If you are wondering what are successful women entrepreneurs doing differently, you are in the right place. We will talk about 20 different things they did and still do to get super successful.

It’s not that they are lucky or that it was easy for them because they are smart. It has nothing to do with that. Anyone can be successful if they do whatever it takes.

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1.) Successful women entrepreneurs work on themselves almost every day:

Successful women entrepreneurs have a habit of reading personal development books almost every single day. Working on themselves is a big part of their lives.

It’s because they know mindset is 80% of their success. With a bad attitude and negative thinking, they would never achieve as much as they did. But is it necessary to work on yourself daily?

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2.) Successful women entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do:

Did you ever try to achieve something, but you weren’t passionate about it? Maybe you did achieve it but with lots of struggle. Passion is definitely a must when it comes down to being successful.

Boss babes are extremely passionate and that’s why they don’t quit. They always figure out a way to solve a problem and achieve even more greatness.

So if you want to be one of the successful boss babes, the first thing you should do is find something you are passionate about and make a business out of it. You will enjoy the journey and it won’t feel like work (well at least not all the time 😉 ).

3.) They have clear goals:

Without clear goals they would be running around like headless chickens – we all would. Clear goals give us direction and we can create a good strategy that will get us there.

That’s what successful women entrepreneurs do. Write down their big goals, break them down into smaller steps, create a good strategy or two, and then they go to work.

Successful women entrepreneurs have clear goals

STEP #1:

So your next step should be writing down all your goals – big and small. And don’t hold back. Hey, if you want to be a Millionaire boss babe – write that goal down!

STEP #2:

Break the bigger goals into smaller ones and write your strategy on how you will achieve that – and when.

STEP #3:

Take MASSIVE DAILY ACTION! You must dedicate yourself to your goals and actions. Go full speed ahead and when you get tired – rest, don’t quit.

4.) They have a WHY that motivates them:

Everyone has a different WHY. For some it’s their kids and family, for others, it’s something else. But there is one thing that all whys have in common. They motivate boss babes to do and achieve more!

I really recommend you to read the book – Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

All of the successful women entrepreneurs think of their WHY almost all the time. Especially when they are struggling and having a hard time in their business.

What is your WHY? Let me know in the comments below.

5.) They don’t seek perfection:

There is no such thing as being perfect or creating something perfect. And that’s great because there is always room for improvement. That way life isn’t boring 😉

And not seeking perfection is why those boss babes are successful. They do their best but don’t waste time making it perfect. Those who focus on perfection are usually stuck and never finish anything.

Get things done – that’s what you should focus on. There is always going to be something you want to change, but if you keep changing things and never get it in front of your audience, you won’t get any results. That makes sense, right? 🙂

6.) Successful women entrepreneurs are leaders:

If you think that they were born leaders, you are wrong! Anyone can become a leader if they learn. Yes, you can actually learn those skills. Some of the boss babes indeed have a leadership talent but most of them learned how to do it right.

So where can you learn those skills? Simple – from these amazing books:

  • Leaders Eat Last – Simon Sinek
  • How to Win Friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey

These are some of the best books that you can use to level up and become one of the best leaders on this planet 🙂

7.) Boss babes believe in themselves:

Would they achieve success without believing in themselves? Absolutely not. This part is necessary on your way to achieving greatness. It will help you as it helped them.

You will be able to continue on your journey even when no one else will believe in you. It will give you the strength and power to keep moving forward.

Here is a great reason why you should never listen to those who say you can’t do it. They are talking from their own experience. Do they know what you’re capable of? No, they don’t! Only you know that 🙂 So be a boss babe and go crush your goals 😉

Boss babes believe in themselves

8.) Successful women entrepreneurs take risks:

They are not afraid to take a leap of faith. That’s why they are successful. If you don’t try, you won’t see any great results and you will stay where you are.

It’s great if you love your life just as it is. But you probably want more, right? Or else you wouldn’t be reading this 🙂 There is no shame in wanting more and getting it too. But you need to take risks – that’s a part of life.

9.) They are not afraid to fail:

Failing is part of life. Just look at cute babies 🙂 When they try to walk, they fall so many times. You went through the same thing, and look at you now…walking, running, dancing 🙂

Successful women entrepreneurs see failure as a step closer to their goals and dreams. And that’s actually true – it is a step forward but only if you learn from your mistakes.

Make sure you analyze everything because it’s going to help you see what works and what doesn’t. And don’t be afraid to ask for help. You shouldn’t go through everything alone.

10.) Organization is important:

Boss babes don’t try to wing it. They write down their goals and ideas, make a to-do list, and more. It helps them focus and achieve all their desires. So your next step should be – ORGANIZATION.

