There are many different types of Social Media posts, such as engagement posts, business posts, value and knowledge posts, etc. 

We will look closely at 32 different types of Social Media posts that will help you build your business. And before we do that, I would like to invite you to our free marketing coaching group.

Inside, you will learn about Social Media content marketing, business tips, and so much more.

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What Are The Different Types Of Social Media Posts?

There are several different types of Social Media posts that you can use in your business. The infographics below will show you 32 types that will spark your imagination and help you create content faster.


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What are the TOP seven types of Social Media content?

Now let’s look at the top 7 types of content you should use on Social Media. These post ideas will help you gain trust from your audience, increase engagement, and boost your sales.

1.) Story posts

Story posts do very well in any business or niche. That’s because your audience will get to know, like, and trust you. Trust is the key point of successful sales. Without it, your audience won’t buy from you.

PRO tips:

  • Share your stories more often,
  • Make sure your stories evoke emotions,
  • They shouldn’t be boring, 
  • The stories have to be relevant to your product,
  • Share a structured story.

If you want to learn more about Storytelling and Content marketing, then click here and grab my mini e-book.

content marketing and storytelling strategies

2.) Value and knowledge

You will first have to give value to your audience before they even consider buying from you. If you want to stand out from the crowd, make sure you are not sharing mediocre knowledge. 

PRO tips:

  • Find trending topics in your niche and share top tips,
  • Analyze your competitors content, see what’s missing, and share an improved version,
  • Always under-promise and over-deliver, 
  • If you can, include great visuals.

3.) Poll Questions

From my experience, poll questions are the best for boosting engagement on Social Media. It is easy for people to click on one of the options you give them. That’s why so many are interacting with it. 

PRO tips:

Another advantage of poll questions is; you can get to know your audience better. 

  1. Ask them what they struggle with or what they want to learn next,
  2. Then give them a couple of options they can choose from,
  3. That’s how you will know what topics they are interested in,
  4. Then create more content around those topics

Here’s an example of a poll I created a while ago:

example of Social media poll question

4.) Freebies

A freebie should help your audience with a specific problem. Something they are struggling with. You don’t need to solve all of their obstacles, but you should share enough knowledge to give them some results.

PRO tips:

  • Do your research and figure out what your audience is struggling with most,
  • You can create a mini e-book, mini e-course, a checklist, guide, etc.,
  • Make sure you collect the emails (grow your email list),
  • Don’t forget to nurture your subscribers even after they receive a freebie (provide more value in the future)

5.) Images

Images are an essential part of every Social Media platform. So make sure you put more effort into creating amazing visuals that will attract people. Experiment with different fonts, colors, photos, elements, etc. 

PRO tips:

  • Bright colors usually work best (test it out to see how your audience reacts),
  • Make sure your fonts aren’t hard to read
  • Only use photos that are of excellent quality

6.) Videos

Video marketing will have a significant impact on your business. The more people hear and see you, the more they will trust you. And as you know by now, building trust is crucial for your success. 

Video marketing for your business

PRO tips:

  • Use good lighting and microphone,
  • Look into the camera (your audience has to feel you’re talking with them),
  • Before you create a video, map out what you are going to talk about
  • Ask your viewers questions
  • Thank them for watching the video

7.) Funny posts

Sometimes it’s good to lighten up the mood. Create a humorous post (GIF, video, image, etc.) related to your business or life. You will be blown away by how many people will relate to you. Not only will you get more engagement, but your audience will like you more.

PRO tips:

  • Don’t joke around about sensitive topics (you might hurt someone’s feelings, and that can damage your business & brand),
  • Include visuals (images, videos, GIFs) to make your post more interesting.

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How do you write a catchy Social Media post?

To write a catchy Social Media post, you will first have to craft a hooking title. Then create the content that will talk to and with your audience and speak their language.

Also, try to keep your posts short and precise. In the end, apply a great call-to-action, and don’t forget to include exciting visuals (image, video, infographics, etc.)

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How do you write a catchy Social Media post?

1.) Craft a hooking title

Your title has to grab your audience’s attention in the first 3 seconds. You can do that by including redorange, or green emojis. These colors attract people to your content. 

You should also include numbers if you can (odd numbers work best; for example, 3, 7, 9). In the title, you should also promise a specific advantage and then deliver it!

You can read more about how to craft a hooking title here.

