You can get Social Media content in many different areas. Thanks to the internet, it is now easy to find ideas and inspirations.

We will check out 18 different places that will help you find content to share on Social Media.

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Where can I get Social Media content?

1.) Big Income Paradise blog

I’m sharing many content ideas on my blog. I’ll share some of them below:

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2.) Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for your content. There are many different topics for all sorts of niches and industries. So I encourage you to check it out.

3.) Facebook groups

Facebook groups are full of content and questions from members. So why not use those ideas to craft your Social Media content?

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4.) Facebook pages

Facebook pages have a ton of content, so do your research and find topics that spike curiosity in your audience.

5.) Instagram

Instagram will inspire you with tons of different topics. Analyze your competitor’s profiles or research the hashtags.

6.) YouTube

YouTube is a fantastic source of content ideas. Search the keywords related to your niche, watch the videos, take notes, and then share the knowledge.


7.) Quora

Quora is a goldmine of content ideas. Find what people are asking about in your niche, take those questions, and create your content by answering.

8.) Canva

Canva can give you ideas from all the templates they have. You can type keywords in the search box.

9.) Podcasts

Podcasts are also great for ideas. You can listen to your favorite podcasts in your niche and write down all the different topics you can discuss.


10.) Email newsletters

Email newsletters can help you out a lot. Subscribe to your competitors and see what they are talking about in their emails.

11.) BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo will help you find popular topics. Think about how you can use them in your content.

12.) Twitter

Twitter has a ton of users that share interesting content. Search for hashtags in your niche and write down all the ideas.


13.) is a site where you can sign up for free and search for topics in your niche. You will find many ideas for your Social Media content.

14.) Google

Google is one of the best tools you can use. It will give you millions of ideas for your content. When you search for topics, don’t forget to write down the questions (under People also ask)

15.) AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic will show you what people usually ask. Type your keyword in the search box and write down all the questions you’ll create content around.


16.) Reddit

Reddit is another place where you can get a lot of content ideas for your Social Media. Type the keyword in the search box and browse through.

17.) Slideshare

Slideshare has a vast amount of slides that talk about different topics. I’m sure you will find great content ideas.

18.) Blog posts

Blog posts from your competitors are another great resource. You will find many ideas that your audience is interested in. 

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