Here’s how to use Social Media Marketing to boost your traffic and get more sales

Many online marketers are using social media marketing for driving traffic to their businesses. However, most of them are not as successful as they could be.

We all know that traffic is one of the most important things in online marketing. Without it, there are no sales, so that means no money.

If you are serious about making money online with Social Media Marketing, then you have to focus on learning about how to boost your traffic to get more sales.

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1.) Free Facebook Profile Traffic:

Say what? Oh yes, my friend 😉 All you have to do is – skyrocket your Facebook engagement.

Sounds easy, and it is. But it also takes some work. I won’t go into depth about how to boost your Facebook engagement, because I already made a blog post about it. You can read and learn by clicking here.

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Maybe you are confused. How can likes and comments bring you traffic? Actually that is traffic. You are getting eyeballs on your posts and videos.


Social media marketing done right can really bring you a lot of traffic, leads, and sales. I learned everything right here.

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2.) Sharing your content more than once:

Many marketers don’t know they can reuse their old content. If you have a blog, you can actually re-use your articles up to 6 times per year.

The same goes for your posts on social media. The only thing is, you will have to change the text in the post because social media platforms don’t like it if you just copy and paste.

Let me explain what I mean. If you wrote a post about 7 Facebook Marketing Hacks For 2019, then you can re-use the post, just change the whole text in the social media post.

WHAT?!? 🙂 Yes, you have to make a similar post with similar text. But it’s easier to do so because you already know what the subject is all about.

3.) Don’t be spammy:

You would think everyone knows this. But just look at your social media. What do you see in the groups or on your newsfeed? Or if you go into your messenger…

“Buy this” – “Join here” – “If you don’t join me now you will lose!”

Yeah, we all know those people. I’m sure you’re not one of them, but if you are – STOP DOING THAT 🙂 Make sure you share valuable content that will help your audience with their problems.

I’m not saying you should fix their problems completely but at least to some extent. They will be grateful and also they will see you as someone who can help them eliminate the problem forever.

Your traffic will go up and so will the sales 😉 Why will you see a boost in traffic? Because the people who you helped will recommend you to others (sharing your content on social media).

So choose the NO spam social media marketing 😉

4.) Monitor your results:

You have to monitor your social media marketing results so that you know what works for you and what doesn’t. Here are some things you have to watch out for:

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If you get lots of negative feedback – then STOP whatever you are doing. And don’t try to “fight” your audience back with explanations or even harsh words. Rather ask good questions like: “What would you suggest I do?” or “What bothers you? Feedback is greatly appreciated.” And remember to test and tweak everything.


If you’re seeing an increase of post-activity – analyze it and keep doing what you’re doing. But a decrease should be a red flag. Again you can ask your audience for some feedback.


When you’re not getting any people to engage with your posts and videos, then you have to check if you are targeting the right audience for your products, services, and content that you’re sharing.

Yes analyzing is a big part of social media marketing or any other marketing. So is your engagement low? If yes, then it’s time for you to laser target your audience.

I put together TOP Questions you should ask yourself (and write down). This way you will really get to know who your targeted audience is and you won’t waste your time with people who are just not into what you’re sharing. CLICK HERE and get these TOP Questions.

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You have to do social media marketing the right way to receive as much traffic as possible. Afterall traffic is the heart of your online business.

You can invest in it, but there are many freeways that will help you achieve your financial goals and desires.

All the tips in this blog post will give teach you how to immediately boost your traffic with social media marketing.

Which of these tips (from 1-4) helped you most?