Have you been thinking about starting email marketing, but you have no idea where to start? No worries my friend, we will go over all the simple steps you have to take.

It doesn’t matter in which industry you are – you should focus on building your email list. It’s one of the best and most powerful strategies you can use in your online marketing journey.

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1.) Know your email marketing goals:

Planning and writing down your goals is crucial in any area, not just email marketing. You have to know what you want so that you know how to set your campaigns.

Without a plan and goals, you could be tempted to send out a bunch of spammy emails that wouldn’t convert. No one likes spam, am I right? 😉

To help you with this first step, I made this FREE Email Marketing Goals Cheat Sheet that you can get here now.

2.) Decide which email marketing tools you will use:

There are many different tools that will help you on your journey. I will recommend some of them here, and your job will be to check them out and decide which one you like best.

First I’ll recommend MailerLite because I use it all the time. It’s a really simple tool to use – hey if I can do it, so can you 😉

They have everything from email autoresponder to landing pages, analytics, and more.

On their Youtube channel, you can find many tutorials on how to set everything up. And if you will need some extra help, you can always contact me here.

Here is a list of some other email marketing tools:

Check them all out and decide which one is best for you. Now, let’s move forward.

3.) Start building your email list:

Now here is where most entrepreneurs and marketers get stuck. There is a really simple way that always works. I’m talking about:


You know what your targeted audience wants, right? Well, why don’t you make a freebie and give it to them in exchange for their name and email?

“But what if I don’t know what my audience wants?”

Easy – you ask them 😉 They will be more than happy to tell you because everyone loves free stuff.

Here is my advice – if you want to build a good list of buyers, you have to give them a lot of value first. They have to get to know and trust you. I’m not saying you should solve all their problems, but it helps if you solve some of them.

And OH another really important thing – always be YOU! Don’t be shy, show your real personality. Everyone loves connecting with real people, right?

4.) Money is in the list (or so they say):

That's a lie...and here is why...

You probably heard that before. This statement is a complete LIE! Say whaaaat?! Yeah, it is, and let me tell you why…

You can have 10,000 subscribers that are interested in buying a car, but if you’re selling tomatoes – well you know the outcome. You won’t make any money. That is why you HAVE TO know who your targeted audience is.

If you still don’t know, go back to the FREE Email Marketing Goals Cheat Sheet, print it out, and write down your answers (details!!!).

So let me ask you this question – which one would you choose:
A) 10,000 random subscribers
B) 1000 really targeted subscribers

If you said A – you failed the test, my friend 😛 The correct answer is B because the size of the list never matters. It’s the QUALITY that matters. So always focus on that.

5.) How many times per day/week should you send emails:

It depends on what kind of emails you will send. Again – no one likes spammers. If you are promoting a product, you can get away with a really nice one email per week.

On the other hand – if you are a network marketer and if someone joined your business list – then you can send out promotional emails once per day. They can mark you as a spammer, but most people know what will follow if they show interest in your Network Marketing business.

So the healthy solution for successful email marketing would be:
– send an email at least once per week
– maximum 7 times (once per day) – make sure it’s mostly VALUE!

Also, you have to be careful about your email marketing subject lines. You can check out the Best Email Marketing Subject Lines To Increase Your Open Rate by clicking here.

6.) Timing is everything:

Yes, timing is very important. If you will be sending emails at 3 AM – who will check them out? Yeah, sorry honey – NO ONE!

So what is the best time? You can check this article from CoSchedule.

You will have to test and tweak because we all have different people on our list. Look at your analytics each month and test, test, test.

7.) Measure your results:

If you think this step is not important at all – you are wrong. I used to think like that and boy was I missing out on some real results.

How will you know what works and what doesn’t, if you don’t analyze your results? And do you have time to waste on stuff that doesn’t work for you? Probably not.

So yes, measuring and analyzing is boring but also really important if you want success in email marketing.

8.) Write catchy subject lines:

The first thing your subscribers see are the subject lines (besides the name of the sender – which is you).

2 Free tools for better email subject lines:
Kopywriting Kourse

Put some thought into it and when you make a subject line, ask yourself if you would open that email. If the answer is no – go back to the drawing board.

Grab Your Email Marketing Goals Cheat Sheet - Big Income Paradise Blog

Top 4 Most Frequently Asked Email Marketing Questions and Answers

Is Email Marketing dead?

No, email marketing is actually really popular and alive because you can reach a lot of people with just a click of a button. If you use it the right way it can pay you back big time!

Does Email Marketing work?

Yes, it sure does. If you do it right and build a targeted list of subscribers – then it will work for you. However, you should know it takes some time to achieve better results.

How Email Marketing works?

It’s a communication between you and your subscribers (potential customers or existing customers). When they give you their name and email, you can send them electronic messages.

Why Email Marketing is important?

It’s important because you can send updates to your loyal subscribers and connect with them on another level (and in another way). You can also sell your products/services, help them out and in exchange for that you make money.

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