Do you know the feeling?

You’re sitting at your desk, staring at a blank screen. Your fingers hover over the keyboard, but you don’t start typing because you don’t know what to write.

I know the feeling because I have been there too. It took me 4+ years to figure out a process that allows me to save a lot of time and energy.

The truth is that most small business owners struggle to come up with content ideas because they are busy with other projects.

But I’m here to help! In this post, you’ll find 100+ September social media ideas – and you’ll also receive a free content calendar to avoid all the stress and overwhelm that comes with content creation.

Now let’s begin.

100+ Killer September Social Media Ideas + Free Content Calendar

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Tips for Creating Your September Content Fast

If you feel you’re running out of time to create content for September, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. Here are some proven-to-work hacks to help you create content quickly and efficiently:

  • Plan ahead – take some time to sit down and plan what kind of content you want to create for the month. This will help you save time in the long run and make sure that your content is on point.
  • Use Canva templates – Canva is an excellent tool for creating custom graphics for every social network you use. Whether it’s for a Facebook post, Instagram reel, or TikTok video, instead of making all the visuals from scratch, you can use templates and save your precious time.
  • Batch create your content – creating multiple pieces at once so you have some posts ready to schedule.
  • Create bite-sized pieces of longer posts – if the content is too long or complex, try breaking it down into smaller chunks that are easier to digest for your audience.
  • Outsource – if you’re struggling for time, why not outsource the content ideas? There are plenty of ways to do that; for example, you can take my 7+ Years of Social Media Content Ideas.

September Social Media Ideas and Holidays For 2023

1.) Ginger Cat Appreciation Day (1. September) Your orange fluffball is your best friend, so why not celebrate her?

Social Media content ideas:

  • Celebrate by taking a selfie with your favorite ginger kitty.
  • Make a list of all the things that make ginger cats so unique.
  • Ask your audience to share their ginger cat photos.

Hashtag Suggestions: #gingercatappreciationday

Other holidays and observances on 1. September:

  • National Acne Positivity Day
  • World Letter Writing Day
  • Cherry Popover Day
Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

2.) World Coconut Day (2. September) Celebrate this excellent food because it’s delicious and good for you.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share an excellent coconut recipe with your audience.
  • Ask your audience to share their favorite coconut recipes.
  • Share the fun facts about coconuts.

Hashtag Suggestions: #worldcoconutday

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Franchise Appreciation Day (2. September – Different date each year) Raise awareness among customers about the benefits of local franchises. 

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about why local franchises are essential and why we should support them.
  • You can make an infographic about why people should buy from local franchises.

Hashtag Suggestions: #franchiseappreciationday

Other holidays and observances on 2. September:

  • National Blueberry Popsicle Day
  • Pierce Your Ears Day

3.) National Doodle Day (3. September) If you’re someone who loves to doodle, then it’s the perfect day to celebrate that and show your art.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share your doodles and explain how this makes you relax.
  • Start a doodle challenge by providing a prompt or theme for your followers to doodle about.
  • Offer some helpful doodling tips and tricks to inspire your audience.

Other holidays and observances on 3. September:

  • National Doodle Day
  • National Welsh Rarebit Day

4.) National Wildlife Day (4. September) It’s a day to celebrate, learn about, and help protect wildlife in your community. 

National Wildlife Day

Social Media content ideas:

  • Take a selfie in nature and talk about why we must keep our planet clean.
  • Create an educational infographic about what will happen if we keep polluting our forests.
  • Share your favorite wildlife organization and talk about how they help animals.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalwildlifeday

Labor Day (4. September – Different date each year) Today, you can recognize and honor the American labor movement for its contribution.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Ask your audience how they will celebrate labor day.
  • Share a graphic of the history of Labor Day and a link to a blog post that explains it.
  • Share a gif of someone working hard on a job and talk about how you run your business.

Hashtag Suggestions: #laborday

Other holidays and observances on 4. September:

  • Eat an Extra Dessert Day
  • National Macadamia Nut Day

5.) International Day of Charity (5. September) It’s a great day to donate to your favorite charity.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about how your audience can help people or animals in need.
  • Share your favorite charity and explain why you love it so much.

Hashtag Suggestions: #internationaldayofcharity

Other holidays and observances on 5. September:

  • National Be Late for Something Day
  • National Cellulite Day
  • National Cheese Pizza Day

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6.) Fight Procrastination Day (6. September) Avoiding procrastination is a severe problem for many, but it’s also something you can overcome. So today might be the day to do just that!

