To write a catchy Social Media post, you will first have to craft a hooking title. Then create the content that will talk to and with your audience and speak their language.

Also, try to keep your posts short and precise. In the end, apply a great call-to-action, and don’t forget to include exciting visuals (image, video, infographics, etc.)

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How do you write a catchy Social Media post?

1.) Craft a hooking title

Your title has to grab your audience’s attention in the first 3 seconds. You can do that by including redorange, or green emojis. These colors attract people to your content. 

You should also include numbers if you can (odd numbers work best; for example, 3, 7, 9). In the title, you should also promise a specific advantage and then deliver it!

You can read more about how to craft a hooking title here.

2.) Talk to & with your audience

They need to feel like you are talking to them. If you never acknowledge them or ask them any questions, they will leave. They might even unfollow you.

So figure out a way how you can make them feel important. After all, your audience is the focal point of your business.

Talk with your audience and speak their language

3.) Speak their language

You need to understand that your audience has less knowledge than you. So if you talk from level 10, but they are on level 1 or 2, they won’t understand what you’re saying. Start with the basics and explain everything. 

4.) Short & clear posts

In this fast lifestyle, short and clear posts will work better. Your audience probably doesn’t have that much time to read through longer content. You can check out here how long should your Social Media posts be.

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5.) Call-to-action (CTA)

Before you write your post, always think about your goals – what actions do you want your audience to take? If you want them to click on a link, then you know what your call-to-action should be. And limit your CTA to only 1 or 2.

6.) Visuals

Including great visuals (images, videos, infographics) will attract more people to your posts. Try using vibrant colors and see how your audience reacts to them. Think outside the box and test different styles.

visuals (images, videos, infographics)