Many business owners don’t really know what to do about their Social Media on a day-to-day basis. 
It can be very stressful because you have to think about a lot of things: 

  • What should you post? 
  • How can you connect with your audience?
  • How can you boost your profits? 

Well, June has finally landed on our doorstep, which means the holiday season has begun! But that also means people usually buy less because they are saving for vacations.

So every small business owner is looking for new, innovative ways to engage more with their followers and grow their businesses. And that’s why you need a great strategy.

You came to the right place! Here you’ll find over 100+ June Social Media ideas and a free content calendar. So let’s dive in.

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A Guide To Creating Great Social Media Content

Creating great Social Media content for your business is an art form. With so many platforms out there, you’re bound to have a lot of content to create and manage.

It’s not a secret, but there are some basics you should follow. We’re going to look at the most essential parts of it.

Start with content goals and strategies

The easiest way to create great Social Media content is to have a goal & formula in mind before you start.

  • What is your end goal with this piece of content? (More engagement, clicking the link, sharing…)
  • Who is your target audience, and what are they struggling with?
  • What kind of valuable content can you create that will help them?
  • What can you teach those who are unaware of their problem?

Make sure you really go in-depth with the question above.

Valuable content

You need to be consistent in your posting while also ensuring that what you’re posting is of high value. No one wants to follow a business that’s too busy (or lazy) to provide helpful content.

Stay true to your brand

Always be genuine with what you post on Social Media. If you seem fake or try too hard to make everything seem perfect, people will notice and lose interest in what you have to say. So stay true to yourself and who you are as a brand.

Don’t be afraid to share your opinions and be honest about your products. Use emotion in your posts; let people know how excited your customers are and what kind of results they have.

Know when to post

Be aware of what time of day you post. Always check your analytics to see when your followers are online and active. This will help you get more engagement and attention.

Use hashtags effectively

Hashtags make your posts reach more people, but only if used properly. So let’s look at some do’s & don’ts:

  • Never use hashtags that aren’t related to your content & niche,
  • Use the # that targets your ideal customers,
  • Find the hashtags that are not over-used (those that don’t have that much competition),
  • Don’t use banned # – NEVER EVER!

Mix up your content and stay consistent

If you want to make it interesting for your followers, then make sure you’re not only posting about your products. There has to be a good balance between value, entertainment, and promo content.
Here are some ideas of what you can post:

  • Share user-generated content,
  • Make creative photos or infographics,
  • Share inspirational quotes or facts,
  • Talk about interesting news and share your thoughts,
  • Show off new products available to customers and how they can use them,
  • Ask for customer opinions about something.

To stay consistent, you should plan your content ahead. In my other blog post, I share How To Create a Month of Social Media Content In 2 Hours.

Consider using a Social Media content calendar if it takes too much of your time to find different content ideas and plan them ahead. You’ll know what to talk about, and it will keep you on track.

Create beautiful graphics

One of the most important things to remember while posting on multiple platforms is to make sure your graphics are engaging. Creating posts with just text will not get you very far. 

You’ll need to generate well-designed graphics if you want to get people’s attention.
You don’t even have to hire a costly graphic designer. This tool is all you’ll need:

  • Canva is a free graphic design tool that allows users to create amazing visuals. Go to Canva, choose a size and layout that you want, and start making your visuals! 

Ask questions (poll questions)

As a small business owner, you are a source of information for people interested in your niche. You can create poll questions about how to make things easier for them, how to solve their problems, or if they want to share their views on specific topics.

People like being asked their opinions, and they love giving advice, especially when it is related to something they are interested in. You can also encourage them to share their thoughts by asking follow-up questions.

You might also be interested in my blog post with 333 Killer Social Media Questions To Skyrocket Your Engagement.

June Social Media Ideas and Holidays for 2024

1.) Dare day (1. June): it’s a perfect day to get out of your comfort zone and get after your goals and dreams.

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about why it’s good to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Share an inspirational quote about courage.
  • Make an infographic about the difference between people who take risks and those who don’t.

Hashtag suggestion: #dareday

National say something nice day (1. June): if we want to change this planet, then it starts with us. Say something nice and encouraging to inspire your audience.

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Explain why saying nice things to others can make a big difference.
  • Share an inspirational quote.
  • Put a couple of your customers in the spotlight.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalsaysomethingniceday

2.) National Rocky Road Day (2. June): if you love this ice cream dessert, then it’s time to celebrate it with – you guessed it – the rocky road ice cream.

