There’s a massive misconception about Black Friday promos. It’s not about discounting your products or services for 60%, 70%, or 80% off. It’s about EFFECTIVELY promoting them.

I learned that through years of failing to advertise and sell my products and courses. Each year I tried to discount them more, but I made fewer sales!

It took me years of learning, testing, and tweaking!

So today, I want to share with you the TOP Black Friday promotional ideas that will save you lots of headaches, time, and struggle.

You’re about to learn expert strategies that will help you skyrocket your profits. So let’s make your Black Friday deals stand out by following the ideas below!

Black Friday Promotional Ideas

When should you advertise your Black Friday promos?

You can promote your special offers before everyone else. Do it at the beginning of November or at least one week before the actual Black Friday. Yes, it’s still a Black Friday deal, even if it’s not on that day.

Imagine how little competition you’d have if there was no one else promoting at that time. This is the exact strategy that many successful entrepreneurs are using, and they don’t want you to know about it.

Black Friday Promos

How do people make money on Black Friday?

Well, there are a lot of Black Friday promotional ideas out there. But the main idea is – discounts!

The discount strategy is very effective and easy to apply. You can give 30%-50% off your prices. It’s an excellent strategy that can help you double (or triple) your sales.

But it will only work if you have a compelling offer and an audience ready to buy. That’s why we will cover these expert Black Friday promotional ideas below, so keep reading.

How can you increase sales on Black Friday?

Let me start with this – Black Friday alone isn’t enough to sell more of your products or services, especially if you don’t warm up your audience.

You first need to make your followers and subscribers trust you. Give them enough value (knowledge) upfront so they will see quick results.

increase sales on Black Friday

Black Friday is a time when everyone wants to buy because they know they’ll save money. So don’t be terrified to promote your products and services. You have an opportunity to increase your holiday sales, so don’t miss out on it!

Furthermore, you need to stay on top of your audiences’ minds during the Black Friday promotion. I’d recommend sending an email reminder about your discounts.

But Black Friday promotional ideas won’t work if you do them wrong! You can skyrocket your brand awareness, but only if you position yourself as the most helpful and caring expert in your niche.

Now, look at some of the most efficient Black Friday promotional ideas.

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How to stand out on Black Friday

This is an exciting time of the year because it creates so many opportunities for everyone. But how can you boost the excitement? Read on and find some of the best Black Friday promotional ideas.

Plan your Black Friday promotional ideas now

Start outlining your Black Friday promotional ideas as soon as possible. Or better yet, right after you read this blog post. Why?

Because most successful entrepreneurs have their sales organized and are prepared months in advance. That’s how you can avoid last-minute anxious planning, which usually leads to many mistakes and low sales rates.

Here’s what you should plan out:

  • Which products/services will you discount?
  • How much will you discount them?
  • When will you start your Black Friday promo?
  • How long will it last?
  • What content should you post before Black Friday, so you prepare your audience to buy?

Then take the next step and plan out your Social Media content.

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Prep your audience to buy

This time of the year is all about discounts. But what’s the point of giving your products or services for less if no one is interested in buying them?

So before Black Friday, make sure you improve your content and make it helpful for your audience. They should reap immediate benefits if they apply the advice you share with them.

This way, they will have a long-term memory of you as a professional who assisted them in obtaining results for free. They’ll also believe that your products and services are even more beneficial than your free content.

That’s what will cause them to want your offers even more! And when you top it off with a discount – your audience won’t be able to resist. Win-win and cha-ching!

customer buying online

Don’t discount your products too much

I’m sure you want Black Friday promotional ideas that will boost your brand, not damage it. So offer small but significant discounts instead. You’ll still increase sales without damaging your reputation.

Huge discounts usually lower the value of your products. It can make your audience feel like they’re not getting their money’s worth.

So Black Friday promotions that work best are discounted between 30% – 50%. It shows that you care about the financial well-being of your followers, but at the same time, you don’t devalue what you offer!

Use urgency and scarcity

Limiting the time or inventory of your offer will create a sense of urgency. Because your audience knows your special Black Friday deals won’t be around for long, they will be more likely to take action quickly.

What will help you increase urgency and scarcity is a countdown timer. This is perfect if you want your special offer to create fast results. So set it up on your sales page to show your customers how much time they have left before the price goes up.

countdown timer for urgency

Create product bundles

This is one of the best Black Friday promotional ideas you can use because it’s very effective! If you’re selling numerous products, you can create Black Friday bundles and offer a small discount. You will definitely make more profit.

That’s because most people are looking for great deals. A collection of multiple items together is often valued and desired more by your consumers.

Make an exclusive offer

Give your audience exclusive Black Friday deals that are available only this time of the year. Your special offer must be worth the wait!

It might be a one-time deal, a special bonus that only applies on Black Friday, or one of your most significant discounts of the year. If you do this, you’ll definitely stand out from your competition.

Write a gift guide

gift guide
Gift guide example from

Creating a Black Friday gift guide will help prepare your audience to start thinking about buying the products. It’s a great way to skyrocket your income.

However, you will have to create it months in advance so more people can see it.

To write a Black Friday gift guide that keeps on giving, you can create an eBook, blog post, checklist, or even a series of emails.

Other Black Friday promotional ideas

Ask your audience which product they like best

If you’re selling more than one product, which you probably are, Black Friday is a great way to get feedback from your audience.

You can create a set of poll questions and find out which goods they love more. That is valuable information that you can utilize for your Black Friday promos.

When you figure out which items are most popular with your audience, offer them at a 30% to 50% discount. Your audience will appreciate it!

example of a poll question - which product is your favorite

Put your best-selling products on top of the sales page

You have to showcase your best product on top of your sales page. Why? Because most people don’t scroll down too much. This way, they will see your Black Friday deals as soon as they land on your site.

Don’t forget to create a sense of urgency with a countdown timer. Your audience will make Black Friday purchases faster! They will know precisely how much time there is left before it’s too late.

Offer free gifts or bonuses

If you want Black Friday to be the best time of the year when you make more sales, offer free gifts or bonuses with each purchase.

Your Black Friday bonus must be related to the main product. Don’t just put random items together – that won’t work! Always keep it relevant so your audience buys for a reason.

example of bonuses
Example of bonuses that you get with my Ultimate Social Media Content Bundle

Buy one get one free

This Black Friday promotional idea will definitely attract a lot of customers. People love getting something for free, so they’ll be more likely to purchase your products.

It’s important to know that people don’t want to buy things they don’t need. So make sure it’s an add-on to the first item they are buying.


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The end of the year is a great time to stand out from your competition and make more sales. I’ve provided you with some of the best Black Friday promotional ideas that will help you take advantage of this opportunity!

From creating Black Fridays bundles, giving away free gifts or bonuses, offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal, showcasing your best products on top of your page, and much more. I hope these tips have inspired you to take action right now.

And if you got a lot of value from my article, please share it and help other entrepreneurs boost their income.

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