Have you ever been in a hurry, but you didn’t have any Social Media content ideas? You are not alone. With this post, we will make an end to that. Sounds cool?

You know that content is king in the Social Media world, and you have to post every day so that your audience doesn’t forget you. Only those who are consistent see results. Just look at all the leaders in your field.

However, I know it’s hard to come up with so many ideas. Plus, you have so much to do; be with your family, feed your kids, clean the house, got to work…oh my, crazy life!

That’s why you should check out these Social Media content ideas because they will help you save time and lower your stress.

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Before you jump on the list of 120 killer content ideas, here are some of the really important tips you should follow at all times.

1.) Plan your Social Media content ideas ahead:

Winging it won’t get you far. You have to plan your content ahead so that it helps you grow your business. Think about how to connect with your audience, what will help them solve their problems, and how you can reach out to more people.

What will drive traffic to your content and products and how you can make more sales? You need to think about everything and yes, your content will help you achieve your goals.

If you are too busy, then it can get really hard to plan and also take action (*been there, done that*). But don’t worry there is a great game-changing solution for you.

It’s a 1 Year Social Media Content Callendar that is strategically planned out for you. Yes, I said 1 YEAR ­čÖé no joke.

You can grab it right here and check it out. It made my life a whole lot easier when I created it and I’m sure it will do the same for you. You won’t struggle to come up with new content every single day. Just check out the calendar and voila.


However, if you want to learn how to create a whole year of content by yourself, then read my blog post: HOW TO EASILY CREATE A YEARLY SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT CALENDAR

2.) Talk to your audience and get to know them:

You should always talk to your audience. But the biggest mistake most solopreneurs do is they talk at their audience. There is a big difference! I learned that from Kat Sullivan (Marketing Solved).

Talking to your audience means you create a conversation through your post. Here are examples that will help you create your posts the right way:

  • DON’T TALK AT YOUR AUDIENCE: “I found this blog post about XYZ and I wanted to share it with you.”
  • TALK TO YOUR AUDIENCE: “Have you ever had an obstacle about XYZ? If you did, don’t worry because you’re not alone. This morning I found this blog post that will help you with XYZ, that’s why I’m sharing it with you.”

3.) Create relevant content for your audience:

Do you know who your targeted audience is? No, the answer is not “EVERYONE” or else you wouldn’t need any help with growing your business (wouldn’t that be amazing ­čśë ).

If you don’t know who they are, don’t worry. Here is a great Freebie for you. It’s all about getting to know your targeted audience so you won’t waste your time anymore. CLICK HERE and get it now.

Stop Wasting Your Time With Wrong People. Get To Know Your Targeted Audience That Is Hungry To Buy Your Products.

4.) Be creative and try to be funny:

Who doesn’t love to laugh, right? If you are doing a business that doesn’t mean you need to be super serious all the time. Be funny and you will connect with your audience really fast. They will love coming back!

120 Killer Social Media Content Ideas Your Audience Will Love

1.) Social Media content ideas – Stories:

1.) Share your story (who you are and what your passion is)
2.) Talk about your struggles and how you overcome them (your failures and wins)
3.) Tell a funny story about something connected to your business
4.) Share behind-the-scenes photos or videos
5.) Make videos on business events
6.) Explain why you decided to buy a product or join a business
7.) Talk about your products and how they help people
8.) Share someone else’s inspiring story
9.) Share testimonials from your customers

Do you know how to create CAPTIVATING content that ATTRACTS the right audience? Learn from these Content Marketing And Storytelling Strategies

content marketing and storytelling strategies

2.) Social Media content ideas – Quotes:

10.) Share a funny quote about your niche
11.) Share an inspirational quote and tell your audience what you think about that specific quote or how it helped you through a situation
12.) Share a quote (graphics) – ask your audience what they think about it
13.) Share your favorite quote (graphics or text) and ask your audience to share their favorite quote

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3.) Social Media content ideas – Questions:

14.) Ask your audience what their biggest struggle in business is
15.) Ask them what should you post next
16.) Ask which topic should you cover in a live video
17.) Ask questions related to your business or industry
18.) Ask for recommendations (books, courses, or something related to your business)

4.) Days of the week post ideas:

19.) Motivational Monday (motivate your audience) – #MotivationMonday
20.) Tip Tuesday (related to your niche) – #TipTuesday
21.) Create Wisdom Wednesday post – #WisdomWednesday
22.) Throwback Thursday (photos of a trip or your previous results) – #ThrowbackThursday 
23.) Freebie Friday (give a Freebie) – #FreebieFriday
24.) Saturday Special (talk about something special) – #SaturdaySpecial
25.) Sunday Funday (share what you did that day) – #SundayFunday

5.) Social Media content ideas – Business:

26.) Give away a coupon codes
27.) Talk about a product that’s on sale
28.) Sell your products or services
29.) Promote your new product
30.) Talk about the benefits of the product and how it helped you
31.) Promote “One Day ONLY” Flash sale

Social Media content ideas - Challenges

6.) Social Media content ideas – Videos:

32.) Host a webinar
33.) Make a live video (on profile, page, group or stories)
34.) Host a Giveaway (on a live video)
35.) Create a video with a couple of tips (from your blog), then tell your audience they can find more tips on your blog post (share a link)
36.) Make an interview with a leader in your company
37.) Upload a short video showing behind the scenes & your lifestyle
38.) Host an “Ask Me Anything” live video

7.) Social Media content ideas – How-To:

39.) Share a step by step how-to tutorial (Example: how to set up your profile)
40.) Share a how-to create something specific in your niche
41.) Share a how-to create & write down your goals

8.) Social Media content ideas – Challenges:

42.) Challenge your audience to post every day for 30 days and give them a free Social Media calendar
43.) Create a challenge about your niche (example: weight loss challenge)
44.) Challenge your audience to write down 3 goals and they have to achieve at least one in a week
45.) If you don’t have any ideas, ask your audience what challenges do they want to do next.

