Why are Instagram poll questions so great for your small business?

It can be one of the easiest ways for your followers to interact with your posts. Simple poll questions will prompt people to take action and comment on your Instagram post or story, which ultimately leads to more engagement. 

Also, when you ask questions, people usually want to respond with their opinions. And let’s face it – who doesn’t love giving their opinion?

When you run a small business, it is crucial to connect with your followers; they are the lifeblood of your business. So use these poll questions for Instagram stories or posts, and you’ll see great results.

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What is an Instagram Poll?

An Instagram poll is a feature that helps you interact and communicate with your followers.

It’s an interactive sticker that lets you ask questions, give two answers (for example: yes or no), and collect the answers.

Instagram poll questions

How do you make a poll question on Instagram?

1.) First, you have to open Instagram. Swipe right or click on the photo (top left corner) to add your poll question to a Story.

2.) Now you have a couple of options:

  • Take a photo
  • Upload a graphic/image
  • Or choose the icon ‘Aa’ (create)

3.) Then click the stickers icon (it looks like a smiley face inside a square)

4.) From the menu, choose the poll option

5.) Now type your question where it says ‘Ask a question…’ You can leave the two buttons as ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ answers or change them.

6.) When you’re happy with the poll, click ‘Done’ at the top of your screen.

7.) Your last step is to choose from two options (at the bottom of your screen):

  • ‘Your story’ – you will share it with all your followers
  • ‘Close friends’ – only people on your Close friend’s list will see your story

How do you make a 4 question poll on Instagram?

If you want your followers to choose from 4 or more answers, you should create a visual in Canva or any other graphic design tool of your liking.

At the top of your image, ask a question you want your audience to respond to. Then create 4 squares and write down the answers. Here’s a simple example:

  • Your next step is to upload this graphic to your story (you can also use it in a post; just make sure you resize it to Instagram post size.)
  • If you uploaded it to your story, click the stickers icon (smiley face inside a square) and choose the ‘Questions’ option. 
  • Then write your question where it says ‘Ask me a question’ – say something like, “Which option would you choose: A, B, C, D?” Click the button ‘Done’ at the top of your screen.
  • Now you can share your story with all your followers or just with close friends.

If you created a poll question graphic for your Instagram post, all you have to do is ask your followers to write their answers in the comments.

What are good Instagram poll questions?

The best Instagram polls are the ones that get your followers to engage with you. While Instagram is great for sharing snippets of your life and promoting your business, it’s also an excellent platform for connecting with your followers.

Many people use polls to get to know their followers better and as a way to increase engagement on their accounts. They can also be used as a quick market research tool, helping you make decisions and gauge your audience’s likes or dislikes. 

So what makes a good Instagram poll?

The best Instagram polls are the ones that:

  • Encourage engagement,
  • Work with your brand’s image,
  • Are open-ended,
  • Invite conversation,
  • Are simple and easy to understand,
  • And they should be fun.

Now let’s look at some of the most engaging Instagram polls you can use right now.

Funny Instagram poll questions

Would you rather sneeze for one day or have hiccups?
A) Sneeze B) Hiccups

If your pets could talk, which would be the rudest? Why?
A) Dog B) Cat 

Does pineapple belong on pizza?
A) Yes B) No

Would you rather have a horse head or horse body?
A) Head B) Body

Did you ever answer a poll question with a random answer?
A) Yes B) No C) Unicorn

Do you talk to yourself?
A) No B) Yes, I need expert advice

Are you a…
A) Early bird B) Night owl C) Confused pigeon

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Poll questions for Instagram story

Where do you prefer to check out?
A) Instagram Stories B) Instagram feed

How are you feeling today?
A) Great B) Meh…

Do you prefer reading blog posts or listening to podcasts?
A) Blog posts B) Podcasts

Do you read emails?
A) Yes B) No

Do you love working out?
A) Yes B) No

Do you love reading personal development books?
A) Yes B) No

What do you prefer:
A) Summer B) Winter

Where would you love to live?
A) USA B) Europe

Are you a fan of healthy food?
A) Yes B) No

Instagram poll questions for business

Which do you prefer?
A) Video course B) e-book

Do you support small business owners?
A) Yes B) No

What do you want to learn next?
A) Instagram strategy B) FB strategy

Which topic should I cover next?
A) Boosting sales B) Getting engagement

Did you get my freebie: (enter freebie name)
A) Yes B) No, but I want it

Do you want me to help you achieve (write a specific goal – it should connect to what your product can do for them)
A) Yes B) Yes, please

Did you purchase anything from my shop yet?
A) Yes B) No

Do you want to get a 50% coupon for anything in my shop?
A) Yes B) HellYeah!

If you had to choose, which business task would you outsource first?
A) Social Media B) Email

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Yes or no poll questions for Instagram

You are enough – do you agree?
A) Yes B) No

Do you love using Instagram?
A) Yes B) No

Are Instagram polls fun?
A) Yes B) No

Are the best things in life free?
A) Yes B) No

Do you have your own business?
A) Yes B) No

Did you do your workout today?
A) Yes B) No

Do you follow trends?
A) Yes B) No

Do you enjoy your work?
A) Yes B) No

‘This or that’ polls

What do you prefer?
A) Working out at home B) At the gym

Which is your favorite?
A) Coffee B) Tea

Do you prefer:
A) Dogs B) Cats

What’s your must-have makeup peace:
A) Foundation B) Mascara

Where do you love to swim:
A) Pool B) Sea

Which one do you love to use more
A) Instagram B) Facebook

Are you an…
A) Introvert B) Extrovert

‘Would you rather’ poll questions

Would you rather lose weight or grow your hair fast?
A) Lose weight B) Grow hair

Would you rather live by the sea or lake?
A) Sea B) Lake

Would you rather drink coffee or tea right now?
A) Coffee B) Tea

Would you rather go to a live or online event?
A) Live B) Online

Would you rather get your eyelashes or eyebrows done?
A) Eyelashes B) Eyebrows

Would you rather dance or go to the gym?
A) Dance B) Gym

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‘Your favorite’ polls

What’s your favorite way to consume content?
A) Videos B) Articles

Which is your favorite platform?
A) Pinterest B) Youtube

Who’s your favorite?
A) Mel Robbins B) GaryVee

Your favorite ice cream:
A) Vanilla B) Chocolate 

Which is your favorite actor?
A) Johnny Depp B) Dwayne Johnson

Your favorite dessert:
A) Cake B) Muffins

Your favorite fruit?
A) Banana B) Mango

Final takeaway

Instagram poll questions are a great way to engage your audience and get to know them better. With the help of my list, you should be able to create them in no time and boost your engagement.

You can also come up with your own questions that work for your brand and industry. 

Engaging with your followers is a great way to build crowds and make your brand more human. One of the best parts is these polls can be used on both; Instagram stories and feeds.

In conclusion, using Instagram polls can really help grow your following by better connecting with your audience. But you should mix up your content, so if you need more content ideas, grab my 100 Social Media post ideas to boost engagement.

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