2.) Talk to & with your audience

They need to feel like you are talking to them. If you never acknowledge them or ask them any questions, they will leave. They might even unfollow you. So figure out a way how you can make them feel important. After all, your audience is the focal point of your business.

Talk with your audience and speak their language

3.) Speak their language

You need to understand that your audience has less knowledge than you. So if you talk from level 10, but they are on level 1 or 2, they won’t understand what you’re saying. Start with the basics and explain everything. 

4.) Short & clear posts

In this fast lifestyle, short and clear posts will work better. Your audience probably doesn’t have that much time to read through longer content. You can check out here how long should your Social Media posts be.

5.) Call-to-action (CTA)

Before you write your post, always think about your goals – what actions do you want your audience to take? If you want them to click on a link, then you know what your call-to-action should be. And limit your CTA to only 1 or 2.

6.) Visuals

visuals (images, videos, infographics)

Including great visuals (images, videos, infographics) will attract more people to your posts. Try using vibrant colors and see how your audience reacts to them. Think outside the box and test different styles.

What is engaging content for Social Media?

Engaging content is very appealing, it builds curiosity, and it grabs people’s attention fast. It’s usually something entertaining, valuable (knowledgeable), or significant to your audience. 

It has to be meaningful to your followers. That’s when they will react to it (like, comment, share, click, etc.) So try to create content that is relevant, inspiring, helpful, and exciting.

Where can I get Social Media content?

You can get Social Media content in many different areas. Thanks to the internet, it is now easy to find ideas and inspirations.

Where can I get Social Media content?

We will check out 18 different places that will help you find content to share on Social Media.

1.) Big Income Paradise blog

I’m sharing many content ideas on my blog. I’ll share some of them below:

2.) Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for your content. There are many different topics for all sorts of niches and industries. So I encourage you to check it out.

3.) Facebook groups

Facebook groups are full of content and questions from members. So why not use those ideas to craft your Social Media content.

Marketing With Big Income Paradise Facebook Group

4.) Facebook pages

Facebook pages have a ton of content, so do your research and find topics that spike curiosity in your audience.

5.) Instagram

Instagram will inspire you with tons of different topics. Analyze your competitor’s profiles or research the hashtags.

6.) YouTube

YouTube is a fantastic source of content ideas. Search the keywords related to your niche, watch the videos, take notes, and then share the knowledge.


7.) Quora

Quora is a goldmine of content ideas. Find what people are asking about in your niche, take those questions, and create your content by answering.

8.) Canva

Canva can give you ideas from all the templates they have. You can type keywords in the search box.

9.) Podcasts

Podcasts are also great for ideas. You can listen to your favorite podcasts in your niche and write down all the different topics you can discuss.


10.) Email newsletters

Email newsletters can help you out a lot. Subscribe to your competitors and see what they are talking about in their emails.

11.) BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo will help you find popular topics. Think about how you can use them in your content.

12.) Twitter

Twitter has a ton of users that share interesting content. Search for hashtags in your niche and write down all the ideas.


13.) is a site where you can sign up for free and search for topics in your niche. You will find many ideas for your Social Media content.

14.) Google

Google is one of the best tools you can use. It will give you millions of ideas for your content. When you search for topics, don’t forget to write down the questions (under People also ask)

15.) AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic will show you what people usually ask. Type your keyword in the search box and write down all the questions you’ll create content around.


16.) Reddit

Reddit is another place where you can get a lot of content ideas for your Social Media. Type the keyword in the search box and browse through.

17.) Slideshare

Slideshare has a vast amount of slides that talk about different topics. I’m sure you will find great content ideas.

18.) Blog posts

Blog posts from your competitors are another great resource. You will find many ideas that your audience is interested in. 

How do you plan Social Media posts?


First, you will need to write down the different topics you want to share with your audience. Then, you plan it in a Social Media content calendar. There is a strategy behind this, which you can read in my Complete Guide To Successful Social Media Content Planning.

What is a Social Media content calendar?

A Social Media content calendar is a spreadsheet filled with post ideas. There has to be at least one idea per day. You can create a weekly, monthly, or even yearly content calendar. 

I wrote a whole blog post about How To Easily Create a Yearly Social Media Content Calendar. Read through it, take notes, and then create your calendar. But if you feel lost, or it’s just too much work, then check out my Yearly Social Media Content Calendar. Twelve months of post ideas are already done for you!