Do these 10 Things In Your First 3 Months Of Starting a Blog

If you’re thinking of starting a blog – DO IT! Blogging is fun and it can be really profitable when done right. It’s also a good way to express yourself and help thousands if not even millions of people around the globe.

There is a lot of different information out there on starting a blog and doing it successfully. And it can get really confusing. But we are going to break it down into smaller must-do steps.

What you do in the first 3 months of starting a blog is really important so pay close attention and take notes. I did many mistakes and it cost me a lot! So don’t do the same.

So are you ready? Yes? Ok, let’s begin 😉

1.) When Starting a Blog, Set Goals First:

You probably know by now that without setting goals, you won’t get far. And it’s the same with your blog. Here are some really important questions to ask yourself when starting a blog:

  • Why are you starting a blog?
  • What are your intentions with your blog?
  • What are your daily, weekly, monthly & yearly blogging goals? (Money, reach, impact…)
  • What will you blog about?
  • How many times per week/month are you going to post?

Write down all of your answers and check them out daily. It will help you with achieving your goals.

blog planner from stray curls

2.) Create a Blogging Calendar:

Hmmm, what to blog about today? That’s the most used question of all bloggers 😉 So to make it easier for you – just plan ahead. Make a monthly blogging calendar and follow it.

If you answered all of the questions above – you know how many times you will post per week or month. My suggestion is at least once per week if not more. Yes, we are all busy but to achieve more – we have to do more.

Let’s say you will make 2 blog posts per week – on Mondays and Thursdays. That means you have to come up with around 8 blog topics.

Here you can grab your FREE Worksheet for Blog Post Ideas, Blog Post Title Ideas + Sample Blog Post Template.

3.) When Starting a Blog Use Social Media to Get Traffic:

I have to be honest with you. Social Media is getting harder and harder to use to promote yourself and your blog for free. But there are some amazing strategies out there.

First, you will have to do it – make a Social Media content calendar (plan your content ahead). It will take a lot of your time but it’s worth it. In case, you are really busy and you don’t have hours to put into planning, then check this yearly Social Media content calendar.

Yes, you will get one whole year of content planned out for you. I love this calendar because it saved so much of my time! I’m sure you’ll love it too.

yearly social media content calendar

Before we go to point #3, we have to mention Pinterest. It has a special place in any blogger’s heart 😉 Why? Simple, because Pinterest can get you traffic to your blog really fast, without investing in ads. Of course, if you want to, you can – no one is stopping you.

Like with everything else, you have to learn how to use Pinterest or you won’t see any results. I have two recommendations for you.

#1 is Pin Funnels

Pin Funnels Pinterest Marketing - Marketing Solved

#2 is Pinterest Ninja

Pinterest Ninja

Both courses are really great and they teach you everything from start to finish. Check them out and decide which one is best for you.

4.) When Starting a Blog Include Email Marketing:

When starting a blog you should have email marketing in mind too. Well not just in mind, but also included in your blog posts 🙂 Let me explain why…

You probably want to make some money out of your blog, right? Here’s the thing – when you offer something for free and people give you their name and email address, you can actually promote your products in emails too, not just on your blog.

However – make sure you are not SPAMMING your subscribers! Learn from this Beginner’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing.

I use MailerLite to send emails and newsletters. I do recommend it because it works great and I never had problems with it.

MailerLite Email Marketing for Small Business

5.) (Quality) Content is KING:

If you have a great-looking blog but your content sucks – you’ll just waste your time. And let me remind you that you can get almost everything back except time. So great quality content that helps your readers – is a MUST! If you would have to focus on only one thing on your blog, it would be content.

QUALITY content is a keyword here. Let’s explain with an example:

You go out for a date, looking all sexy and hot like always 😉 And then you see your date – looking like and smelling like a hobo! Is that a quality person to get married to? 🙂

Well, it’s the same with your content. If your content looks and smells like a hobo, no one is going to get near it. (P.s.: I have nothing against hobos – this was just an example)

Teach your readers something that will help them solve some of their problems. Also, be unique and try to make people laugh. We all enjoy reading something that’s funny, right? Or is it just me? 🙂

Content is King - Big Income Paradise

6.) Include Some Quality Images:

Have you ever seen a blog post without images? And if you did, what did you do? Read the whole blog post or just clicked off?

Images make the blog more fun, colorful, and attractive for your readers. And you know what they say – A picture is worth a thousand words. So again focus on the quality.

Here are a couple of great sites that provide free quality images: (550+ Free Professional Stock Photos)

7.) Learn About SEO:

This part will be more challenging so don’t expect to learn all of it in the first 3 months of starting a blog. But what I would suggest is that you learn every single day little by little.

The first really important thing is keyword research. You can read more about it on Wikipedia HERE.

Also, I would suggest you check out Neil Patel’s blog, because in my opinion he is an SEO God 😉 Do your research by clicking here.


8.) Be Consistent With Posting:

Before starting a blog you should know that you will have to produce content consistently. Here is where I failed miserably. At first, I was all excited, making blog posts every day but after two weeks I got really exhausted.

That’s why it’s important to know how many times you will post and when. Then stick with that! Your readers will get used to your posting schedule and they will know when to check your blog for new content.

9.) Starting a Blog by Being Yourself:

Readers have to get to know YOU! Find your voice and express yourself. Know that some will love your personality, but some won’t. And that’s ok. You can please everyone – you’re not a cupcake 😉

Embrace who you are and show yourself to the world. Each and every one of us is special and unique. You have a gift that you can share with those who will follow you. Confidence baby 😉

Embrace who you are And Don't Make Any Apologies For Being Yourself! - Big Income Paradise

10.) Use CTA (Call to Action):

If you’re using a call to action on your social media posts and videos, then you know this strategy works. It’s the same for your blog. Tell your readers where to click and what to do next.

As human beings, we follow the instructions (ok maybe there are some rebels out there 😛 ). When you tell them what they have to do next, most of them will. And that’s the whole point of CTA 🙂 Easy, simple but super powerful.


Starting a blog is not easy, but it can be simple if we don’t complicate things. Learn something new each day and don’t stress out. Rome wasn’t build in a day.

Go over 10 steps in this blog post, take notes, and massive action. And don’t forget to follow our blog for more tips and strategies. We are here to help you achieve more in your online business and with your blog!

Before you go, don’t forget to grab your Free Worksheet for Blog Post Ideas.

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