Selling on Social Media can be challenging. There is more competition because people are starting to trust Online Marketing.

How many similar products do you see on the market? Probably tons and tons, right? So how can you get noticed? That’s what we are going to talk about in this blog post.

If you have been struggling with making sales online, then you should definitely read everything below and take notes.

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How To Write Effective Posts That Sell

1.) First build relationships

That is the key to success in making money online. Without your audience trusting you, there won’t be any sales. And how do you build a relationship through posts and videos?

The most powerful strategy that works is; sharing your story. Tell your audience how your products helped you. You have to press on their emotions because people buy with them 😉 Inspire them, show them what is possible.

So maybe you’re wondering: “But what if I don’t have a story yet?”

Easy, you can just talk about your teammate’s or mentor’s story. There are always some people in your industry that had a lot of success and an inspirational story.

What works even better is if you make an interview with that person. So yes that means making a video but hey you will have to get out of your comfort zone. We are not on a playground – we are in an online business!

And if you want to have even faster and better results in sales, then use the messenger. Connect with people, text them, send them voice messages, or even go on a call.

2.) Be consistent

Consistency is key!

Consistency is another key on your road to success. That’s why it’s important to choose one social media platform and build it up to the point where you have many followers that trust you.

So which social media platform will you choose? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest…?

First, decide where you will be consistent, and then learn how to do social media marketing the right way. Invest in some amazing courses and then take massive action.

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3.) Include words that sell

It’s a no-brainer you should use words that sell. Why? Well because they sell. But be careful to not overuse them! That would look too spammy and not natural.

Here are some powerful words that sell:
– You (it’s always about your customers)
– Imagine (make them go into their emotions)
– Because (no, I’m not kidding – it is a powerful word that sells)
– Unique (we all are 😉 )
– Breakthrough (we all want one or more 😉 )
– Exciting
– Special
– Now
– New

There are many more but you can check them out here.

Oh yes, we all did this mistake once or twice… OK fine, many times 🙂 But now it’s time to stop. And here is why:

– Social Media platforms hate it because you send people to another site
– And you seem desperate to make a sale

Guess what’s better than this “spam the link everywhere strategy”. It’s called BUILDING CURIOSITY.

Have you ever seen a marketer that didn’t share a link or the name of the products or company? And they made an interesting post that made you curious. What happened next?

In most cases, if you are really curious and interested, you reached out to them. And there is where the magic happens.

When someone shows interest in what you promote, you can connect with them on a deeper level over messenger – or even better: on a call (with camera). And in no time you can make a sale 🙂

5.) Grow your engagement

Why is engagement so important? Well, it’s because most of the time other people think you are a successful marketer.

If someone has 10 likes and 1 comment on their post – do you think they are successful? Probably not, right? But I’m not saying they are not because they can use some other strategies to get traffic to their offer.

What if someone has 180 likes and 150 comments? That’s a different story 🙂 Most think that those people are really successful because they have a following.

You can learn how to get massive Facebook engagement, just click here.

6.) Use urgency

For example: if your products are 50% off for one week, then tell your audience that they have to hurry up. The deal will be there for ONLY one week and they have to take action NOW.

But before you share that with them, you should share your story about how the products changed your life. You have to get your audience in tune with their emotions. That will increase sales.

It’s ok if you can’t use urgency. That’s not the only option to get sales. Like I said before (and I’ll say it many times): STORIES SELL!

7.) Offer bonuses and freebies

This is another great way to increase sales. And don’t worry if your company doesn’t provide bonuses and freebies. You can easily make them yourself.

I’ll give you an example here (health & fitness niche):
If you’re in this niche, you can give them a free bonus which can be a one-week meal plan, recipes for green shakes, which workouts work best for weight loss, and more.

But how can you make them yourself? In the video below I show you an easy way to make freebies that you can then share with people who buy from you, or even if you want to grow your email list:

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You can make killer posts that will sell your products like crazy. In this article, you learned 7 different ways how to do so. I hope you took some notes and now it’s time for massive action.

Go through these 7 ways again and make sure you use them every time you make a business post. Be consistent, keep going, and don’t quit.

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