It’s July, the weather is warm, and the summer is in full swing. Don’t miss out on some of the greatest opportunities of the month to grow your social media presence and provide content worth following.

If you need help coming up with July social media ideas, take a look at how these awesome posts and a content calendar can make your content stand out and reach more people than ever before. 

100+ Killer July Social Media Ideas + Free Content Calendar

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Tips for Creating Your July Content Fast

If you need great tips for social media marketing and coming up with content ideas quickly, check out some of our helpful tips below.

Tips for Creating Your July Content Fast

Keep Ideas on Hand

The best way to stay on top of creative options in July is to keep a bunch of options and ideas on hand at all times. 

Carry around a notebook or sticky pad and jot down ideas as they pop into your head and store them in an easy-to-access space or organize them in a spreadsheet; this way, you will have somewhere to go every time you feel stuck.

You can also use different online sites that will give you many content ideas for your social media, such as:

  • Google
  • Pinterest
  • Quora

You can read my article, where I share 18 top places to find amazing social media content.

Don’t Over-do It

Many content creators overthink their posts and put too much information, graphics, or data into them, making them seem stuffy and often ramble on.

Take Quality Photos (Use Easy Apps)

July social media posts should be full of outdoor pictures that portray fun in the sun, nature at its best, and ways people can enjoy these hot summer months.

Blurry, out-of-focus or off-centered pictures can be a massive issue for readers and followers, and, likely, they will quickly lose interest in your post.

Let Nature Be Your Guide

Don’t spend tons of time editing and designing your posts. Let the outdoors provide beautiful backdrops for your photos and inspiration.

How to Use These July Social Media Ideas

How to Use These July Social Media Ideas

No matter what social media platform you’re using to post your summer content, there are many great ways to use my July social media ideas to create fantastic posts your readers and followers will enjoy.

Below, you will find various social media content ideas to improve your content and increase your followers. However, to be successful, you have to use these July social media ideas creatively.

  • Take unique and captivating photos,
  • Be inspirational, insightful, and helpful,
  • Offer solutions or ideas,
  • Use storytelling,
  • Engage your audience.

Grab these killer 100 social media content ideas that will help you boost engagement.

July Social Media Ideas and Holidays For 2024

1. International Joke Day ( 1. July) This is a day to make your friends and family laugh.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a great joke you loved as a kid
  • Make up a joke of the day
  • Ask people to share jokes with you

Hashtag Suggestions: #Internationaljokeday #tellajokeday

International Joke Day

2. Hop a Park Day (2. July). Take some time to enjoy your local parks and interact with the community.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share pictures of you out in nature
  • Post a list of local parks for others to visit
  • Ask your audience which parks they love to visit

Hashtag Suggestions: #hopaparkday #vistaparkday

3. National Compliment Your Mirror Day (3. July): Take a few minutes to show some self-love today.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Post your favorite pics of yourself
  • Encourage others to post their favorite pics of you
  • Post some self-love affirmations

Hashtag Suggestions: #complimentyourmirrorday, #complimentyourselfday

4. Independence Day (4. July): Happy 4th of July, celebrate with fireworks and family.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share some history about why we celebrate this day
  • Post delicious ideas for BBQ treats
  • Provide lists of places and times for firework displays in your area

Hashtag Suggestions: #Independenceday, #4thofjuly

Independence Day

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5. National Graham Cracker Day ( 5. July) So many ways you can eat these delicious little treats. 

Social Media content ideas: 

  • Share your favorite recipes using graham crackers 
  • Take pics of your own smores while hanging by the campfire
  • Post craft ideas you can do with the kiddos using graham crackers

Hashtag Suggestions: #Nationalgrahmcrackerday, Grahamcrackerday

6. International Kissing Day (6. July) Share a kiss with the one you love today.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a picture of you smooching your dog or cat
  • Share some Hershey kisses with your co-workers
  • Be brave and share a story about your first kiss

Hashtag Suggestions: #Internationalkissingday, #shareakissday

7. Global Forgiveness Day (7. July) Never hold on to the past. Take this time to let go and forgive. 

Social Media content ideas:

  • Encourage others to forgive with helpful tips on how to do so
  • Share youtube videos with songs about forgiveness
  • Suggest meditation or self-reflection on this day

Hashtag Suggestions: #Globalforgivenessday, #forgiveandlive

Global Forgiveness Day

8. Be a Kid Again Day (8. July) Do you ever really grow up? Take the day to enjoy the things you loved as a kid. 

Social Media content ideas:

  • Post pics of you doing things as a kid, then pics of you re-enacting that moment
  • Share ideas of fun activities to try this day
  • Ask others what they enjoyed doing the most as a kid (be engaged)

Hashtag Suggestions: #beakidagain

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9. Kabab Day (9. July) There are so many things you can turn into a delicious kabab. Take this day to celebrate them.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Post pics of your breakfast, dinner, and dessert kebabs
  • Share your favorite recipes and some rather unique ones as well
  • Ask your audience if they love kabab

