Today, I want to discuss one of my favorite topics: Pinterest Marketing Strategies.

And let me tell you, these strategies are more than just any ordinary tactics you might have heard about. No, no, no. These strategies are the ones that have helped me skyrocket my blog traffic and increase my monthly viewers on Pinterest.

In fact, in the first 25 days of using Pinterest (back in 2019), I managed to increase my monthly viewers on Pinterest to a whopping 41k.

41K in 25 Days

But that’s not all – my blog traffic also started increasing, and get this, it tripled! Can you imagine the amount of traffic and exposure your content could get with just a few tweaks in your Pinterest marketing game?

So, if you’re looking for ways to take your business to the next level and explode your traffic, then you’ve come to the right place.

Buckle up and get ready to learn the best Pinterest marketing strategies.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

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1.) Why Start With Pinterest Marketing:

I made my profile in 2018, and I just left it because I was still enjoying using Facebook to grow my business. But in 2019, I wanted to try something new, something that would drive a ton of traffic to my blog.

And Pinterest Marketing really is one of the best ways. Let’s compare it with Facebook pages. If you want to reach more people, you will have to invest in ads. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you have to learn how to use them the right way, and it’s not going to be cheap.

Did I use Pinterest ads?

No, unfortunately, I didn’t. I’m sad to say, but Pinterest ads are open only in these countries: United States, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vietnam.

CLICK HERE to see the list of the countries and which credit cards they accept.

Why is Pinterest marketing so good for small business owners and bloggers?

Prepare to be blown away! More than 80% of Pinterest users are BUYERS.

People use Pinterest to find products, services, or ideas. They are more likely to buy from you if you show them how to do something and give them a lot of value.

The BEST part of Pinterest marketing is ranking your pins. Ranking means being one of the top search results. When you rank it on top, it can stay there for a long time, and more people will see it. Some of my pins have been there for over 2 years.

Let’s compare Pinterest with Facebook:

  • When your Facebook post doesn’t get any engagement or interaction anymore, it stops showing up on people’s feeds. The FB post lifespan is usually about 24 hours.
  • Pinterest pins, on the other hand, can take longer to get ranked, but when they do, they can stay on top of search results for months or even years.

1.) Pinterest Profile:

Having a great profile is important. But on Pinterest, it’s slightly different. You have to use KEYWORDS that will help you rank your profile (yes, you can rank your profile too).

Big Income Paradise Pinterest Business Account

1.) Your Profile Picture: it’s the same on any platform – use YOUR PHOTO! Not a logo or a picture of your dog. You are your own brand, and your smile is your logo.

2.) Keywords: use keywords in your name and description. That way, you will rank your profile and tell people what your Pinterest is all about. Try to find keywords that are not hard to rank for.

3.) Link: include a link to your blog or any Social Media account.

If you want to learn more about optimizing your Pinterest profile, then read this blog post: How To Optimize Pinterest To Get More Traffic

2.) Pinterest Boards:

Include trending keywords in the titles and descriptions of your boards.

Pinterest Boards from Big Income Paradise

You will have to make 10 boards or more and fill them up with at least 20 pins (in each board). It might sound like a lot, but you should have some content to share with your new potential customers.

Also, you can make cover photos for your boards. It’s not necessary, but it can look more attractive.

3.) Pinterest Pins:

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – you’ll have to use keywords in the title and description of your pins.

Pinterest is all about vertical images (pins) or videos (idea pins), and that is the first thing people see. If the pin is not attractive and it doesn’t include an interesting title, no one is going to click on it. That means no traffic for you.

Always use the same brand colors so people can recognize your pins.

This Pinterest Branding Worksheet will help you brand yourself correctly and get in front of raving fans and customers.

Here are examples of my pins:

Create Vertical Pins

How to make Pinterest pins?

The best tool that I use and recommend is Canve. You can make beautiful photos for any Social Media platform. They have templates for Pinterest; just make sure the ratio is 2:3 – for example, 1000 x 1500 pixels. Here are other 2:3 ratio sizes:

Width600 px1000 px1200 px2000 px
Height900 px1500 px1800 px3000 px

Because you have to make attractive pins, start using quality photos. You can Google “Royalty-Free Photos” and find sites that provide high-quality images.

Here are some of these sites:

4.) How many times a day should you pin?

OLD PINNING STRATEGY: I have been pinning 10 pins a day.

NEW PINNING STRATEGY: I’m pinning 2 pins per day (sometimes 3).

If you’re too busy and can’t create 2 pins per day, then focus on making at least 1. Or you can outsource the pin creation.

And if you’re wondering if you can schedule your pins – well, yes, you can! Pinterest has a scheduling tool integrated into the platform, and you can learn more about it here.

5.) Pinterest marketing with group boards:

What are group boards?
Those are boards from other bloggers and small business owners that accept contributors. Everyone is sharing their pins but also re-sharing other people’s pins. That means your pins will be seen by a new audience.

Your profile will have to look good (with more content) if you want to join them. Quality is KING (or Queen), so go all in with your content.

Some people think that joining as many group boards is a great Pinterest marketing strategy. But that’s NOT true.

Group boards are not driving as much traffic as they used to, especially if you join the ones that are not SEO-optimized and niched down. Avoid those at all costs!

6.) Learn more about Pinterest Marketing:

This is a no-brainer – if you want to explode your traffic, you will have to use Pinterest the right way.

I can recommend the courses below because I purchased them, and I’ve got a better reach on Pinterest by implementing all the strategies.

I’ve also created my own Pinterest course that you can grab here:

  • The Ultimate PinProfits – You’ll learn how to get thousands of leads and sales from Pinterest. We also have a VIP group where you can ask questions, and we’ll help you out. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to a steady stream of leads and sales. Don’t let your competition get ahead – get the tools you need to skyrocket your business today. Purchase my course today, and let’s get started on your path to Pinterest success!
The Ultimate PinProfits course
  • Pinterest Ninja – Looking for a Pinterest marketing course that truly delivers? Look no further than my favorite course, Pinterest Ninja. What sets this course apart is that Megan (the creator) keeps the videos up-to-date, ensuring you’re always on the cutting edge of Pinterest marketing. With this course, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of Pinterest marketing, giving you the knowledge and tools you need to skyrocket your business.
  • Pinterest Traffic Avalanch – this is another amazing course that teaches you more than just Pinterest marketing. It has a lot of information that is easy to understand and implement. I didn’t yet write a review of this course, but I’ll do it soon.

7.) Be consistent with your Pinterest Marketing:

Consistency is a key component of every marketing strategy. Without it, you won’t see great results. So keep going even when it gets hard.

All platforms like it when you are actively publishing content. It’s the same with Pinterest. But don’t be too active! Pinning (re-pinning) 50+ pins per day can hurt your account!

Pinterest has updated its algorithm, and they want us to create fresh pins.

What are fresh pins?

Fresh Pins are new images or videos you upload to Pinterest for the first time. These pins are unique and original and haven’t been shared before on the platform.

Now it’s your turn. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments below or reach out to me on my Facebook profile. I’m here to help.

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