There are many different ways you can organize your content for Social Media. If you are more of a pen and paper girl like me, write it down (use paper or table calendar). You could also use online planning tools (TrelloGoogle Sheets, etc.)

I’ll share with you a simple content organization strategy that works for every business in any niche. It helped me tremendously; that’s why I’m sharing the tips with you.

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How to organize your Social Media content?

It’s necessary to organize your content if you want to grow your business. So how can you do that? Let’s look at the most critical steps you need to take.

1.) Do a Social Media audit

  • Write down who your audience is, their pain points and goals,
  • What type of content performed best in the past,
  • What are your future Social Media content goals,
  • What can you improve?

2.) Use different types of Social Media content

There are several other content types that you can use in your business. It’s essential to mix them up. The reason is your followers are different. Some of them love reading text posts, while others love watching videos.

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3.) Create a Social Media content calendar

two-week example of the social media content calendar

It’s crucial to post your content (daily) consistently. And the best way to do that is by creating a Social Media content calendar. It will make your life easier because you will know what content to publish next.

Your stress level will go down because you won’t waste hours thinking about what content to create. You will already have the ideas. All you will have to do is make the post. 

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How do you categorize content?

Categorizing your content means you need to know the type of posts you’re sharing. For example, if you create a How-to video, that would fall under the value content category.

To help you categorize content, use the list below. It will assist you to mix up your posts so your audience won’t get bored. Also, you will be able to create a calendar faster.

Different content categories:

  • Value content (how-to, beginner’s guide, freebies, etc.)
  • Authority (your awards, Podcasts you’ve been on, etc.)
  • Lifestyle content (sharing your thoughts, life events, etc.)
  • Viral content (videos, quotes, etc.)
  • Solutions (products/services/tools that helped you, etc.)
  • Business content (direct selling, affiliate products, etc.)
  • Results/Testimonials (your or your client’s wins, etc.)
  • User-generated content (testimonials about your product)
  • Stories (how you overcame struggles, etc.)
  • Engaging content (questions, poll questions, selfies, etc.)
Different content categories

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What is a Social Media content calendar?

A Social Media content calendar is a calendar with post ideas. Usually, there is one idea per day, but you can make more if you prefer. You can plan a weekly, monthly, or yearly content calendar.

Why is a content calendar important?

Having a content calendar is vital for your business to stay organizedprepared, and consistent. Posting every single day on Social Media platforms is essential for your success.

Your audience has to see your content every day to remember who you are. The more relatable content is to your audience’s struggles and goals, the better it will be for your business and brand.

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However, if that’s too much work, and you’re super busy, then check out my Yearly Social Media Content Calendar. There are 12 months of post ideas already done for you!