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share 5 tips that help you fight procrastination.
  • Talk about your struggles with procrastination.
  • Create an Instagram carousel – explaining what to do when you’re procrastinating.

Hashtag Suggestions: #fightprocrastinationday

Other holidays and observances on 6. September:

  • National Coffee Ice Cream Day
  • National Read a Book Day
Fight Procrastination Day

7.) Buy A Book Day (7. September) Everyone is invited to buy a book and enjoy the world of literature on this day.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about why reading books is essential.
  • Share the benefits of buying books and reading them.
  • Ask your audience which is their favorite book.

Hashtag Suggestions: #buyabookday

Other holidays and observances on 7. September:

  • International Day of Clean Air
  • National Acorn Squash Day
  • National Feel the Love Day

8.) Pardon Day (8. September) If you hold any grudges, it’s time to let them go. Talk with that person and work it out.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about the power of forgiveness.
  • Make a post about how you would fix a broken friendship/relationship.

Hashtag Suggestions: #pardonday

Other holidays and observances on 8. September:

  • World Literacy Day
  • International Literacy Day

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9.) National When Pigs Fly Day (9. September) On this day, we should remember that sometimes impossible things can happen.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Remind your audience they can achieve anything they set their mind to.
  • Share a story about how you achieved something big even though everyone told you you’ll never be able to do it.
  • Share a powerful quote as a reminder.

Hashtag Suggestions: #whenpigsfly

Other holidays and observances on 9. September:

  • Wonderful Weirdos Day 
  • International Day to Protect Education From Attack 
  • International Box Wine Day

10.) Swap Ideas Day (10. September)  A day to share and get inspired by other people’s ideas.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Encourage people to share their ideas.
  • Share your thoughts with your followers.

Hashtag Suggestions: #swapideasday

Other holidays and observances on 10. September:

  • World Suicide Prevention Day
  • National Anti-Junk Light Day
  • National TV Dinner Day

11.) Patriot Day (11. September) Remember the devastating attacks that happened on September 11, 2001, in the USA.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about peace.
  • Share a quote about love.
  • Talk about that day and how we should spread love.

Hashtag Suggestions: #patriotday

Other holidays and observances on 11. September:

  • National Make Your Bed Day
  • Libraries Remember Day
Patriot Day

12.) National Day of Encouragement (12. September) Today is the day to tap into your inner motivational speaker.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a picture of yourself holding up a sign with an encouraging statement.
  • Share a motivational quote about encouragement.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationaldayofencouragement

Other holidays and observances on 12. September:

  • National Chocolate Milkshake Day
  • National Police Woman’s Day

13.) Positive Thinking Day (13. September) Every day is a good day for a dose of positivity.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share an infographic about the benefits of positive thinking.
  • Tell your audience to share one positive thought with you.

Hashtag Suggestions: #positivethinkingday

Other holidays and observances on 13. September:

  • International Chocolate Day
  • National Bald is Beautiful Day
  • National Celiac Disease Awareness Day

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14.) National Food is Medicine Day (14. September) Raise awareness of food’s role in our health and wellness.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about how to make a healthy meal plan for the entire family.
  • Make a list of healthy food.
  • Share easy ways to make sure your audience will get enough fiber daily.

Hashtag Suggestions: #foodismedicineformybody

Other holidays and observances on 14. September:

  • National Coloring Day
  • National Eat A Hoagie Day
  • National Live Creative Day

15.) Greenpeace Day (15. September) Raise awareness about the importance of preserving our planet.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a picture of yourself holding up a sign in support of Greenpeace.
  • Encourage your audience to go out and do something to protect the environment.
  • Share some tips about how we can keep our planet clean.

Hashtag Suggestions: #greenpeaceday

Greenpeace Day

National Online Learning Day (15. September) It’s never too late to learn something new. So today, celebrate online education.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about how you feel about online learning.
  • Share some great resources with your audience.
  • Talk about how online learning made our life easier.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalonlinelearningday

Other holidays and observances on 15. September:

  • National Day
  • International Day of Democracy
  • Get Ready Day

16.) Working Parents Day (16. September) It’s a day to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the parents in our lives.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share the ‘WHY’ behind why you work so hard.
  • Share some of the best advice you’ve received from your hardworking parents.
  • Ask your audience what they do after a long day at work.

Hashtag Suggestions: #workingparentsday

Other holidays and observances on 16. September:

  • International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
  • Teenager Workout Day
  • National Guacamole Day

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17.) National Dance Day (17. September) Do you feel like dancing? Turn on the music and show off your best moves!

