You need to include a couple of essential things in your Social Media content calendar; value postsengaging contentrelationship-building contentvisualsgiveawayspromotional content, and holidays.

I will explain each content more, so read the whole blog post to learn what and why you need it. And before you do that, I would also like to invite you to our Free marketing coaching group, where you’ll learn different Social Media strategies, business tips, and more.

What should a content calendar include?

What should a content calendar include

Value (knowledge) content

Value content is essential for your business. You will gain more followers and fans if you share excellent knowledge to solve some of their problems.

Analyze what kind of value your competitors are sharing. You will notice that it’s never mediocre. So if you want to stand out, you will have to create helpful posts and videos.

You might be wondering what kind of value you should fill out your content calendar. There are many ways you can provide knowledge, and here are some ideas:

  • How-to tutorials,
  • List posts or videos,
  • Mini-courses,
  • Freebies,
  • Blog posts,
  • E-books,
  • Infographics,
  • Beginner guides

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Engaging content

Engaging content

Engagement will get more eyeballs (higher reach) on your content. So you should include it in your content calendar. 

But what should you post to get your audience engaged? From my personal experience, I saw the best results with poll questions. That’s because it’s easier for your followers to engage on it. All they have to do is choose and click.

It would help if you also asked simple questions, share funny memes, GIFs, or videos. Make sure your audience can relate to the content that you’re sharing. That’s when your engagement will be higher.

Relationship-building content

relationship-building content

Relationship-building content is crucial if you want to make more sales. Your audience has to get to know, like, and trust you! Without that, you won’t increase your revenue. 

The most successful content that will build meaningful relationships is stories. Talking about your struggles and how you overcame them will show your followers that you have the solution to their problems.

They have to feel a strong connection with you. So show your audience you are no different and that if you could overcome the obstacles, so can they.

Visual content

Visual content

Visuals will attract more people to your content. That’s why you must put more effort into creating great images or videos. 

You can test out different colors, fonts, and images. Also, include infographics because they usually get higher engagement. Try out several other things to see what your audience loves. 

Giveaways & contests

Everyone loves to get stuff for free. That’s why giveaways and contests work so well. You should reward your followers and show them that you care. 

It’s worth putting giveaways on your Social Media content calendar. You don’t need to do it every month. And if you’re not sure what the prize should be, here are some ideas:

  • E-book,
  • A helpful tool,
  • One-on-one coaching call (30min),
  • A product or service,
  • Coupons,
  • Gift cards,
  • Free shipping.

Promotional content

promotional content

You need to promote yourself and your business if you want to increase your revenue. There are many ways you can do that.

I’m not just talking about sales posts or videos. There are other methods you can promote yourself. For example, sharing testimonials, reminding your audience to follow you on other Social Media platforms, sharing your blog posts, and so on.

Promotional content can be anything that puts a spotlight on your business. It can showcase your products or the value you share. 

Holidays & milestones

Holidays & milestones

You can celebrate different holidays and milestones. Have some fun and show your followers that you’re not there to talk only about business.

Here’s a list of Social Media holidays that you can include in the content calendar. You don’t have to overdo it; include the most important ones.

Don’t forget to share your milestones, like getting 1,000 followers or achieving any other goal you set up. You can also encourage your audience to share their achievements with you.

Why is a content calendar important?

A Social Media content calendar is essential if you want to save time, get organized and prepared, stay consistent, and create high-quality content. 

Yes, it will help you will all the things I mentioned above. Remember the last time you tried to think about what to post. It probably took you a bunch of time and energy.

Why is a content calendar important

Then you also had to create the content. Because you already invested so much energy into finding a topic to talk about, your content ended up of lower quality. Or even worse, you didn’t post at all.

If you’re not organized and prepared, you might miss some of the important holidays that can increase your revenue. And if you’re wondering why – well a simple answer is you could create a special promotion with a discount and more people would buy your product.

Now you’re ready to create a Social Media content calendar. But if you’re busy, and don’t have time, then read on because there is a simple solution. 

Killer Social Media content calendars

I struggled for many years because ‘planning’ was not my thing. So please don’t repeat my mistake and take a content calendar as a must-have tool.

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