Can you believe that I started cheating on Facebook with Pinterest marketing? 😉 And I’m not even sorry! #SorryNotSorry

In the first 25 days, I got 41K monthly viewers and my blog traffic started increasing (it tripled!). So I’m all in when it comes down to Pinterest Marketing. And if you’re reading this – you are too 😉

41K in 25 Days

Right now – in the year 2020 – I have over 1 Million monthly viewers, thousands, and thousands of page views, and I’m consistently getting from 400-500+ email subscribers.

Big Income Paradise Pinterest Business Account

Now let’s begin with the awesome and amazing PINTEREST… (my heart skips a beat when I hear that word…I’m weird I know 🙂 )

1.) Why Start With Pinterest Marketing:

I made my profile in 2017 and I just left it because I was still so in love with Facebook. But now I wanted to try something new, something that will drive a ton of traffic to my blog.

And Pinterest marketing really is the best way for that. Let’s compare it with Facebook pages. If you want to reach more people, you will have to invest in ads. Which I’m all for it, but you have to learn how to use them the right way (it can be complicated).

Plus the ads are getting more and more expensive on Facebook. But Pinterest – well that’s another story 🙂

Did I use Pinterest ads?

No, unfortunately, I didn’t. I’m sad to say but Pinterest ads are open only in these countries: United States, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vietnam.

CLICK HERE to see the list of the countries and which credit cards they accept.

If you’re from any of these countries – well LUCKY YOU! 🙂 I encourage you to use Pinterest ads because they are waaaaay cheaper than Facebook ads and really, really powerful.

Why is Pinterest marketing so good for all entrepreneurs, online marketers and bloggers?

Prepare to be blown away! 80% of Pinterest users are BUYERS. Can you say the same for Facebook or Instagram? 😉

80% Of Pinterest Users are Buyers

People use Pinterest to find products, services, or ideas. They are more likely to buy from you if you show them how to do something and give them a lot of value.

The BEST part of Pinterest marketing is ranking your pins (images). Ranking means being one of the top search results. When you rank it on top, it can stay there for a long time and more people will see it (Hooray FREE Traffic! 🙂 )

If we compare it with Facebook – when your post doesn’t get any engagement or interaction anymore, it goes into the well of doom. Ok maybe not there but you get the point 🙂

You stop getting traffic from a Facebook post and that’s not good for you or your business. You have to keep coming up with new posts to attract people to you. Now let me share with you the Pinterest marketing strategies.

1.) Pinterest Profile:

Having a great profile is important. But on Pinterest, it’s slightly different. You have to use KEYWORDS that will help you rank your profile (yes, you can rank your profile too).

Big Income Paradise Pinterest Profile

1.) Your Profile Picture: it’s the same on any platform – use YOUR PHOTO! Not a logo or a picture of your dog 🙂 You are your own brand and your smile is your logo 😉

2.) Keywords: use keywords in your name and description. That way you will rank your profile and tell people what your Pinterest is all about. Try to find keywords that are not hard to rank for.

3.) Link: include links to your blog or anything else. However, I do suggest you start a blog.

2.) Pinterest Boards:

Again – KEYWORDS 🙂 Include them in the titles and descriptions of your boards. You probably noticed that Pinterest marketing is focused mostly on keywords. That’s how you rank everything; your profile, boards, and pins.

Pinterest Boards from Big Income Paradise

You will have to make 10 boards or more and fill them up with at least 20 pins (in each board). It might sound a lot but you should have some content to share with your new potential customers.

Also, make cover photos for your boards. It’s not necessary but it looks more attractive (see the photo above).

3.) Pinterest Pins:

You know what I’ll say again, right? You guessed it – Keywords 🙂 This is the most important part besides the image (pin) itself.

Pinterest is all about images (pins) and that is the first thing people see. If the pin is not attractive and it doesn’t include an interesting title, no one is going to click on it. That means no traffic for you.

Include the colors you use in your brand. For example; my colors are white, gray, a bit of gold (here and there), and pink (my FAV!). Make sure they are always the same!

This *FREE* Pinterest Branding Worksheet will help you get focused on branding yourself the right way and get in front of raving fans and customers.

Here are examples of my pins:

Pins from Big Income Paradise

How to make Pinterest pins?

The best free tool that I use and recommend is Canve. You can make beautiful photos for any social media platform. They have a template for Pinterest graphics but I do suggest you use custom dimensions (example: 564×846, 564×1260, 564×1826…)

Because you have to make attractive pins, start using quality photos. You can go to, write “Royalty-Free Photos” and find sites that provide free quality images.

