How To Easily Grow Facebook Group Fast

Have you ever wondered how to grow your Facebook group fast and for free? I have been asking myself this question for some time and I decided to do my research.

I’ll share with you a list full of places that will help you grow your Facebook group faster. And I’ll also share the #1 way that helped me the most.

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Benefits of having a Facebook group:

  • You can build better and more meaningful relationships with your audience
  • You can create an engaged community of raving fans and buyers
  • You’ll connect with like-minded people
  • This way you can grow your email list fast
  • It will also boost your credibility and authority
  • It’s a great way for you to sell more products

List of 30 ways to grow Facebook Group fast:


1.) Add the link to your Facebook group on your blog main page

Big Income Paradise Main Page Invitation to Free Facebook Coaching Group

2.) Add it to your blog’s sidebar
3.) Include it in your blog posts (you can see my example above)
4.) You can add it to your blog menu bar
5.) Promote it on your Thank You page or any other page on your blog


6.) Put it in your email signature (always include it there)

Invite your email subscribers and grow Facebook group

7.) You can make a whole email about your group and invite your subscribers


8.) Share it in your YouTube videos as a text overlay
9.) Include it in your YouTube video description
10.) Put it in your YouTube About section
11.) Mention it as a CTA (call to action) at the end of your videos


12.) Make a post about your group on your Facebook page
13.) Share it on your Facebook profile
14.) You can share it in other Facebook groups but make sure they allow it (check group rules)
15.) Connect it to your Facebook page

Big Income Paradise Facebook page
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16.) Include it in the button on your Facebook page
17.) Promote it in Facebook stories (page & profile stories)
18.) Make a Facebook live video and tell your audience about your Facebook group
19.) Pay for Facebook ads and promote your group
20.) Connect with people on Messenger and tell them about your group (don’t spam!)


21.) Create a pin image with an invitation to your Facebook group
22.) Include the link in your Pinterest board description

MY #1 WAY OF GROWING MY GROUP: Use Pinterest to get in front of thousands of people!
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23.) Tweet about your group (include a link & graphics of your group)
24.) Pin that tweets to your profile

Grow Facebook Group by pinning tweeter post


25.) Include the link in BIO (you can use LinkTree to have multiple links included)
26.) Promote your Facebook group on Instagram posts
27.) Mention it in your Instagram stories


28.) Share it on LinkedIn


29.) Mention your Facebook group in your podcast


30.) Share your Facebook group in all your Freebies

Invite them in your Freebies

Here’s how to keep your group engaged:

  • Ask questions (you will get engagement & get to know your audience)
  • Use interesting images (your posts will pop out more)
  • Respond and interact with your audience
  • Post at the optimal time (check your group insights)
  • Post frequently – up to 3 times/day (you will reach more people)
  • Don’t forget to use emojis to make your posts interesting
  • Share behind-the-scenes photos
  • Talk about your story, what you learned

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