These Online Marketing Tools will help you succeed faster!

If you want to be really successful in online world, you will have to use some specific Online Marketing Tools.

When people start with Online Marketing, they think all they need is to invest in the company and that’s it. But that’s not true.

In this blog post we will go through some of the best tools that will help you stand out of the crowd and see better results in your Online Business.

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The topics we will cover here are:

– Social Media Marketing
– Visual content
– Email Marketing
– Content Marketing
– Video Marketing

Social Media Marketing Tools:

1.) Tassi:

This is a Social Media management tool that will help you post every single day (consistency) even when you won’t be online. Also, it will save a lot of your time and you will be able to spend it with the ones you love most.

There are many similar Social Media tools out there however, Tassi is different and it stands out. In the picture below you can see why:


As you can see you get a lot more than anywhere else. You get all you need in one place – WIN 🙂 So let’s go over each thing that you get inside and why you need this tool.

Smart Marketing Calendar:

If you are struggling with what to post, when to post, when to promote your business – then this is going to help you!

Each month you will get a new calendar that will help you plan out all the promotions and content that is relevant to your audience.

The best part is that the calendar follows the 80/20 rule. That means you won’t promote your business too much or too little.

Custom Graphics:

This part alone saves so much time. You get many libraries full of done for you images that you can just post on your Social Media.

The best part is that each month they add new and fresh content. Here are some of the libraries:
– Quote library
– Funny content library
– Holiday content library
– Engaging content library
– Promotional content library

Personalize the content:

If you want to brand yourself you can do so by including your own logo on the images. Yes, it’s that easy:

1.) Choosing from the graphic libraries
2.) Add your logo
3.) Click preview image
4.) Save the image and schedule it

Prewritten statuses:

Here you will also have a ton of possibilities. They cover the same topics as in custom graphics libraries, except this, are text statuses.

You can always customize it and personalize it so that it works best for your targeted audience.


If an agency would do all of this for you it would cost $300+ per month. But Tassi is way more affordable – no it’s not even $100.

Tassi is only $47 per month! CLICK HERE and get it now.

One of the best Online Marketing Tools of all time! 🙂

Tassi 3

2.) Facebook Groups:

This is one of the best Online Marketing tools and here is why:
– talk about specific topics that people can resonate
– it’s great for targeting the right audience
– you can build a big community (buyers who trust you)
– provide value, sell the products, have fun

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Visual Content:

One of the best Online Marketing Tools for visual content is Canva. It is perfect for creating attractive and interesting images.

Let’s face it – we are all visual. When we see bright colors or something really amazing, we will stop and check it out. So why not stand out of the crowd and make professional images.

The best part about Canva is that you have templates for all Social Media Platforms and for basically anything else.

They have two options: Free & paid. In the free version, you already get so much! Talking about over-delivering 🙂 But if you choose to get more, then it’s only $12.95 per month.

Email Marketing:

1.) MailerLite:

All big marketers and leaders are using Online Marketing Tools for email marketing. So if you want to be the best, do what they do. Most people get scared of it – I should know because I was one of them 🙂

But it’s not scary or complicated at all. If you stop panicking and focus on learning from a couple of Youtube videos, you will be good to go 😉

The only thing you should learn first is not to spam and how to actually sell through emails. The rest is the technical stuff that is not hard to set up.

There are two things you need in Email Marketing:
– Autoresponder
– Landing Pages

Autoresponder is a tool where you set up a series of emails that you will send out to your subscribers.

A landing page is a page where you collect people’s information (name, email…)

I’m personally using MailerLite autoresponder and I do recommend it. There are other autoresponders out there so do your research and choose the one that’s best for you.

email marketing

2.) Landing Pages:

If you have a WordPress website you can use the Elementor plugin. Personally, I use this because it’s easy and fun to use, and you can do whatever you want.

We all know there are many similar Online Marketing tools so there are other options that you can check out.

Other Landing Page Builder Tools examples:
Click Funnels

Video Marketing:

1.) VideoMakerFX:

Video marketing is one of the most important strategies that you can add to your business. You can build a good connection with your audience and share a lot more value than in a post. Let’s face it, no one reads long posts on Social Media.

So are you camera shy? No worries my friend 😉 There is a great way to still make professional videos!

In my humble opinion, VideoMakerFX is the best tool I have ever used. It’s simple, it’s fun and it helps you make professional videos. It also doesn’t cost a fortune, only $27 one time!

Watch the video below where you will learn how to use this simple yet very powerful tool:

There is also a free tool called Facebook Live 😉 CLICK HERE and learn how to use Facebook Live and get more views.

Content Marketing:

1.) BuzzSumo:

BuzzSumo is a tool where you can analyze what content performs best. It’s also good when you don’t know what exactly you want to talk about.

You can analyze topics (examples: Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing…) or domain (example:


2.) CoSchedule Headline Analyzer:

This is the #1 Headline Analyzer! So if you’re struggling with making great headlines, this is the tool to use.

Type your headline in and it will show you how good it is. It will also tell you what you should change to get a better headline.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer


If you want to be successful and efficient in Online Marketing, then you will have to start using the tools we talked about in this blog post.

These are the most important ones and they will help you reach your goals faster.

Which Online Marketing tool will you include this year?

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