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a photo of the rocky road ice cream.
  • Share a homemade rocky road recipe.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalrockyroadday

3.) Love Conquers All Day (3. June): celebrate your loved ones!

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Share why you love a specific person.
  • Talk about what this day is all about.
  • Share a quote about loving your family.

Hashtag suggestion: #loveconquersall

4.) Audacity To Hope Day (4. June): it’s time to celebrate our determination to achieve our biggest goals.

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about why hope is good.
  • Share an inspirational quote about determination.

Hashtag suggestion: #daretohope

5.) World Environment Day (5. June): we only have one planet – so let’s save it!

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Inspire your followers to do something nice for the environment today.
  • Make an infographic showing how we can save the environment.

Hashtag suggestion: #worldenvironmentday

6.) National Higher Education Day (6. June): small business owners have to keep learning, so it’s time to celebrate that!

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about how much you have learned in your industry.
  • Share why your followers have to keep learning (benefits of education)

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalhighereducationday

7.) National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (7. June): today is a special day – not only is it a national chocolate ice cream day, but it’s also my birthday 😉

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a selfie of you eating chocolate ice cream.
  • Share a homemade chocolate ice cream recipe.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalchocolateicecreamday

8.) National Upsy Daisy Day (8. June): sometimes we fail in life and business. But keep it positive – be grateful for your ups and downs.

June Social Media content ideas: 

  • Share for what you’re grateful for.
  • Talk about your failures and how you overcome them.
  • Encourage your followers to share one mistake that made them stronger.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalupsydaisyday

World Oceans Day(8. June): let’s keep our oceans clean!

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Make an infographic and share how we can contribute to a more clean ocean.
  • Talk about what you did to keep the sea clean.

Hashtag suggestion: #worldoceansday

9.) National Donald Duck Day (9. June): are you a Donald Duck fan? You can celebrate him today!

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about what you love about Donald Duck.
  • Share a funny Donald Duck meme.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationaldonaldduckday

10.) National Ballpoint Pen Day (10. June): if you’re a pen and paper person, this day is all about celebrating the ballpoint pen.

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Share your collection of ballpoint pens.
  • Talk about why you love writing thoughts and plans with a ballpoint pen.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalballpointpenday

11.) National Making Life Beautiful Day (11. June): celebrate those who make life beautiful for others. And don’t forget to do something memorable for someone else today.

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Put a spotlight on someone who’s always doing good things for others.
  • Inspire your followers and share how we can change lives if we step together.
  • Share a beautiful quote about helping each other.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalmakinglifebeautifulday

12.) National Red Rose Day (12. June): who doesn’t love red roses, right? So let’s celebrate them today.

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about what this day is about.
  • Give someone a red rose.
  • Show a beautiful red rose bouquet.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalredroseday

13.) National Weed Your Garden Day (13. June): it’s time to go out and weed your garden.

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Share some gardening tips and tricks.
  • Show how you weed the garden.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalweedyourgardenday

14.) World Blood Donor Day (14. June): you can help others by donating blood.

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about how we can help by donating blood.
  • Share an inspirational quote about blood donation.

Hashtag suggestion: #worldblooddonorday

International Bath Day (14. June): it’s time to relax and take a nice long bath. You deserve it!

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Share the benefits of taking some alone time relaxing in the bath.
  • Share a funny bath quote.

Hashtag suggestion: #internationalbathday

15.) Nature Photography Day (15. June): have you taken any great nature photos lately? Share it!

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Post a nature photo you took.
  • Talk about how beneficial nature is for our health.
  • Share a nature quote.

Hashtag suggestion: #naturephotographyday

16.) National Fudge Day (16. June): this is a yummy celebration for everyone!

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a homemade fudge recipe.
  • Take a photo of the fudge you made.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalfudgeday

Father’s Day (16. June – different date each year): it’s time to celebrate your dad. 

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Share your love for your dad.
  • Talk about a fun moment you had with him.
  • Share a story about what your father taught you.

Need more content ideas? Grab them here: 70+ Excellent Father’s Day Posts For Social Media

Hashtag suggestion: #fathersday

17.) National Dump the Pump Day (17. June): today, you should use public transportation. Do something nice for our environment. 