Social Media content ideas:

  • Make a reel or TikTok video where you dance and share valuable tips.
  • Talk about why dance can be a great exercise.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationaldanceday

Other holidays and observances on 17. September:

  • Constitution Day
  • International Patient Safety Day

18.) International Equal Pay Day (18. September) Raise awareness of gender or other kinds of inequality in pay.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about equal pay day and why it’s essential.
  • Find a quote about equal pay day and share it on Social Media.
  • Write a post about why you believe in equal pay.

Hashtag Suggestions: #payday

International Equal Pay Day

Other holidays and observances on 18. September:

  • National Respect Day
  • Global Company Culture Day

19.) National Woman Road Warrior Day (19. September) Recognize how hardworking women fight against the odds to remain successful.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about how women are becoming more and more successful.
  • Share some tips about how female business owners can achieve success.

Hashtag Suggestions: #womanwarrior

Other holidays and observances on 19. September:

  • National Butterscotch Pudding Day
  • Aortic Dissection Awareness Day
  • National Cat DNA Day

20.) National Care for Kids Day (20. September) Help your audience see how elements in a child’s life contribute to their adult life.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Create an infographic that shows how to care for your kids to give them the best future.
  • Ask your audience to share some of their best tips on raising kids that will have a bright future.

Hashtag Suggestions: #careforkids

Other holidays and observances on 20. September:

  • National Pepperoni Pizza Day
  • National Punch Day

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21.) International Day of Peace  (21. September) The day is an opportunity to promote peace and nonviolence worldwide.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about what peace means to you.
  • Ask your audience to share some messages that promote world peace.
  • Create a quote graphic that promotes peace.

Hashtag Suggestions: #internationaldayofpeace

International Day of Peace

World Gratitude Day (21. September) Today, you should be grateful for everything in your life. 

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about what’s on your gratitude list today.
  • Tell your audience to share 3 things they are grateful for today.
  • Explain the benefits of gratitude.

Hashtag Suggestions: #worldgratitudeday

Other holidays and observances on 21. September:

  • Black Women’s Equal Pay Day
  • World Alzheimer’s Day
  • National Pecan Cookie Day

22.) American Business Women’s Day (22. September) On this day, we celebrate the achievements of women everywhere.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about your achievements.
  • Tell your audience to share their big or small wins in their profession.
  • Share an inspirational quote about how women can achieve a lot in life.

Hashtag Suggestions: #americanbusinesswomensday

Other holidays and observances on 22. September:

  • National Girls’ Night In Day
  • National White Chocolate Day
  • International Day of Radiant Peace

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23.) Education Technology Day (23. September) Celebrate how technology helps us with education.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share some of the best free educational resources.
  • Ask your audience if they can share great resources with you.

Hashtag Suggestions: #educationtechnologyday

Other holidays and observances on 23. September:

  • Celebrate Bisexuality Day
  • National Apple Cider Vinegar Day

24.) Lash Stylists’ Day (24. September) This is a day that celebrates lash enthusiasts everywhere.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a photo of your favorite lash stylist and talk about why they’re your favorite.
  • Vlog about what you do as a lash stylist or what it means to you to be one.
  • Ask your followers to share their favorite lash products.

Hashtag Suggestions: #lashstylists

Lash Stylists’ Day

Other holidays and observances on 24. September:

  • National Horchata Day 
  • National Mofongo Day

25.) Binge Day (25. September) It’s a great day to treat yourself to your favorite movies or series. Go for it, girl!

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share what your favorite movie is.
  • Ask your audience for a movie recommendation.
  • Encourage your audience to binge-watch their favorite series.

Hashtag Suggestions: #bingeday

Other holidays and observances on 25. September:

  • National YogaFit Day
  • The World’s Largest Pet Walk
  • National Cooking Day

26.) National Family Day (26. September) Today, you should celebrate every family member.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Ask your audience: “What are your favorite activities to do with your family?”
  • Talk about what you’ll be doing with your family today.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalfamilyday

Other holidays and observances on 26. September:

  • Better Breakfast Day
  • Alpaca Day
  • Love Note Day

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27.) National No Excuses Day (27. September) This day is all about taking responsibility for where you are in your life and what you want to accomplish.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about how excuses make our lives worse.
  • Share your story about how you overcame an excuse and changed your life.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalnoexcusesday

Other holidays and observances on 27. September:

  • Ancestor Appreciation Day
  • National Chocolate Milk Day
  • World Tourism Day

28.) International Day for Universal Access to Information (28. September) Freedom of information is a human right and should be respected by everyone.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about some of your favorite websites where you get accurate information.
  • Ask your audience to share some of the sites they find great reports on.

