Are you wondering which social media posts you should never publish? Well, you’re in the right place.

Posting bad content on your Social Media can damage and destroy your business in seconds. Yes, I said in SECONDS.

If you’re skeptical and you think I’m joking, just remember a person in your life who lied or did something bad. How fast did their reputation go down the drain? Immediately? Exactly.

So if you have been putting a ton of hard work into your online presence, I’m sure you don’t want to see your business suffer. That’s why I’m going to share the top 7 deadly posts you should STOP sharing. 

7 Social Media Posts You Should NEVER Publish 

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1.) Spammy Business Posts

It’s okay to share about your products or services. But if you do it daily or every other day, your audience won’t appreciate it.

They will stop following you and probably even report you. With that, you risk losing your Social Media account.

Instead, use the 80/20 method. That means 80% of the time you share valuable content and only 20% of the time you share about products and services.

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2.) Political or religious content

These are the two sensitive subjects. Every person has their own strong opinion. You can easily hurt someone’s feelings or get negative responses.

While negative comments can still help you grow your social media account, you’re still playing with fire. If your business has nothing to do with politics or religion, then it’s best not to mention it.

3.) Negative content

Angry woman with a paper bag on his face

It’s okay to share some of your bad moments in life, but you should always end your post on a positive note. No one likes negative Nancies.

No one likes to be surrounded by negativity. We get it everywhere else, so no thanks, right? Share more positive content if you want to keep your existing followers and grow your business.

The same goes for your comments! Don’t respond cynically and avoid talking down on people or businesses. That’s just yucky!

4.) Sharing false information

Always do your research before you publish a post. Especially if you’re creating content with AI. (artificial intelligence). These tools don’t have updated information on everything, so go on Google and find the right data.

Misinforming your audience can backfire on you. If they take your advice and get terrible results in return, they will unfollow you. They might even talk horribly about you, which will hurt your brand.

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5.) Racist posts

You shouldn’t be posting racist stuff! Not just because you will get lousy feedback but also because it’s just not okay.

Treat everyone nicely, after all, we are all human beings. So if you want to grow your following and business, stay away from racist content.

Young black woman holding "Black Lives Matter" banner indoors

6.) Spelling or grammatical mistakes

We all make mistakes. That’s why you should always proofread your content. Grammar errors can hurt your business, however this one is not so serious.

In some cases, it can help you get a better reach on social media because people keep commenting about your mistake. But don’t do this on purpose, except if you make a joke. Here’s an example of how I did it in my Facebook post:

funny social media post example

If you make too many mistakes, it will look like you don’t care what kind of content you’re delivering. So go through your post a couple of times and fix the spelling mistakes. You can also use Grammarly. It’s a handy tool for content creators.

7.) Post Threats

This is a huge no-no! It’s not okay to threaten others just because you don’t like or agree with them. Not only can you lose your account, but people can also report you to the police. You can get in huge trouble!

Remember, Social Media is a public place. You have to be friendly and do good if you want to grow your business.

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If you don’t want to get your accounts suspended or lose your audience, you should be careful what you post on Social Media.

What should you not post on Instagram & Facebook

I understand that posting content daily can be stressful. That’s why some businesses think it’s okay to post whatever they want. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Some posts can and will destroy your brand, so be careful.

But now you know which Social Media posts you should never publish. You’ll have better results with valuable and relatable content.

Before you go, please share this article with your fellow digital entrepreneurs, so they’ll stay safe in this social media jungle.