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Inspire your followers to take public transportation.
  • Talk about how this is beneficial for our planet.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationaldumpthepumpday

National Eat Your Vegetables Day (17. June): veggies are healthy, so you should eat more of them.

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about the benefits of different veggies.
  • Share an infographic about how veggies help our bodies.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationaleatyourvegetablesday

18.) International Picnic Day (18. June): today is a fantastic day to go out with your family and have a picnic.

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Post a selfie – enjoying a picnic day.
  • Ask your audience what’s a must-have on a picnic day.

Hashtag suggestion: #internationalpicnicday

19.) Juneteenth (19. June): we are celebrating the freedom of African Americans from slavery! 

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Educate your followers about this day.
  • Spotlight small businesses owned by black people.
  • Share an inspirational quote.

Hashtag suggestion: #juneteenth

20.) National Vanilla Milkshake Day (20. June): another yummy celebration!

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a homemade vanilla milkshake recipe.
  • Get a vanilla milkshake and share a photo on Social Media.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalvanillamilkshakeday

21.) National Selfie Day (21. June): get ready – it’s time to take a selfie.

June Social Media content ideas:

  • This one is obvious – share a selfie (don’t forget to smile.)
  • Encourage your audience to share their selfies. 

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalselfieday

22.) National Chocolate Eclair Day (22. June): goodbye beach body – hello chocolate!

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a chocolate eclair recipe.
  • Take a photo of the chocolate eclair you made.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalchocolateeclairday

23.) National Hydration Day (23. June): being hydrated is crucial for your health – so let’s drink some water. Cheers!

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about the benefits of drinking water.
  • Share a fun infographic showing how being hydrated can help improve our health.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalhydrationday

National Pink Day (23. June): ah yes, PINK – the best color on the planet! It deserves to be celebrated.

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about what feelings the pink color evokes.
  • Share a fun infographic about the pink color.
  • Make a pink selfie.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalpinkday

24.) National Pralines Day(24. June): yup, we can really say goodbye to our diet. 

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Share your favorite pralines recipe.
  • Post a photo of the pralines you made.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalpralinesday

25.) National Strawberry Parfait Day (25. June): here we go again – another delicious day.

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Post a strawberry parfait recipe.
  • Share a photo of the tasty strawberry parfait.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalstrawberryparfaitday

26.) National Chocolate Pudding Day (26. June): who doesn’t love chocolate pudding, right? This dessert deserves to be celebrated.

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Take a photo of your chocolate pudding.
  • Share the homemade recipe.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalchocolatepuddingday

27.) National Ice Cream Cake Day (27. June): by now, our diet has already flown out of the window. So why not add another yummy dessert? Or let’s just go on a dessert diet – problem solved.

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Make a homemade ice cream cake and share the recipe.
  • Take a picture of your ice cream cake.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalicecreamcakeday

28.) National Insurance Awareness Day (28. June): we often forget how essential it is to have insurance. Today, you can remind your audience.

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about the benefit of having insurance.
  • Share a story connected to insurance.

Hashtag suggestion: #nationalinsuranceawarenessday

29.) Hug Holiday (29. June): hugging is very beneficial for your health. So why not do it more often?

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about the benefits of hugging.
  • Share a virtual hug with your followers.

Hashtag suggestion: #hugholiday

30.) Social Media Day (30. June): Social Media has been connecting people worldwide. And not only that, we can actually build our businesses through these platforms! So yes, we should celebrate it!

June Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about your favorite Social Media educator.
  • Share the positive sides of Social Media.
  • Share some Social Media tips & hacks.

Hashtag suggestion: #socialmediaday, #smday

You can also check my complete list of Social Media Holidays.

June marketing ideas

Every business should have a marketing plan and different ideas in place. It’s what keeps your business going, growing, and making money.

You may find yourself wondering what marketing ideas you can use, and you’re in the right place to get the best ones. Pick and choose the ones you love best:

  • Revamp your website: summertime is often slow for many small businesses. You can use this time to evaluate and revamp your website if needed. Are there areas that need optimization? If so, what changes do you want to make? You can also use this opportunity to spruce up your website design by adding new images or content.
  • Host an event: create an event where you’ll provide a lot of value. But make sure you end it by promoting your best-selling product. Let your audience know why they should invest in it.
  • Run a sale or discount: because business is slow over the summer months, you can boost your profits by offering a special discount. 
  • Social proof: you should always be using testimonials. Let your followers know why your customers love the products so much. 
  • Use email marketing: have you started using email marketing yet? Now is the moment to make your life a little easier. Start growing your list with MailerLite. You’ll be able to communicate with your subscribers on a deeper level and sell more of your products.
  • Social Media content: do you find that creating content is difficult? That’s most likely because you don’t have a content calendar and a plan in place. Create your Social Media content calendar, and you’ll save up a ton of your time.

