Have you ever noticed that if you are surrounded by positive, uplifting top female entrepreneurs, you feel better and you also do a better job at your business?

It sure makes a big difference to be around great people. And because I want you to have that experience too, I put together a list of 17 top female entrepreneurs that made a big impact on my life.

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Female Entrepreneur List:

1.) Rachel Pedersen:

Rachel Pedersen - social media

Meet Rachel Pedersen, the ‘Queen of Social Media’. Rachel breaks the mold of the typical successful entrepreneur by giving us a real and personal glimpse into her life – embracing both the professional and playful sides of her persona.

She’s not just a marketing genius; she’s a dedicated wife, a loving mother of three, and a woman with a knack for fun.

Casual dressing, cooking, reading, and thrifting are her go-to stress busters. She’s just as comfortable cracking a silly joke as she is devising a strategic social media plan to knock your socks off.

Yet, there’s a compassionate layer to Rachel as well. She has a deep-seated passion for supporting single moms, orphans, and children worldwide – showing us success is not just about business growth, but also about making a difference.

Rachel Pedersen is a testament to being authentically yourself. Following her is not just about learning social media strategies, but about embracing the joyous and meaningful aspects of life as a female entrepreneur. You can follow her on Instagram.

2.) Tar’Lese Rideaux:

Tar'Lese Trainer-Top Female Entrepreneurs

Tar’lese Rideaux is another successful businesswoman that you will love. She is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Certified Stress Management Coach, and Certified Brain Fitness Coach. Besides all of that, she’s amazing at Instagram Marketing!

Her life was anything but easy. Tar’lese was homeless and her mother committed suicide. But if she went from all of that to a really successful business entrepreneur, then so can you!

What I love most about her is that she never sugarcoates anything. Follow her Facebook profile and join her Facebook group here. Here is her Facebook group about Instagram.

3.) Carrie Green:

Boss babe Carrie Green

Carrie Green (founder of FemaleEntrepreneurAssociation.com) is another lady boss you should follow. She started the Female Entrepreneur Association back in 2011 because she wanted to connect with like-minded women from all over the world.

With determination and hard work, Carrie built a huge following of over 600,000 ambitious female entrepreneurs (*me included woohoo*).

The value that she brings to the table is out of this world amazing. Not only does she teach different Social Media strategies, but she also talks about mindset and overcoming obstacles. You can follow her Facebook page here, or check her website.

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4.) Rachel Ngom:

Lady Boss Rachel Ngom

One of the top female entrepreneurs is Rachel Ngom (founder of RachelNgom.com – She’s Making an Impact). She started her first business back in 2010 with zero Social Media experience and a negative $400 in checking account.

Her blog traffic was basically at zero (except her mom lol). But now she has over 34,000 monthly visitors. When she saw big results, she decided to teach other female entrepreneurs about Pinterest Marketing.

With a tiny email list, Rachel pre-sold her very first online training course, earning over $3,000 that first month. The next month she tripled that and that year she made over $430,000.

This amazing woman will inspire you daily over at her Facebook page and in her Facebook group.

5.) Angela Mary Vaz:

Angela Mary Vaz from Stray Curls

Angela Mary Vaz (founder of StrayCurls.com) is an illustrator and blogger. Why do I love her content so much? Because she always includes funny illustrations that she makes herself.

In the past, she had one failed blog. But she was determined her next blog will be a success. And it really is. Angela learned how to blog the right way and now she’s teaching others about it. You can check out her blogging bundle here (I learned a ton from it!).

She also has an amazing Business bundle that will teach you how to get super-duper organized and grow your Online Business from scratch the right way.

Angela is a really nice and funny lady boss and you can follow her on Instagram or check her blog here.

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6.) Amy Porterfield:

Top Female Entrepreneurs - Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield (founder of AmyPorterfield.com) is one of the successful female entrepreneurs you need to follow. She helped thousands of online entrepreneurs build a life and business they love.

She went from an overworked girl to a 7-figure businesswoman with over 250,000+ loyal subscribers. Now Amy is teaching other entrepreneurs how to create success in their businesses.

The value that you will get is going to blow your mind. That’s why you should follow her Facebook page and join her Facebook group.

7.) Kayla Butler:

Kayla Butler from Ivory Mix

Kayla Butler (founder of IvoryMix.com) is a creative entrepreneur. Not only does she take beautiful images that you can get here, but she’s also sharing a ton of value about building a successful online business.

I really like her personality and her kind heart. She created a Facebook group where we help each other get more followers, get our posts shared, and grow our traffic.

You can also check Kayla’s Facebook page for more valuable content that will help you grow your business faster. I’m sure you’ll love it.

8.) Sandra Clayton:

Boss Babe Sandra Clayton

Boss babe Sandra Clayton (founder of ConversionMinded.com) is an amazing woman that will help you build the online business of your dreams.

She is a branding and business strategist for modern entrepreneurs and business owners. Sandra grew up in a family of business owners and has built 4 different businesses.

You can see she has a ton of experience so she can definitely help you build your business. Follow Sandra’s Facebook page & blog and start learning about different strategies that will help you grow your online business.

9.) Angie Gensler:

Top Female Entrepreneurs - Angie Gensler

Angie Gensler (founder of AngieGensler.com) is another one of the lady bosses that I follow. She’s teaching entrepreneurs how to hustle less but still achieve more in life and business. This is her mantra:

“Perseverance, not perfection, is the key to success.”

