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Improve Content Marketing Strategy for your Online Success

Have you ever heard that content is king? Well, that sure is true so you have to improve your Content Marketing if you want to succeed in 2020. There is no way around it.

There are a lot more people online and that’s why you have to make special content for your audience. You will have to stand out of the crowd.

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So these 15 rules of Content Marketing will help you be unique. So grab a pen & paper and take notes. Let’s begin 🙂

1.) Plan ahead:

You should always plan ahead. That means you will have to plan your Content Marketing strategy, all of your posts (social media posts, blog posts…) and well practically everything you do.

Planning will help you be more focused and not waste any of your time. But let’s face it – most of us are really busy. You too? 🙂

If you are, then I have a solution for you. It’s a simple yet very effective tool that will help you plan all of your content ahead – for a WHOLE MONTH (with just 1 hour of work) – Say WHAAAT?!? 🙂

Yes, that’s right, with only 1 hour you can plan your whole month ahead. The tool is called TASSI and you can check it out right here.

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2.) Post unique content:

Did you notice that Social Media is full of quotes and sayings? That’s because it’s easy to copy and paste a quote and post it on your profile. But you probably know by now that what’s easy doesn’t really work.

desk full of different stuff like white keyboard, sunglasses, wrist watch, lipstick and more

Yes, you will have to put some work into your content. Plus your audience wants to get to know YOU. So share your story, what you have learned, and don’t forget to be yourself.

If you’re funny – that will work best 😉

3.) Relevant content:

Relevant content is not the same as unique content. You should mix these two up, but just know it’s not the same 😉

In relevant content marketing, you should include topics that your audience can relate to. If you’re in the make money online niche but you always post about health and fitness – this doesn’t go together, right? 🙂

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share your lifestyle. After all, they have to know who you are. But sharing relevant content will keep them on your social media profile.

You should build a strong Social Media Marketing strategy. If you don’t know how, here’s a FREE PDF that will help you. Grab it now, take massive action and start crushing it online.

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4.) Set Content Marketing goals:

What do goals have to do with Content Marketing? Actually A LOT! Without having goals for your content, you won’t achieve anything.

Here are some great questions for Content Marketing Goals:
– What outcome do you want to achieve with your content?
– Who do you want to attract to your content?
– What do you have to write/talk about to attract the right audience?
– How can you make your content more visual and likable?
– How fast do you want to see results? ( Set up a final date)
– What do you have to do to achieve these results on that specific date?

Write down your answers and start making killer content 🙂

5.) Schedule and post at the right time:

Timing will help you a lot. Here’s an example: if you post at 3 am and there is only a couple of people online – will your engagement be high? The answer is NO 😉

On many Social Media platforms, you have insights where it will show you when your audience is actively engaging with you. Post at those times and you will see more results.

If you’re using a Facebook profile to post your content, then here is a powerful hack that will help you:

6.) Creative Content Marketing:

You will have to be creative with your Content Marketing if you want to stand out of the crowd. Make funny content that relates to your products or business (or anything else you want to talk about).

That’s why most people don’t succeed because they don’t put much effort into their Content Marketing.

Think long and hard about how you will make your content creative and full of emotions. I saw the best results when I made people laugh.

You can also “press” on other emotions. That strategy will make you successful for sure.

7.) Stay true to yourself:

Always show who you really are. Don’t be scared to get vulnerable because there will be a lot of people who will relate to you. And the more they do, the more they will trust you.

Trust is a key component of sales. That’s why you should be true to yourself when doing Content Marketing.

I’m sure you can share value and help a lot of people. That’s what online marketing is all about, right? 🙂

desk with flowers, ipad, iphone and a paper with pen

8.) Try & test new things:

If you get a new idea for your Content Marketing – then test it out! You never know what works best if you don’t try it. Write down all of your ideas and get to work.

Monitor your results to see if the new thing works better – or not so much 🙂 That way you won’t waste too much time doing something that doesn’t help you reach your goals.

9.) Have fun with Content Marketing:

Did you ever quit something because you didn’t have fun? I sure did…on many things 🙂 And if you have the same experience, then read on.

Having fun is something we all want, but most think we can’t do that in our online business. That’s not true at all! You always have a lot of choices to choose from.

For example, if you don’t enjoy posting content on Twitter, then you can choose another social media platform that will help you achieve your goals.

10.) Don’t complicate:

You really shouldn’t spend 10 hours making a short post. If you’re doing that – please stop complicating 😉 Your audience only wants to get value and get to know you.

So if you’re writing content and you want it to be perfect – STOP! Nothing on this planet is perfect (except me 😁 – just kidding). The only thing you should focus on is delivering lots of value and being yourself.

11.) Provide value:

Like I said before, you should provide lots of value. Your audience will be really grateful plus they will see you as someone who can help them solve their problems.

You will build authority and respect with value. Isn’t that what you want? 😉 If it is, then write it down under your Content Marketing goals.

There is nothing wrong if you want authority and respect. Look at the leaders in your industry and you will see that’s exactly what they have. So why would it be wrong for you?

If you want to learn how to be a good Social Media Marketer, read this blog post.

laptop on bed

12.) Share stories:

When we were younger we LOVED stories and that didn’t change much. When you hear an inspiring story – do you listen closely?

I suggest you find 5 leaders in your company or industry and check out their stories. What do they talk about and how do they say it? What words do they use?

It will help you improve your story-telling and it will help you impact more people. Hooray 😉

13.) Include pictures:

We are visual people and that’s why this part is so important. You don’t need to use pictures all the time (mix it up), but when you do, make sure they are attractive and of good quality.

Here are 3 sites where you can get quality pictures:

You can also use Canva to add text or anything else. It’s free, but they also have a paid version where you get a lot more stuff.

14.) Hook them with headlines:

The most important component of Content Marketing is headlines. If you write a powerful headline and hook your audience with it, they will read your post.

Of course, your post will have to be interesting too. But the first thing they see is your headline.

Here are some great tools that will help you make killer headlines: (this is a headline analyzer tool)
Title Generator
Headline Wizard
Content Row

15.) Keep it short and to the point:

If you are making LOOOOONG posts and you have (almost) no engagement (likes, comments & shares), then probably you should change the Content Marketing strategy.

If you have more value to share with your audience, do it through videos. Yes, that means you will have to step out of your comfort zone but trust me it will be worth it.

If you really don’t want to be in front of a camera, I have a solution for you. Here is a great tool called VideoMaker FX that I sometimes use. Watch the video below where I explain how it works:

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If you want to be successful with your Content Marketing, then you will have to do what you learned it this blog post.

You have to share content with your audience if you want to make sales. This way they can get to know you and what you have to offer.

What are some of your Content Marketing Goals?