June Social Media Content Calendar

As we get deeper into the second half of this year, I want to ensure that you’re staying on track with your Social Media goals.

To help you accomplish this, I’ve created a June Social Media Content Calendar that you can download and use right now.

This calendar will help you boost engagement and execute your content strategy for the next 30 days.
Here’s how you should use the content calendar:

  • follow the content ideas presented inside,
  • or customize the calendar with your own Social Media events or holidays specific to your brand or industry

Recommendation: print out this content calendar & challenge. Tailor it to your brand and what you’ll be selling. You have to be prepared, so you’ll be able to create promotional content ahead of time.

7+ Years Of Social Media Content Ideas

You can make your own content calendar, but it will likely take a significant amount of your time. If you’re too busy, check out the solution below!

You can get my 7+ Years Of Social Media Content Ideas with 796 engaging Canva graphic templates. 

Here’s what you’ll get inside:

  • 3x Social Media Content Calendars
  • 1600+ Extra Content Ideas
  • 796 Graphic Canva Templates
  • How to Create High Converting Content (video training)
  • 90-Day Social Media Challenge
  • Content Marketing & Storytelling Strategies
  • Content Templates, headlines, and hashtags
  • 150+ Powerful Caption/Reel Hooks
  • 35 Ideas Where To Promote Your Business
  • List Of Holidays
  • And Bonuses!

This is a time-saving solution for small business owners, and it will help you immensely with the organization. Get your copy now.

Top Social Media content tools for small business owners

Small business owners don’t always have the time to create content regularly. You’re probably experiencing the same thing.

These content tools can help you get things done in a very short time. You may be surprised by how much they can do for you. 


Canva is a graphic design tool that helps simplify your business efforts. It offers an array of templates, layout options, and editing tools to help you create graphics for Social Media posts, blog images, digital ads, or print.

It’s easy to use, and there are plenty of tutorials if you need some guidance. The platform is free to use, but you can upgrade to the Pro plan if you want additional images, fonts, videos, and other unique features.

From creating a logo to developing marketing materials – Canva can help give your business a professional look without hiring a graphic designer.

Social Media Content Calendar

A beneficial resource for anyone who’s ever struggled with what to post on Social Media.  The content & graphic templates are so easy to use and can be edited for any occasion. There’s even a content calendar that helps you know what post is coming up so you can plan ahead!

We’re all about making things easier. And this Social Media Content Bundle will give you the break you deserve.

Think of it as a one-stop shop to get all your content organized in one place. It’ll make your life easier, and it’ll help you get more out of your Social Media Marketing efforts. This is what you’ve been missing!

Have you ever experienced the frustration of writing an article or Social Media post? Or how about getting stuck in the middle of a project and not being able to finish it?

You’ve probably felt this way at least once. If so, you’re not alone! is here to help make your writing easier by providing high-quality content tailored to your needs. 

Whether you’re looking for blog posts, Social Media content, emails, or anything else – they’ve got something that will fit perfectly into your business!

Try out for FREE

Viral Content Templates

No matter the industry, all business owners want to create viral content, but it’s easier said than done. Unless, of course, you have a collection of these 100 Social Media graphic templates that are proven to go viral.

The right post at the right time can make your campaign go viral. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. You need to be constantly publishing shareable content across all your channels, but how do you determine what’s shareable?

Luckily, Katya already figured that out; that’s why she created these 100 viral templates to help you make more shareable content in less time.

Use the templates to create engaging Social Media posts for any platform and occasion! They will work for just about any business or individual looking for a way to reach more people online with minimum effort.

You should also take a look at these 25 Social Media content tools.


Say goodbye to Social Media burnout and hello to fresh new content for your niche that builds fan loyalty, engagement, and sales!

These 100+ killer June Social Media ideas and a free content calendar will help you save time this month. I hope this enables you to build your Social Media presence and grow your business with less effort.

Don’t forget to share my blog post with others to help these tips reach more small business owners. We’re in this together, so why not help each other out?

June Social Media ideas infographic