Hashtag Suggestions: #internationaldayforuniversalaccesstoinformation

Other holidays and observances on 28. September:

  • International Right To Know Day
  • National Good Neighbor Day
  • National North Carolina Day

29.) National Coffee Day (29. September) It’s coffee-o-clock, and if you’re a huge coffee lover like me, then we should celebrate.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Take a selfie with a cup of delicious coffee.
  • Share the best spots for coffee in your city.
  • Ask your audience what they think is the best part of drinking coffee.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalcoffeeday

National Coffee Day

Other holidays and observances on 29. September:

  • Confucius Day
  • The International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste
  • World Heart Day

30.) National Love People Day (30. September) Recognize the value of unconditional love and pass it on to those around you.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about how grateful you are for your audience.
  • Make a list of how people can express love towards each other.
  • Post an inspirational quote about loving people.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationallovepeopleday

Other holidays and observances on 30. September:

  • International Podcast Day
  • National Pet Tricks Day
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day

September Social Media Marketing Ideas

September Social Media Marketing Ideas

September is here, and it’s time for you to try out new Fall marketing ideas to boost your sales. 

Whether you’re a digital or product-based small business owner, you’ll find some great social media marketing ideas below:

  • Promote a ‘Back to school’ special deal – for example, offer a free gift with their purchase.
  • Offer a ‘Welcome Fall’ discount on products – it can be anywhere from 10%-30% off.
  • Host a giveaway for the best autumn social media post – for instance, ask your Instagram followers to tag you in their autumn photo that includes your products. Then reward the winner with a prize.
  • Give a special gift to a winner who shares your content  for example, if they share your reel to their Instagram story, you can give them one of your products for free.
  • Share autumn top recommended products – This is a great way to promote your best-selling products.
  • Post videos of yourself using new autumn products – for example, you could post a video of yourself using your new pumpkin face mask. Don’t forget to mention how soft your skin feels afterward.
  • Create a fun autumn game and give a special discount to the winner – for instance, you could create a fun game that involves guessing how many pumpkins are in your garden. Then give away a special discount code to the winner.
  • Host a one-day special fall flash sale – this can be a great way to boost sales during the fall season.

Tips for Using the September Content Calendar

You can use my September content calendar as a guide, but you should also feel free to change it to fit your business.

If you have a niche that fits particular fun or quirky observances, then celebrate it with specific branded content. For instance, if you’re in the dog industry, celebrate ‘Hug Your Hound Day’ by creating a video about why it’s beneficial to hug your dog.

You can also use this September calendar as inspiration for creating fun content that ties in with what’s happening in the world around us.

The next thing you should consider is your analytics. See what formats were successful in the past and try replicating those types of posts using different themes and topics.

The most important thing you can do is – get creative! The more unique your content is, the more likely it is to get noticed.

CLICK HERE and download the September Social Media Content Calendar.

September Social Media Content Calendar

Must-Have Social Media Content Tools for Business Owners

Here are some tools that will enable you to save a lot of time while still creating a lot of content for your business.

  • – this is a powerful tool that lets you create content in seconds. It helps you to create social media posts, articles, emails, and more. You have to input information about what you want to develop and let Copy AI do the rest. Here’s my review video where you can see this tool in action:
  • Canva – it’s a graphic design tool that helps you create visuals for any social network.
  • 7+ Years Of Social Media Content Ideas – I made this for busy small business owners who need content ideas instantly. Inside, you’ll get over 7 years of post ideas, 796 graphic templates, an 8-step storytelling strategy, and much more. Use the coupon code at checkout to receive 25% off: BLOG25
  • Viral Content Templates – You can use these templates to quickly create eye-catching graphics that showcase your brand and attract new customers. They are customizable and will help you immediately impact your audience without spending hours working on visuals from scratch!
  • 5-Minute Reels – these reels can be customized with your brand’s fonts and colors. They are strategically formulated and designed to increase your reach and boost engagement – plus, they don’t require you to dance or lip-sync!


I hope that these ideas have sparked some creativity and inspiration for your September social media marketing plan.

Remember to always write from the point of view that puts your audience first. If you can do that, you’ll be able to connect with people on a deeper level and create content they’ll love, remember, and share with their friends.

And if you need more content ideas for social media, don’t forget to get 100 free post ideas here.

100 Killer Social Media Post Ideas To Boost Your Engagement