Angie is a blogger, serial entrepreneur, former corporate marketing leader. She built her blog to help other online entrepreneurs who want to quit their 9-to-5.

This girl is seriously amazing! I started following her when I got her Yearly Social Media Content Calendar. This content calendar made my online marketing game so much easier. I don’t need to sit for hours to plan my content ahead anymore. It’s already done for me. You can grab the Yearly Social Media Content Calendar here. Also, don’t forget to follow her Facebook page or join her Facebook group here.

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10.) Ana Skyes:

Ana Savuica from The She Approach

Ana Skyes (founder of TheSheApproach.com) is a really lovely boss babe that wanted to be a full-time blogger. After 3 failed blogs, she still had a burning desire to be a full-time blogger. And her hard work paid off!

Now she’s a blogging strategist & coach and she’s also an Amazon-published author of the book The She Approach To Starting A Money-Making Blog (you can get it in her shop here).

She’s also teaching about Pinterest Marketing because that is one of her traffic sources. In short – you can learn a ton from this boss babe! So follow her Facebook page and enjoy the value.

11.) Louise Myers:

Female Entrepreneur Louise Myers

Louse Myers (founder of LouiseM.com) is a rockstar when it comes to visual marketing. But she’s going to teach you more than that! She loves sharing time-saving tips for social media success.

LouiseM.com was named as one of the TOP Marketing Blogs. She really teaches some of the best Social Media marketing strategies (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and also Pinterest). You can follow her on Pinterest where she has 1.2 million monthly viewers (yup, she’s killin’ it 😉 ).

12.) Marie Forleo:

Boss Babe Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo (founder of MarieForleo.com) is an entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist, and unshakable optimist. She’s helping millions of people around the world to have online success.

Besides having an award-winning show MarieTV, she also has world-class online training programs and a book in 16 languages. Marie is really passionate about helping others succeed and you can see that through her content (spoiler alert: her content is freaking amazing!).

Marie has been working with Sir Richard Branson, Oprah, Tony Robbins, and more. We can say she really made a big impact. So follow her Facebook page and start learning!

13.) Beth Anne Schwamberger:

Female Entrepreneur Beth Anne Schwamberger

Beth Anne Schwamberger (founder of BrilliantBusinessMoms.com) is a big dreamer and mompreneur. She’s going to help you grow your business, but also community and support. Beth Anne believes in making small steps that will make a big difference over time.

She created a community of motivated, smart, encouraging, kind women who are committed to making those small steps each week. So if you are that woman, then follow her Facebook page & Facebook group.

14.) Melyssa Griffin:

Melyssa Griffin Lady Boss

Melyssa Griffin (founder of MelyssaGriffin.com) is an ambitious lady boss. She will teach you how to make your passion profitable because she did that herself.

Melyssa’s blog took off and within three years of launching her blog, she was earning $1 million dollars per year! That’s why she’s focused on helping others build their own, profitable online businesses.

She helped over 100,000 hustlers to stand out online. Can she really help you? I’m sure of it! 🙂 So follow her Facebook page, start learning, and take massive action.

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15.) Sunny Lenarduzzi:

One of the Top Female Entrepreneurs - Sunny Lenarduzzi

Sunny Lenarduzzi (founder of SunnyLenarduzzi.com) is helping entrepreneurs elevate their businesses and dominate their niche using YouTube.

She was named as a Must Watch YouTube Channel (by Forbs) and 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs (by Huffington Post). She also helped her clients generate over $5,000,000 in revenue from organic YouTube traffic (WOW!).

Sunny is going to help you share your messages online through social media and video marketing so follow her Facebook page and YouTube channel.

16.) Tanya Aliza:

Lady Boss Tanya Aliza

Tanya Aliza (founder of Tanyaaliza.com) is an amazing network marketer and one of the top female entrepreneurs. She was working hard but it paid off – she became super successful.

Because she achieved total time & money freedom, she is now teaching others how to do the same. Her content is always amazing so if you’re a network marketer or you have your own small business, follow her Facebook page and join her group.

17.) Miranda Nahmias:

Top Female Entrepreneurs - Miranda Nahmias

Miranda Nahmias (founder of MirandaNahmias.com) is an online entrepreneur with a passion for the digital marketing business. She loves helping other women entrepreneurs figure out how to start an online business and succeed.

Her blog content is always amazing so I suggest you check it out. She loves to show you different stress-free ways that will help you build your online business fast. You can follow her Facebook page and Pinterest account here.

Female entrepreneurs groups:

For easy access, I will link all the groups from these top female entrepreneurs below again:

21 Exclusive Social Media Marketing Tips For Female Entrepreneurs

These boss babes work hard every day to provide the best possible content that will help you build your business. Every one of these women entrepreneurs is different and special.

Not only will they teach you a lot about building the business online, but they will also uplift you and ignite the power within you. Follow them daily for motivation and inspiration.

Now that we are at the end of this post, it’s your turn. Tell me who’s your favorite female entrepreneur? Let me know in the comments below!

Did you get some value from this blog post about Social Media Content Ideas? I hope you did because every week I put my whole heart into giving you the most amazing tips and strategies that help you succeed in your business.

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