices and what you get with other email service providers. Mailer Lite is the most affordable, and you get a ton more options. Also, their team responds fast.
  • Send Check It – it’s an email subject line tester.
  • The Email Marketing Fairy – these are email marketing templates that are almost entirely written for you (with examples). They cover everything – from weekly newsletters to sales funnels, and everything in between. These templates helped me save a lot of time and get a more responsive email list (I started receiving replies, which never happened before). I also saw an increase in revenue. 
The Email Marketing Fairy

Video Marketing Tools

  • Zoom – it’s a tool for having video meetings, or you can record videos. I use it when I want to make videos where I share my screen. You can use it for free.
  • Video Maker FX – it is software that helps you create fun & engaging videos. It’s easy to use, and it’s great for making presentations or product reviews.

Planning Tools:

  • Trello – It’s an online organization and planning tool. You can use the free version because it has a ton of options. It’s my go-to online planner. 

Tools For Business Research & Marketing

  • Pinterest for business – Pinterest is terrific for getting traffic and also doing your research for content. There are millions of ideas, so go check them out. And if you want to learn how to use Pinterest for business, get my course here.
  • Google – we all use it. So why not do your research for content or any other thing you need for business? 
  • YouTube – it’s a great platform to gain knowledge. But you can also get a ton of ideas for your business & content. 
  • Buzzsumo – this site is perfect for finding content that performs best.
  • Quora – here, you can find what people are asking about your niche. It’s perfect when you’re searching for content ideas.
  • Answer The Public – it’s a fantastic site that shows you all the questions people ask in your niche, but it has a limit on how many times daily you can use it. 
  • Answer Socrates – this site is just like Answer The Public, but it’s completely free.

Grammar & Writing Tools

  • Google Drive – you can create Google docs, sheets, slides, and more. Perfect for any business that has to write down ideas, create plans, or make presentations.
  • Grammarly – it’s a life-saver when writing great blog posts, Social Media content, or anything else. It shows you where you made mistakes, and it helps you improve your writing. It’s a must-have tool for content creators. I used the free version, but I quickly realized I needed to upgrade. And I don’t regret it.
  • – it’s one of the most advanced AI copywriting tools in the world! It’s a piece of software that uses artificial intelligence to generate winning marketing copy – on demand (in 30 seconds or less). It’s like having an amazing copywriter writing your marketing messages for you – day and night without rest. You can also use it for blog posts, Social Media content, emails, and so much more! I can’t see myself living without this tool – ever!

Ebook Creation Tools:

  • Designrr – if you are into ebook creation or if you want to make amazing freebies fast, then check out Designrr. It’s very inexpensive, and it will save you a ton of time. The results are always excellent. I was blown away by this tool.
  • Canva – we talked about this tool before. But I have to mention it again because you can also create ebooks with it.

Tools For Selling Digital Products & Services

  • PayHip – This is an outstanding platform for anyone who wants to sell their own products (digital or physical). You also have an option to create a membership, coaching services, or even bundle up your existing products. And the best thing about PayHip is, it’s free to use. But you do give 5% off each sale. However, if you decide to upgrade your plan, there are two options: Plus plan which is $29/month and you also give 2% of each sale, or the Pro plan that’s $99/month and there are no transaction fees. I’m using this platform because it offers so many incentives for my customers. I believe PayHip is the best option for anyone starting out or even those who’ve been in business for years. So go check it out here.
  • Podia – If you want to create your own courses & products, then you should definitely check Podia. It’s a great tool that will host your products. But you will also be able to create sales pages, and they will process the payments for you. It’s an all-in-one tool that is perfect for those who want to make their own products and make a massive profit!
  • Send Owl – if you have already created digital products (or you’re planning to) but you don’t know where and how to sell them, then you need Sendo Owl. It’s an easy-to-use platform that will host your products, help you sell them, and also deliver the products to your customers. I used this tool when I first started selling my offers.

URL Shortener

  • Bitly – It’s a free URL shortener. It converts long, weird links into short, branded ones.