Are you sick and tired of hearing crickets in your Facebook group? We will put an end to that! In this blog post, you will learn the best Facebook group engagement tactics that will make your life easier.

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11 Killer Facebook Group Engagement Tactics

Welcome new members

You should always welcome your new members. Show them you appreciate they joined the group and tell them to introduce themselves. This way, you give them the spotlight, and they will feel you care about them.

They will respond and write a bit about themselves. That’s where you get engagement. But don’t stop there. Respond to their comment, and ask questions, and you will continue getting engagement.

Welcome new members to your Facebook group

Poll questions

If you want to boost your Facebook engagement fast, then poll questions will do the trick. Your audience is busy, and they don’t have time to leave long comments. 

That’s why polls are perfect – because your audience can quickly choose an option and click on it.

Engaging questions

It’s in our nature to respond to questions. That’s why you should use this tactic to boost your Facebook engagement. It’s an easy strategy that you can use weekly. 

If you’re unsure what to ask, then check out these 333 killer Social Media questions to skyrocket your engagement.

Ask questions to boost your Facebook group engagement

Funny posts

Who doesn’t love to laugh, right? If something funny happened to you or you just heard a good joke, share it with your audience. Business doesn’t have to be serious all the time.

From my personal experience, I can say that it makes people open up to you when you share something funny. That also builds trust, which is a fundamental part of making more sales.

Motivational quotes

There is too much negative news all around us. So it’s great to see a positive quote that can boost the positive vibes. It can inspire us to take action. 

Whenever you post an inspirational quote, don’t forget to share your thoughts about it. This way, your audience will get to know you better.


Have you ever heard someone say, “stories sell?” Well, it’s true. And they also boost engagement. Because people are naturally curious, they love seeing what’s happening in their life.

Here’s an example of my storytelling post I shared in our group:

Use storytelling to increase your engagement

And don’t stop yourself by saying you have nothing to share. There are plenty of lessons that you learned, so you can start there. If you want to learn about the storytelling formula, you can get my ebook here.

Facebook live videos

If I’m honest with you, I have mixed feelings about the live videos. Whenever I make them, my engagement drops. But many other entrepreneurs say it helps them.

So you should test it out and see for yourself. If your results are excellent, keep using it; if not, you can stop. But don’t give up too fast. Testing different strategies usually take time, so be patient.


Posting every single day should be a part of your strategy. You don’t need to publish five pieces of content; one will do the trick. 

Creating a Social Media content calendar will be a smart move here. It’s because you will be prepared for what to post the next day.

But I know creating the whole content calendar can take a long time. So if you’re busy and you want a done-for-you solution, then I recommend my 7+ Years of Social Media Content Ideas.

7+ years of social media content ideas

Post at the right time

Timing is everything! If you publish a post when most of your followers are sleeping, you won’t boost your Facebook group engagement. That’s why you should be checking the analytics.

To get the information when most of your audience is online, search on your group’s left side where it says ‘Engagement’. Click on it and then scroll down a little, where you will see ‘Popular days’ and ‘Popular times.’

Facebook group engagement analytics

Responding to comments

When you respond to your follower’s comments, that’s when you also boost that post in the newsfeed. This means more of your group members will see the post.

And to get an even better Facebook group engagement, try this trick out. When responding, end with a question. That’s how you can start a conversation and skyrocket engagement.

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Turn on notifications

You should turn on all notifications in your group because that’s how you will know if someone comments on posts or videos. If you don’t have that turned on, you might miss some comments. 

So how do you turn the notifications on? First, click on the three dots in the right corner of your Facebook group. Then click on ‘Manage notifications’ and choose ‘All posts.’ You can ask your audience to do the same. 

Facebook group notifications 1
Facebook group notifications 2

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