Learn These Social Media And Blogging Tricks To Succeed Faster

Let’s face it, social media and blogging are one of the fastest ways to make money online in your business. We really do live in the best times 🙂

If one of your goals is to change other people’s lives, you should do the right social media and blogging strategies. But what are those strategies? We are going to talk about that in this blog post.

I want you to reach your goals and not struggle too much, so I will share with you one of the best tricks I use almost every day. Marketing shouldn’t be hard – and it isn’t.

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Facebook Marketing Tricks:

1.) Facebook Groups and Pages:

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms. There is a ton of people that could be your potential buyers. But how do you find them? First, you need to know who your targeted audience is.

So this will be your first step – getting to know your targeted audience. To help you with that, I put together the top questions you have to ask yourself before starting with any of your strategies. CLICK HERE and get the questions.

When you know who you’re looking for, you know where to find them on Facebook. Search in Facebook groups and pages that are relevant to your niche.

When you find potential customers, don’t just add them as friends. First, check their profile out. Are they someone who you would be friends with and who would actually benefit from your product?

While you’re in the groups and pages, check out if anyone is asking questions that you can answer. You will build a stronger relationship even before you two are friends. Help them solve some of their problems and they will love you for life 🙂

2.) Grow your Facebook Page:

Most people think they can grow their Facebook page only if they pay for ads. That’s not true. You can invite people who liked your post (on your page) – to like your page.

Click on the likes you got on your post and there you will see the button to invite people to like your Facebook Page.

Invite People To Like Your Facebook Page

Another good way is to invite your Facebook friends to like and follow your page. Here are the steps you can take to get more Facebook page followers:

Big Income Paradise Facebook Page

The second step is to change the text invite because you want to stand out. Everyone is using the same text, but you are not going to be lazy 😉 Check out below how I did the invite:

Big Income Paradise Facebook Page

When you use your own text, then all you have to do is to click on those circles to invite the people who didn’t like your page yet. When you’re done click the button to send invites. And you’re done 😉

3.) Facebook Stories:

Facebook stories are really popular. So why not use them for promoting yourself and your products. What you can do is this:

1.) Make a video or post – CURIOSITY: don’t share everything with them, don’t mention the name of the products or company
2.) Use CTA (call to action) – at the end of video or post say they have to contact you for more info.

Curiosity posts and videos always work best because we are all curious by nature. The more you so these posts, the more attention you will get.

4.) Facebook Groups:

When you make your content (post or video), you can share it with relevant groups that have a lot of people. Make sure they let you do that. Each group has some rules, so read them and follow them!

Also if you share your content, don’t hardcore sales. No one likes spammers 😉 Like we said before – curiosity works wonders. It’s kind of a magical tool for all marketers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers 😉

Besides curiosity, share lots of VALUE. If you can help people out, do it. That’s how you gain trust, followers, and loyal customers.

Don’t share any links that send people off of Facebook. This platform is not like Pinterest where you can share almost any link.

Facebook wants people to stay there. So the only links you can share are Facebook links to posts and pages. I made a test and shared a link to my blog post – and I shared it in the comments of my post. I usually get 100+ likes and more comments, but in this case, I barely got 57 likes (if we count my like too 🙂 ).

Facebook Post From Big Income Paradise - Petra

So don’t share your links to your blog, YouTube channel, Pinterest, Instagram, or any other site.

Pinterest Marketing Tricks:

6.) Use #Hashtags:

On Pinterest, you can use hashtags but only 5-7, not more. You don’t want to look too spammy, right? 🙂 Try to use longer keyword hashtags because shorter ones are really hard to rank for.

Hashtags have to reflect your topic, so if you are talking about weight loss, you can’t use a hashtag like #SocialMediaAndBloggingTricks 🙂

Also include a hashtag with the name of your brand (your blog’s name, your name).

7.) Use Keywords In Title & Descriptions:

Put more long-tail keywords in your description and titles to rank your pin higher. If you are going to use short keywords, they are going to be harder to rank for.

Always do your research about keywords before you do your blog post and before you pin on Pinterest. You can use Pinterest’s search bar for that.

Pinterest search for keywords

Don’t forget to hook your audience with titles in your pin images. Pinterest is visual (pictures are the first thing people see) – so use the titles in your images wisely!

8.) Tailwind Tribes:

If you don’t know what Tailwind is – it’s actually a tool that helps us schedule and posts our pins. Really helpful tool if you are a busy entrepreneur or blogger.

You can use it for free or choose one of the paying plans they have. Grab it here and start using it for scheduling – but also for sharing your content with others (more traffic!).

That’s where Tailwind Tribes come into play. Join a couple of good tribes that are in your niche and start sharing your pins inside. Other people will re-pin them and you will reach a new audience.

However – you will have to share other people’s pins too. It’s all good because we are helping each other – that’s what it’s all about 🙂

Get Tailwind and save yourself a lot of time

9.) Share Your Pins That Other People Re-pinned:

There is a way to find your pins that others re-pinned. Just use this link here and change the last part:

(my example: pinterest.com/source/bigincomeparadise.com)

Pinterest pins from Big Income Paradise

When you find them, just re-pin to your account. This way you are sharing your own content but from someone else’s profile.

Social Media And Blogging + Email Marketing:

10.) Email Marketing:

Start including email marketing in your online business. But where can you include it? The best place is, of course, your blog. This way you will grow your email list where you can further build relationships and sell more of your products.

Start offering freebies, free courses, or make giveaways. If they want to get what you are offering for free, they just have to put their name and email in.

Don’t know what to offer them to build your email list fast? Don’t worry, I got your back 🙂 CLICK HERE or on the button below to get FREE 35 Freebie Ideas.

STOP Struggling and Build Your Email List FAST with these FREE 35 Freebie Ideas

11.) Blogging:

To keep your readers on your blog, include the links to your other blog post in the blog post they are currently reading. This way you can keep them engaged on your site and they will get more value out of it.

The more value you provide – the more they will trust you. Teach them something new and they will become your #1 fans 🙂

If you just started blogging or you are thinking about it, then you should read this blog post about 10 Things To Do In Your First 3 Months Of Starting a Blog … (see what I did there 😉 )


12.) Quality Content On Your Blog:

You should always bring a lot of value to your readers. They deserve it! And if you want to get them back on your blog, you will really have to give it your best.

With quality content, you can also share your affiliate links, links to your own products and make money. That’s why it is so important to give them a lot of value.

They will trust you and see you as a professional – someone who they should listen to. And if you recommend a product, they will think it is a quality one and they will buy it.

13.) Blogging & Email Marketing with VIDEOS:

Some of you will say: “Not again with Video marketing!” Sorry my dear amazing marketer, blogger, entrepreneur 🙂 but video marketing is one of the most powerful “tools” you can use for your online business.

Include videos in your blog and emails because when people see your face and hear your voice, they get to know you better. And someone who’s not afraid to show their face is someone who others can trust more. That’s just how our brain works.

So deal with it 😉 And go make some amazeballs videos 🙂 I believe in you!

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13 POWERFUL Social Media And Blogging Tricks that will help you get raving fans and loyal customers. You will make more money online with your business if you include these 13 tricks in your social media and blogging.
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