The top 7 most valuable Social Media content types are infographicsknowledge posts (how-to, beginner guide, list posts, etc.), interactive content (polls, questions, etc.), fun & funny postsmotivational contentstory posts, and freebies.

In this blog post, you will learn more about each type and how it can help you grow your business. 

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What Social Media content is valuable?

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1.) Infographics

Infographics are fascinating to look at. They are also knowledgeable and have an immense potential to go viral. 

Most of us are visual people. That means your audience will get attracted to infographics the most. Of course, you will have to test it out and see if your followers respond well to it.

This type of content is also enjoyable to learn from. That’s because it’s colorful. To create infographics that have vibrant colors.


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2.) Knowledge posts

Your followers want the knowledge that will help them overcome specific obstacles. So make sure you always over-deliver and never share mediocre value. 

This type of content will help you attract more people. That’s why it’s important to share interesting tips and tricks that not many talk about. Just look at your competition, and you will see why they grow faster than anyone else.

Here are some ideas you can create:

  • how-to post,
  • beginner guide,
  • the ultimate guide,
  • list post.

3.) Interactive content

Interactive content

The best interactive contents are polls and questions. That’s because your audience loves to share about their life.

This type of content is beneficial because you will get to know your followers better. They will also see that you care about them. So start creating poll questions and enjoy the engagement you will receive.

4.) Fun & funny posts

Funny posts are a valuable type of content because it lightens up the mood. Your business shouldn’t be too serious.

People love to laugh, and sometimes they even relate to this kind of content. That’s why it will help you boost your engagement and maybe even go viral. 

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5.) Motivational content

Motivation is valuable to your audience. It stands out because there is too much negativity around them. 

It’s always nice to get a boost of inspiration and motivation. That’s why you should create this kind of content at least once per week. People will love coming back for more positivity. It will also help you gain more followers.

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6.) Story posts

Stories connect with motivational posts. Show your audience what you went through and how you overcome those obstacles.

Most of your followers will probably relate to those problems because they are going through them right now. 


So you will also inspire them and give them hope that someday they will achieve their goals. Give them a good reason to keep following you. 

7.) Freebies

Everyone loves free stuff. And your audience is no different. Create very valuable freebies and share them on your Social Media. 

Not only will you grow your email list, but you will also gain your audience’s trust. That is crucial if you want to increase your revenue. 

Make sure your freebies connect to the products you’re selling. Then all you have to do is create valuable email sequences that will lead to that product.

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