Network marketing business can be really tough if you don’t have the right strategy and knowledge. You start it with excitement, then you realize it’s not as easy as it looks.

Soon you start doubting yourself and that leads to quitting. Doubt and lack of knowledge are why 97% of people fail. But you won’t be one of them!

If you wouldn’t have that burning desire in you, you probably wouldn’t want to learn how to build a successful Network Marketing business. And that’s why you’re here – you are willing to learn and take action.

I gathered all the best tips that helped me and many others in Network Marketing. Read this blog post from start to finish and take notes.

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Habits Of Highly Successful Network Marketers:

Yes, having good habits is very important. You won’t find any successful marketer or entrepreneur who has really bad habits.

So what are some of those bad habits? Let’s check them out:

  • Having a fixed and negative mindset
  • No goals
  • Not believing in yourself
  • Not believing in your goals
  • Making excuses for everything
  • Blaming others
  • Focusing on multiple things at once

I could go on and on. You will have to start working on your mindset and change it. The best way to do that is by reading personal development books. You should be reading them every day for 30 minutes and then implement what you learned.

You will have to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals and dreams. And I won’t sugar-coat it – it’s going to be hard at times. That’s when you should remember why you started.

So yes, changing your habits is important, and if you want to learn more, then read my other blog post where you will learn about 10 Habits of Highly Successful Network Marketers.

Planning Your Network Marketing Goals:

Planning your goals is very important. Without having a plan and goals, you won’t know what to do. And worst of all, you could be running in circles and wasting your time.

Ok, so how should you plan your goals? Write them down on a piece of paper. Don’t overthink and don’t limit yourself with small goals. Start with unique business cards with Metal Business Kards. You can achieve anything you want, it will just take some work and time.

To make it easier for you, I created free printable planners to help you boost your productivity. You can get them below:


Social Media Marketing:

Promoting your Network Marketing business on Social Media can be a little bit tricky. What most marketers do is they jumped on Social Media and flooded it with too much information about their business (BIG NO-NO!)

Don’t do the same mistake because you will get the reputation of a pushy salesperson or even worse – a spammer!

You have to learn the right strategies that will build curiosity and get your audience interested in YOU and your Network Marketing business. You can check these rockstar courses out.

I recommend them because I learned most from them and I saw big changes in my online business when I implemented the strategies.


Grow Your Network Marketing Business With More Social Media Engagement:

You can get more engagement with attraction marketing and Facebook engagement hacks. Attraction marketing is the hottest marketing strategy of all time. You should use it daily to see bigger engagement.

Here is my example when I was still doing a special Facebook Engagement Hack. Any strategy that you learn can be combined with attraction marketing, and you will definitely win big!

Promote your network marketing business on Facebook by growing your engagement

Don’t Use The Name Of Your Company:

Never use the name of your network marketing business or products. You want them to ask YOU about it, not uncle Google 😉

Building curiosity can be very powerful, that’s why you should start focusing on that. Instead of giving everything away, you can share some parts of your business or product that you know your audience would love.

It’s also important to talk about your audience’s pain points. The more emotional they will get, the more your income will increase.

Follow The 80-20 Rule:

Mix your posts and follow the 80-20 rule. This rule means 80% of your posts have to be about value, lifestyle or something funny. Only 20% should be about your business.

It will make you look professional and approachable. Ask the right questions, share your story, lifestyle, quotes, a bit about your business, and so on.

It can be scary to open up and show who you really are, however, remember that your story can help and inspire your audience – “Facts tell, stories sell.”

Connecting With Others in Network Marketing Business:

You can’t expect to have results without talking with people. Use your messenger the right way. Talk with them like you’re talking to your best friend or at least a good friend 🙂

I know it can be hard sometimes especially if they don’t make a long response back. Those are the ones who are not really interested in you. So think twice – do you want to waste your time with them, or should you move on?

With those who are more open and talk with you normally, you can make a great connection. That’s when it’s time to ask them about their struggles. Maybe they are struggling with something you can help them with. Make sure you do it for free – at least some part of it.

They will trust you more and also they will see you as a problem solver, an expert. Next time you will make a business-post, they will be curious about it. With time more of them will contact you and ask you what your network marketing business is all about. It’s a WIN-WIN SITUATION.

Use Facebook Groups:

Most network marketers use Facebook groups in the wrong way. They just spam their links everywhere. Don’t do that because you will be just like everyone else. You want to STAND OUT OF THE CROWD, right?

Here’s how you should use the groups:

1.) Join the groups that are connected to your niche
2.) Find questions that people are asking inside
3.) Answer their questions with LOTS OF VALUE!
4.) You can add them as a friend and connect with them
5.) Share more VALUE in those groups – not just links!


If you’re targeting everyone, then you’re doing it wrong and you’re wasting a lot of your time! Stop doing that and instead learn who your real targeted audience is.

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Get To Know Your Targeted Audience - TOP Question You Must Ask Yourself


You can make 5 Figures in your Network Marketing Business if you follow the steps we covered above. Is it going to be easy? No, however, it’s going to be worth it 😉

Stop complicating things in your business and start following the steps of those who already achieved success.

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