Having a physical planner or an online planning tool like Trello is a must to stay on track. I’m more of a pen and paper girl so mostly I use my planner and notebooks. I also use Trello, but not as much.

So if you’re a pen-and-paper girl too, get yourself a cute planner and notebook to start getting more organized.

11.) Boss babes are willing to do whatever it takes:

I’ll admit – it can be really exhausting at times. You work hard, and sacrifice but still don’t see great results. That shouldn’t stop you. All the successful women entrepreneurs have been working hard for years. And because they didn’t quit – they now live the life of their dreams.

If you want the same for yourself and your family, then be willing to do whatever it takes. Sacrifice some family time to write a blog post or create a freebie, invest in yourself, and connect with your audience!

12.) They are grateful for everything and everyone:

Gratitude is the best attitude. Most of the boss babes have a gratitude journal where they write every single day for what they are grateful for. You can do the same.

Successful women entrepreneurs have a gratitude journal

You can create a list of big and small things you are grateful for. That could be your family, kids, pets, food on the table, water, birds singing, or a million dollars in your bank account 😉

Journal every day – make it a habit. You will start to look at this world with a more positive heart and eyes. And that will change your life one step at a time.

13.) They take care of their mind, body & spirit:

They achieved success by taking care of themselves. Boss babes know this is important because you can’t achieve much if you feel tired and sick all the time. Or if your head hurts because you worry too much.

If you want to be more efficient, then start working out, meditating, or doing yoga. Find a hobby that will help you stay in shape physically and mentally. Remind yourself every day that your body is a temple and you need to live in it your whole life 🙂

Successful women entrepreneurs take care of their mind, body & spirit

14.) Successful women entrepreneurs take care of their audience:

It’s really important for them that their audience is happy. If any issues occur, they try to solve them as fast as possible. The audience should be your priority. Here is why:

  • they are going to engage with you if you treat them right
  • you started a business to help them, so without an audience, you have no business
  • they are not just your followers and fans – they are your customers!

Take your time to build a great relationship and trust with them. You will be rewarded in many different ways.

15.) Networking is a daily “job”:

You can’t be successful without networking. All boss babes do it every day that’s why they are living their dream life. Like we said before – you have to do whatever it takes.

You don’t need to go overboard and connect with 100 people per day. Your goal should be 3-5 (or more if you have more time). This will give you amazing results in your business and life. Not only could you get a new customer but also a new friend.

When you connect with them on a deeper level, they will help you build your business. What do I mean by that? When you create trust, they recommend you to more people.

16.) They support others and don’t talk bad about anyone:

Boss babes support others!

Did you ever see a successful boss babe who was always talking bad about the company or other people? If you did, that babe was not successful! Success is not just measured in how much money you make, but also how you make people feel.

Talking bad about others will ruin your business. Be nice and don’t respond to negativity with more negativity. Be professional, just look at all the leaders around you. Do you see them arguing with others and wasting their time? 🙂

Be supportive, have compassion. You will be able to connect with your followers and build a strong empire that will help not just you and your family but also millions of people around the world.

17.) They are confident:

If you look at any successful women entrepreneurs, you will see they are confident. Their posture is different. Because they bring a lot to the table, they know their own worth.

Anyone can give a lot of value. You don’t need to have a special talent. Just show your audience you care about them and give them lots of value. But always be confident.

Especially when you offer a product or service. Here’s a great question I want you to think about:

How can your audience be confident in your offer, if you’re not?

18.) Boss babes give back:

Giving back is a big part of their lives. If you’re following any great leaders you will see how much value they are giving. Not only that, but they also give to charities, help people or animals in need, and much more.

Maybe you are thinking “Of course they give to charities, they have money, but I don’t…”. It’s ok if you can’t give money – but you can give time, right? You will build a successful business only if you first give.

19.) They charge what they are worth:

Charge what you are worth!

We are all guilty of thinking no one is going to buy a product or service if it’s “too expensive”. That’s just a sign that we lack confidence. But why do all the boss babes make so many sales even when a product is “expensive” in our opinion?

The reason is – they know their worth. And to make it easier for you here is a great formula that will help you put a good price on your products:

Hourly Rate x Estimated Hours to Complete = Offer. 

$100 per hour x 10 hours to manage social media = $1,000 offer. 

20.) Successful women entrepreneurs make a difference in the world:

Their primary goal isn’t money. Usually, it’s something much bigger like making an impact and difference in other people’s lives. That should be your goal too. Here’s why:

  • you will make more money when you make a big impact
  • if you make a difference in someone’s life, your life will be better
  • when you change the world, you change it for your family and your fans

There are many more reasons, but these are the top ones. So focus on providing value, helping those in need, and creating a difference in the world.

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Successful women entrepreneurs make a difference in the world

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