Here are some of these sites:

4.) How many times a day should you pin?

OLD STRATEGY: I have been pinning 10 of my pins a day PLUS 10 of other people’s pins.

NEW STRATEGY: I’m pinning 15-20 of my own pins and 5 from other bloggers.

Maybe some of you will say: “But if you pin other people’s pins, don’t you promote their stuff?” Yes, you do but here is the beauty of Pinterest marketing; when you share a pin that your audience relates to and engages with – Pinterest could decide to show more of what you’re sharing, so your profile will get a boost.

Plus – why wouldn’t you help others too? 🙂 There’s enough money and traffic for everyone 🙂

I'm Too Busy To Pin So Much...What Can I Do?

I know you are really busy, don’t worry. You can still do Pinterest marketing. Did you think I’m on Pinterest 24/7? 🙂

If you know me, you know I love marketing tools that help you do less but make more 😉 So yes, there is an amazing tool called Tailwind. It will help you schedule & analyze your pins and save you A TON of time!

There is always a solution to any obstacle. Get your Tailwind here and start scheduling today. And about the price – you can use the free version or you can later upgrade. It’s up to you 🙂

5.) Pinterest marketing with group boards:

What are group boards?
Those are boards from other bloggers and online marketers that accept contributors. Everyone is sharing their pins but also re-sharing other people’s pins. That means your pins will be seen by a new audience.

Your profile will have to look really good (with more content) if you want to join them. Quality is KING (or Queen) so make sure you go all-in with your content.

Some people think that joining as many group boards is a great Pinterest marketing strategy. But that’s not true. Instead of joining a bunch of boards, join a couple of QUALITY ones, and actively engage in them.

6.) Pinterest marketing with Tailwind tribes:

That’s why I love Tailwind. It helps me with scheduling, analyzing, and sharing my content in tribes. That results in more traffic.

Focus on quality tribes because there is a limit on how many of your pins you can share per month and how many tribes you can join. You should analyze which tribes perform better for you, and which don’t.

7.) Learn more about Pinterest marketing:

This is a no-brainer. If you want to get explode your traffic, you will have to use Pinterest the right way. The best way is to learn from courses of people who have HUGE results.

If you think my results are good – you should see these:

PinFunnels - Marketing Solved Results

Yeah, baby! These are the results we all want 🙂 And we can have them. I’ll be honest with you – it involves work. But just imagine when you crush it with Pinterest marketing!

Now let’s get back to reality. You are not there yet, so how do you get these results?

I’m not a guru and I don’t have my own course on the whole Pinterest marketing strategy. However, I can recommend two amazing courses that will get you from zero to hero!

Check both of them out and decide with which one you will start. I do recommend you getting both because you should never stop learning. The more you know, the better results you will get.

I recommend this Pinterest marketing course and you can read My Honest Pin Funnels Review (Pinterest Course By Marketing Solved)
– Get the PinFunnels course here

8.) Be consistent with your Pinterest marketing:

Consistency is a key component of every marketing strategy. Without it, you won’t see great results. So keep going even when it gets hard.

Any social media platform likes it when you are active in it. It’s the same with Pinterest. Just don’t be too active! Some say that pinning (re-pinning) 50+ pins per day can actually hurt you.

There has been a new Pinterest update, that’s why I would suggest you start creating fresh new pins. You can pin 10-15 of your pins and re-pin 5 from other bloggers.

Do that consistently every day, even on weekends. Don’t forget to grab Tailwind because it will help you to schedule all the pins and you will be able to spend more time with loved ones.

Now it’s your turn. If you have any questions, please write them below and I’ll make sure to respond and help you out.

And before you go – I have a Free Pinterest Marketing Course that will help you grow your traffic and business. You will get emails with a ton of valuable tips and tricks.

Free Pinterest Marketing Course From Big Income Paradise

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Pinterest Marketing - How I Got 41K Monthly Viewers in 25 Days Pinterest Marketing: How I Got 41K Monthly Viewers In 25 Days You can skyrocket your traffic with Pinterest marketing. I started with 10 monthly views and in just 25 days I got up to 41K Monthly Views. Beside that I almost tripled my blog traffic. I fell in love with Pinterest marketing and so did my blog ;) Check out what I did in those first 25 day. #BigIncomeParadise #PinterestMarketing #PinterestMarketingStrategy #PinterestMarketingForBloggers #PinterestMarketingForBeginners