Facebook Business Tips: With Just 2 Hours Per Day – Start Making $1,000+

These Facebook business tips, drawn from Salesforce, are for you if you spend the whole day on your Facebook, but you still don’t get results in your Network Marketing Business? Then you are probably focusing on the wrong activities. The same is true about Instagram. Learn how to increase followers on Instagram and use it to grow your business.

We all do that sometimes because Facebook can be really distracting. So should you still do Facebook marketing for your business? Heck YES!

First you will have to focus on income producing activities that will increase your online income. So let’s start with the first tip.

1.) Facebook Business Tips #1: Building relationships

You should focus on connecting with people, talking to them and getting to know them on a deeper level. Become really good friends and help them out. Don’t be in it to profit – people are not dollar signs.

friendship || Building relationships || Facebook Business Tips

Ask them good questions and find things you have in common with them. They will trust you more and with trust there is a bigger possibility they will buy from you or join you in your network marketing company. Check out https://localclienttakeover.com/ for effective marketing strategies to boost your online presence.

for effective marketing strategies to boost your online presence.

Here are some question examples that you can use:
1.) (If they have kids): “I just saw your kids, they are so cute! How old are they?”
2.) (Dog owners): “What a cute little (or big) dog you have. I have a dog too. Is your dog barking a lot?
3.) (Same hobby): “I just saw your paintings – wow beautiful! How long have you been painting?”

Well you get the point – just pretend you are talking with a friend.

2.) Facebook Business Tips #2: Posting daily (Consistency)

If you are not posting on your Facebook every single day, then you are losing your audience and online income. But don’t worry, you can change that today.

Get committed to post at least once per day, but don’t over do it either. If you really want to share more, then don’t go over 3 posts per day. They have to be posted at least 3 hours apart. You have to be consistent to get in front of more people and hack the Facebook newsfeed.

The biggest problem that most marketers face with being consistent with posts is:

Don’t be one of them. If you don’t know what to post and how to get organized, then let me show you an awesome tool called TASSI.

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This tool will help you get organized and automate all your posts for a whole month. How cool is that 🙂

3.) Facebook Business Tips #3: Engagement 

Facebook Business Tips || Engagement

Engagement is important because it will boost your posts and they will be visible to more people. That means more traffic – more eyeballs on you and your offers.

So how do you skyrocket your engagement? I won’t sugar coat it – you will have to work. Every day be active on other peoples posts. Don’t just like, but also leave a thoughtful comment. Do this 15 minutes before you post and 15 minutes after.

This will show Facebook that you are an active user and that’s why you will be rewarded with more views on your post.

There are other important factors that will help you with engagement:

  • Make great and interesting posts
  • Be funny (always works)
  • Give a lot of value
  • Share your story
  • Be positive (no negativity!)

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[IMPORTANT]: Because of Facebook Algorithm, we really have to be careful what we write in our posts. So check this video [Facebook Algorithm and Engagement] and avoid these mistakes that can destroy your engagement.

4.) Facebook Business Tips #4: Habits

This part is not so much connected with Facebook but it is a really important part of your journey to success. If you have bad habits, that means you will have bad results.

You want to have the best results possible, right? Well then read about this 10 Habits of Highly Successful Network Marketers

Break your old habits, replace them with these new ones and do them daily for the next 60-90 days. Why? Because on average, it takes more than 60 days to form a new habit.

So if you liked these Facebook business tips, then share them with your team and help them on their journey to success.

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