It’s not a secret anymore that you can increase your revenue through Social Media. But why are there so many entrepreneurs who are not seeing good results? 

It’s because they are not doing these top 7 effective ways that I’m going to share with you in this blog post. 

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7 Powerful Ways To Use Social Media & Increase Your Revenue

If you want to grow your revenue faster, then include the steps that I’ll share with you below.

Also, make sure you’re not sharing these 7 damaging Social Media posts on any platform. They can ruin your business and brand.

Be on platforms your audience uses

If you’re using the wrong platform, you are going to waste your time. So do your research first. Figure out which Social Media your audience uses the most.

Then learn the right strategy that will give you maximum reach. If you just started your business, then it’s best if you only focus on one platform. Starting with too many will confuse and drain you out.

Share relevant & valuable content

relevant and valuable content

Valuable content is the focal point of your business. That’s the first thing your followers will see. So if they don’t like it, they will leave.

So the most important thing you have to do is provide useful content. Something your audience is searching for and can relate to. Do your research and find the best material to share on Social Media.

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Grow your subscriber list

It’s essential to start with email marketing. It has many benefits. For example, build meaningful relationships and protecting yourself from losing all contacts. I’ll explain more.

There is no guarantee that you will always have your Social Media account. Many entrepreneurs lost theirs over-night. So imagine you get blocked. How will you reach out to your audience?

email marketing

That is why you should start growing your subscriber list. Create freebies and share them on Social Media. Your followers will subscribe, receive the gift, and then you can begin building a deep relationship with them.

Share user-generated content

User-generated content (for example, testimonials) is one of the best ways to increase your revenue. That’s because your audience shares their thoughts about your products or services.

Many people do their research before buying. Most of them won’t over-think if it’s worth investing in your product or service if they see great reviews and testimonials.

Ask your existing customers for feedback, reviews, and testimonials. Then share on your Social Media every once in a while. You should also include testimonials on your sales page.

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Build credibility & authority

credibility and authority

If you want your followers to trust you, then you will have to build authority. Show them you have the knowledge they are searching for.

You don’t need to solve all of their problems for free. However, it would help if you gave them enough and convince them you are a go-to person. That’s why it’s crucial to gain more knowledge and share some of it with your audience.

Storytelling also falls under this category. Sharing your struggles and how you overcame them will boost your credibility. So make sure you share your stories regularly.

Provide solutions & benefits

When you’re talking about your products or services, don’t share the features. Talk about the benefits your audience will get.

benefits and solutions

Most people are emotional buyers. That means your audience isn’t that interested in what your product or service includes but what kind of results it will give them.

So talk about the end goals, feelings, and emotions they will get with your product.

Make it easy for your audience to buy from you

The buying process shouldn’t be too complicated. It shouldn’t have too many steps because people will get confused and click away. So make it as easy as possible.

The most effortless process for your audience would be; clicking on the button, inserting their information, and then purchase your product. It’s also good to include the price on the sales page.

effortless buying process

When you’re sharing your sales page on Social Media, give a clear call-to-action. Tell your audience what they need to do next.

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Does Social Media really increase sales?

Yes, Social Media can increase your sales. But it would be best if you were strategic about it. Sharing relevant and valuable content, building relationships, and having a good sales strategy is a must.

increase sales

Follow the steps above, and you will get better results. It will take some time because you will be building authority and trust. That usually takes longer, so be patient.

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What type of content is best for driving revenue?

Storytelling content is the best for driving revenue. Sharing your experience and showing your audience how you succeeded – is going to boost trust and curiosity.


It’s because people see you overcame the obstacles they are currently going through. They will believe you have the knowledge that will get them to their goals.

Do you want to learn the 8-step storytelling formula? You can do so here.

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