Halloween is right around the corner, so why not use funny Halloween memes to boost engagement and skyrocket your business? 

Many successful entrepreneurs say that memes helped them get a more significant reach. Their followers enjoy this kind of Social Media posts because they are entertaining

Suppose you heard of 3 E’s of excellent content marketing strategy. If not, then here’s a short explanation. Those 3 E’s stand for Engaging, Entertaining, and Educational. Your content has to be a mix of those. 

And funny Halloween memes are very entertaining. So why not test one of them out this year? It will skyrocket your reach, and your follower will get a good laugh. That never hurts.

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Why should you use memes for business?

Like I explained above, memes will help you attract more followers. That’s because everyone loves entertainment.

You might be thinking that memes will make your followers think you are not a serious business owner. That’s never the case. People love seeing funny things that businesses post.

It will also increase your engagement, which always helps. You might even get more shares. That means you will get in front of a new audience. You wouldn’t say no to free advertisement, right? 

So post a funny Halloween meme, and let me know about your results.

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Funny Halloween Memes

All the memes below are created by yours truly. I made them in Canva. And yes, you have my blessing to download and use them. You can also use the post example (text) that goes with the image. 

1.) 2020 is scarier than Halloween!

Pumpkins are not scared of Halloween. They are afraid of the year 2020! - Funny Halloween memes

2.) Would you go inside?

He will give you one million dollars if you go inside - what do you do - Funny Halloween memes

3.) Oh well, at least once per year, I look good!

i wake up like this every morning, not just on halloween - Funny Halloween memes

4.) Don’t want to spend money on a Halloween costume? No problem, here’s a solution!

cheepest halloween costume don't sleep for three days - Funny Halloween memes

5.) My response: 🖕

when people tell you they don't like halloween - Funny Halloween memes

6.) Happy Halloween! Let’s face it, no one will stand out.

this year all halloween costumes will look the same - Funny Halloween memes

7.) Every day is Halloween for me.

every day is halloween for me - me before coffee and on halloween - Funny Halloween memes

8.) I’m not going to be surrounded by such negativity!

when someone says - i don't like halloween - and you realize you don't need that kind of negativity in your life - Funny Halloween memes

9.) That face. We all do it, don’t we?

the face you make when your kids catch you eating their halloween candy

10.) Brace Yourself! Halloween meme costumes are coming!

brace yourself - Halloween meme costumes are coming - Funny Halloween memes

11.) Come on! It’s Halloween! Entrepreneurship should also be fun.

entrepreneurs trying to stay professional for halloween

12.) How many of you will have this Halloween costume?

halloween 2020 The most popular costume - Funny Halloween memes

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13.) Are you also this obsessed with Halloween? 

I'm not into halloween - block

14.) After all, I’m an entrepreneur!

Nothing scares me - I'm an entrepreneur - Funny Halloween memes

15.) Haha, Happy Halloween! And yeah, you better run! 

Honey what halloween costume should I wear -You don't need a costume - You're face is scary enough

16.) I’m asking for a friend. 

where can adults trick or treat - asking for a friend

17.) Happy Halloween! Give me some love ❤️

entrepreneurs going trick or treating for social media engagement

18.) I have to agree with this. Happy Halloween, Y’all!

if 2020 was a Halloween costume - Funny Halloween memes

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19.) Happy Halloween! Now get in! It’s going to be a hell of a ride!

Get in Witch - We're going trick or treating - Funny Halloween memes

20.) I think I said too much 😲 Well, happy Halloween!

i love this time of the year - I can dig a grave in my front yard and my neighbours think it's a halloween desplay - Funny Halloween memes

21.) Let me know 🍷 , and Happy Halloween to all!

Do you know which wine pairs well with my children's Halloween candy - Funny Halloween memes

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So here we are at the end of funny Halloween memes. I hope they made you giggle. But I have another surprise for you.

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Now over to you – from 1-21, which of these funny memes are you going to use? Share in the comments below.