August Social Media Challenge - by Big Income Paradise

9.) Social Media content ideas – Mini-Courses:

46.) Create a 5-day mini-course about a specific topic in your niche
47.) Make an email 7-day mini-course (send one email per day for 7 days)
48.) Create mini-course and put them on your blog/website
49.) Create 7-day mini-course in your Facebook group
50.) Make a 5-day mini-course and share it on all (or just some) Social Media platforms

10.) Create Giveaways and Freebies:

51.) Giveaway products to your super-fans
52.) Create Freebie about a specific topic that your audience struggles with
53.) Host a BIG Giveaway (create rules: they have to like, comment and share your post or video)
54.) Giveaway a 15 min coaching call
55.) Make a Freebie e-Book and give it away in exchange for their email address

11.) Mention your followers and fans:

56.) Welcome new followers and thank them for joining your group or page
57.) Shoutout to your top fan (or top 3 fans)
58.) Celebrate 1,000 followers and thank them
59.) Share a testimonial from a fan and thank them
60.) Give your followers a special gift
61.) Create a VIP list and each week choose 1 winner and send them the link to your VIP list where they will get at least 1 Freebie per week

_100 Social Media Post Ideas for Engagement - By Big Income Paradise

12.) Cross-promote your content:

62.) Share your Instagram post on your Facebook page
63.) Create a similar post and share it on all Social Media platforms (spread them out throughout the week)
64.) Use the same photo/graphics on other Social Media platforms
65.) Share a link to your Instagram on your Facebook page, ask people to follow you and follow them back
66.) Share your Social Media content to your email list (some will engage on your posts)

13.) Social Media content ideas – Polls:

67.) Create a Facebook Poll in your live video (ask a specific question)
68.) Create a Facebook Poll on your profile or page
69.) Create a Poll in your Facebook stories (group, page, profile)
70.) Create a Poll in Instagram stories

Grab these 20 KILLER Facebook Poll Questions that are going to help you skyrocket your engagement.

Social Media content ides - 20 Killer Facebook Poll questions that will skyrocket your engagement.


14.) Share your life tips:

71.) Talk about your morning routine
72.) Share your top 3 favorite personal development books
73.) Talk about leaders you look up to
74.) Share a quick time-saving tip
75.) Explain how you prepare for the day or week
76.) Share all the things you do daily
77.) Share your top favorite apps that help you get organized

15.) Share the top tools & resources:

78.) Talk about the tools that help you create content
79.) Share your favorite apps for creating great photos
80.) Share the best resources that helped you grow your business
81.) Talk about tools that help you save time

16.) Social Media content ideas – About you:

82.) Create an “Ask me anything” post and answer peoples questions
83.) Share what’s on your bucket list
84.) Share your vision board
85.) Talk about what you stand for, your morals
86.) Share which trip you are planning next
87.) Talk about your favorite destinations
88.) Share why you started working in the online business, what attracted you the most, what you don’t like about it
89.) Talk about who your favorite motivational speaker is and why
90.) Create a “Letter to my younger self” (include a picture of you when you were a baby)

All About you

17.) Social Media content ideas – Products:

91.) Create a video on how you use your products
92.) Answer the most asked questions about your products
93.) Share a sneak peek of your upcoming product

18.) Social Media content ideas – Blog posts:

94.) Share your new blog post on Social Media
95.) Re-share your older blog post
96.) Share someone else’s blog post and explain what you learned
97.) Share a guest blog post that you made on someone else’s blog

19.) Grow your email list:

98.) Tell people to sign up on your email list
99.) Create a special email list and promote it
100.) The easiest way to grow your email list is to create freebies and share that email list on your Social Media

20.) Other Social Media content ideas:

101.) Re-share your old content (photos, quotes, graphics…)
102.) Share some interesting news about your niche or business
103.) Talk about your favorite things to do (alone or with your family)
104.) Share 5 things about yourself that most people don’t know
105.) Create fill in the blank posts
106.) Create a post “Guess the right answer” (something about your or your business – create a poll or give them A, B, C options)
107.) Shoutout to your top customers or followers & thank them
108.) Talk about the events that you’ll be hosting

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109.) Share your favorite podcasts
110.) Talk about marketing mistakes and how to fix them fast
111.) Ask your followers how they found you
112.) Share some statistics from your niche
113.) Create a case study
114.) Talk about your WHY
115.) Share fun facts about you
116.) Wish everyone Happy Holidays
117.) Share an infographics
118.) Create a day in the life post
119.) Recommend someone else your audience should follow
120.) Post a photo and ask your followers to create a title for it


If you ever heard someone say: “Content is KING!” – they were right. That’s where your audience will get the value and decide if it’s good enough or not.

Many solopreneurs are losing followers because their Social Media content is boring or they just don’t post it enough. But that won’t happen to you because you have a ton of ideas in this blog post.

Start planning your content ahead or grab this Social Media content calendar that will help you save time, lower your stress, and increase your engagement, followers, and sales.

If you loved my blog post and you find it helpful, share it on Social Media and help others that are struggling with content ideas.

And before you go, let me know which of these ideas are you going to use first?