Here is why most people don’t make money with Social Media Marketing

A lot of marketers never make a dime with Social Media Marketing. And while that’s sad it’s also true. I was one of them for the first year and a half and I’m so grateful that changed.

In this blog post we will change your results too because you will be able to avoid the mistakes that 97% of people do in Social Media Marketing.

You deserve to be successful and live that freedom lifestyle that you dream of. So grab a pen and paper, read the article and take notes.

1.) Not having a Social Media Marketing plan:

Without a plan you will be lost in the dark without a light…stubbing your pinky toe…ouch 🙂 Ok you won’t actually get hurt but you will hurt your progress and results.

In Social Media Marketing you can’t just wing it. That’s not a good strategy. So your first step is to write down your goals (big and small). You have to know what you want to make a better Social Media Marketing plan.

Then your next step is to learn about a specific strategy for the Social Media platform you will be promoting on. Yes that means you will have to invest in some courses and mentors that will help you achieve your goals.

I always recommend the courses from Kat Sullivan (Marketing Solved). I invested in some of the courses and I know they are full of value – and for friendly prices 🙂

You can also read my blog and watch my Youtube videos where I share many Social Media tips.

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2.) Not having goals:

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? This can be a really hard questions for most people because they don’t have any goals. They want a better life, but that’s not specific enough.

So go into details with your goals. Write down when do you want to achieve it (make sure you believe it), what color will it be (if it’s a car, house…), how many followers will you have and so on.

If you want to go from point A to point B, but you don’t know where point B is – how will you get there? Makes sense, right? 🙂

Let me know what are some of your Social Media Marketing goals?


3.) Still spamming:

That goes right back to #1 tip that we have been talking about in this blog post. Because people don’t have a Social Media Marketing plan, they do what they think will work.

Spamming doesn’t work, we know that, but most don’t. And here are a couple of reasons why:

– their mentor told them they should promote and hardcore sell
– they think spamming is the right way to do Social Media Marketing
– they saw someone else doing it
– spamming is easy – people want to make money EASY

It’s sad to see that there are still marketers out there who teach spamming. And you can see they never invested a dime in themselves. So don’t be that person and invest in yourself.

You can learn how to 10X your results by being a good social media marketer – click here.

4.) Always being right:

If they think they are always right – oh boy are they in trouble. No one can be always right. We all do mistakes because we are human.

But with that mindset of “I’m always right!” – you can’t get far. There are people who are better in Social Media Marketing then you are and probably they know more than you. And that’s OK.

With time you can learn and become a professional if you want. But always listen to those who are already where you want to be.

5.) Not knowing how to sell:

How many times did you hear: “You don’t need to learn how to sell, products sell themselves.”

Don’t listen to those people. You have to learn how to sell if you want to see bigger and better results in your online business.

You can go on and find a course on selling (or anything else). Another tip: don’t ever buy the cheapest courses (usually they are not the best).

6.) Fake it till you make it:

This is one of the biggest reasons why marketers fail. Don’t lie to your audience because they know there is something wrong.

Instead of faking it, you can use a better Social Media Marketing strategy like – sharing VALUE and your story. This way you can inspire your audience and they get to know you better.

And you probably already know that when people get to know you better and they start trusting you, your sales will increase.

Stand out of the crowd and be who you are because you are good enough and you are unique. And that’s always good 😉

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We are all on different levels in Social Media Marketing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become a professional. You can learn everything.

In this blog post, we covered the biggest mistakes that marketers make every single day. Now you know what to avoid and how to be different than most.

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