Is it possible to promote my business on Social Media for Free?

If you have been asking yourself this questions, then let me answer it for you. Short and simple answer is YES, yes it is possible.

I’ll be honest with you, it will take you some time and effort. But it’s so worth it.

All these leaders in online marketing are using Social Media to grow their business. It’s true that they pay for traffic but also they do it in a free way.

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1.) Choose the right Social Media Platform:

So how do you choose the right Social Media platform? You will have to do some research about your targeted audience.

Which social media platform are they using? I’m guessing most of them are using Facebook. And in my humble opinion, this is the best platform to start with 😉

Search for the groups and pages on Facebook and start engaging in them.
Example: If you’re in the make money online niche, then check out the pages of leaders in the online marketing industry.

Make sure you are always providing lots of value while engaging with people in those groups and pages.

P.s.: If you chose to promote your business on Facebook (Facebook Marketing), then read this blog post: How Can I Promote Myself on Facebook Profile

How can I promote myself on Facebook Profile?

2.) Posts and videos will build trust:

You choose the social media platform that you will start with. What now? Well, you have to build trust. Without trust, there won’t be any sales.

It’s not that hard to build trust with your audience, but you have to do it right. Spamming your business won’t do any good. It will actually destroy your reputation from an online marketer to a spammer.

I don’t want to scare you – I’m here to help 😉 So here are the steps you have to take:

1.) Write posts about your story, your life, quotes, and business: 80-20 rule (that means 80% of the time you post about value and lifestyle and only 20% of the time you post about your business)

2.) Make value posts and videos (provide solutions to their problems). This is the reason you should educate yourself daily about the niche you are in. If that is health and fitness, then read articles on those topics. You will gain more knowledge and you will be able to help your audience better.

Remember that you are more VALUABLE to your audience when you have more KNOWLEDGE.

3.) VIDEOS – Oh yes my friend 😉 Video marketing is really important because it is one of the most powerful techniques in promoting your business on social media for free.

video marketing

Sorry but I’m not sorry to say this: you will have to get out of your comfort zone. I know most online marketers don’t want to do videos because they are scared of what others will think of them and say about them.

You are on social media to provide value, help people and well let’s be honest – make some money 🙂 Don’t worry what others say because when you succeed, they’ll shut up 😉

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4.) Another really important thing you have to learn is – SALES. If your mentor/sponsor told you that you don’t need to learn this skill, then don’t listen to them.

I got that horrible tip a couple of times in my last 6 years in online marketing. And let me tell you – it was the worst tip ever.

When I learned how to sell products online, my whole life changed. So if you are ready to learn more on this topic then watch this video below:

3.) The most powerful step you need to take daily:

Here is where most online marketers fail. What’s this most powerful step that they fail at…

Talking. Yes, you read it right 😉 Talking with people on messenger, Skype, or anywhere else.

Your potential prospects and customers have to trust you. And this is the best and most powerful way to do it.

If you’re using Facebook Messenger for example. Don’t just text them, send them voice messages or even videos (short videos). They will see that you’re not hiding and that shows them you are not afraid and you believe in the products that you’re selling.

It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason. We have to be social with our friends and potential prospects and customers.

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Can you make money from social media for free? Yes absolutely. You see many people are already doing it, so why not you too? 😉

The steps that I provide above are the steps that I take too. I’m seeing results for a couple of years now. Sometimes I pay to promote my business but in most cases, I use the free steps that I talk about above.

What will be the first step that you will take right now?

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