Hashtag Suggestions: #kababday, #foodonastickday

10. Teddy Bear Picnic Day (10. July) This is an adorable and fun way to enjoy your lunch hour or spend time with your kids.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share photos of your teddy bear picnicking at a park
  • Suggest different types of picnics and picnic foods that you can use on this day
  • Invite your kid’s friends over and request the presence of their bears
  • Ask your audience to share pictures of their bears and picnics

Hashtag Suggestions: #teddybearpicnicday #Teddybearpicnic

Teddy Bear Picnic Day

11. All American Pet Photo Day (11. July) Pets are family, and they deserve a special day. Take time to show appreciation to your furry little friend on this day.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Post pictures of you and your pet having fun
  • Suggest ways to celebrate with pets safely
  • Post great gift ideas to give to each type of pet

Hashtag Suggestions: #allamericanpetphotoday, #takepicswithyourpetday

12. Cow Appreciation Day (12. July) Cows need some love too, and today is their day.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Create a list of fun facts about cows (Cows are great at making their way through mazes.)
  • Share funny photos of cows doing funny things.
  • Let your audience know how cows are beneficial to the planet (farms, fields, soil)

Hashtag Suggestions: #cowappreciationday, #loveyourcowday

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13. Embrace Your Geekness Day (13. July) Everyone has a little geek in them, don’t hide it today; you should flaunt it.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Create a list of awesome science projects to do on your own or with your kids
  • Share facts about science and technology most people are not aware of
  • Post videos and images about “geeky” things that interest you

Hashtag Suggestions: #embraceyourgeeknessday, #everyonesalittygeeky

Embrace Your Geekness Day

14. Shark Awareness Day (14. July) Sharks may be scary, but they sure are interesting. Spend the day talking about these creepy creatures of our waters.

Social Media content ideas:

  • List some fun facts about sharks (there are more than 450 species of sharks that we know about.)
  • Let others know why sharks are essential to the planet
  • Post fun videos of sharks in their natural habitat
  • Post pictures of you and your friends celebrating shark week

Hashtag Suggestions: #Sharkawarenessday, #supportoursharks

15. National Give Something Away Day (15. July) Sometimes, you have to learn to let go of all that clutter. Take today to give something away; it will make you feel good and can help someone in need.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Post locations that accept donations
  • Encourage readers to let go of items that don’t serve a purpose
  • Host a giveaway

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalgivesomethingawayday, #cleartheclutterday

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16. National Cherry Day (16. July) Who doesn’t love tasty, juicy cherries? Today we celebrate nature’s sweet treats. 

Social Media content ideas: 

  • Share pictures of delicious recipes that make cherries the main ingredient
  • Post links to great cherry items you support, such as cherry chapstick, cherry-scented candles, cherry candy, etc.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalcherryday, #cherryday

National Cherry Day

17. National Ice Cream Day (17. July) Enjoy this delicious day by eating all of your favorite ice cream flavors.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Take pictures of your ice cream cone with all your yummy flavored scoops piled up
  • Suggest local ice cream shops to visit
  • Have an ice cream sundae party and post pictures of your family and friends enjoying the day with their sweet treat.
  • Share links that provide instructions on how to make your own ice cream from scratch

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalicecreamday, #icecreamday

18. World Listening Day (18. July) We all need to spend a little more time listening to others; use this day to lend an ear to a friend.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Take time to listen to those you interact with every day. Offer your readers time to share things they have been keeping to themselves.
  • Suggest that people be more open to listening to others, whether it’s opinions, constructive criticism, or just feelings and thoughts.

Hashtag Suggestions: #worldlisteningday, #stopandlisten

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19. Stick Out Your Tongue Day (19. July) We spend so much time being serious; let’s take a day to be silly and stick out your tongue.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Take fun photos of you and those around you playfully sticking out your tongue
  • Share pictures of the tongue and interesting facts (The color of your tongue tells a lot about your health)

Hashtag Suggestions: #stickoutyourtongueday, #stickoutyourtongue

Stick Out Your Tongue Day

20. World Jump Day (20. July) Get a little bit of aerobics in today and take some time to just JUMP.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Go out and get fun pics of people jumping. (jumping into a pool, jumping in the air, jumping on a trampoline.)
  • Post some effective exercises that include jumping or trampolines.
  • Share funny pics of animals jumping in silly and exciting ways.

Hashtag Suggestions: #worldjumpday, #justjump

21. National Junk Food Day (21. July) Junk food is not something you should grab every night. However, enjoy all your favorite comfort foods and sweet treats today.

Social Media content ideas:

  • List all of the best places around to grab delicious baked goods, comfort foods, and ice cream.
  • Take pics of you indulging in your favorite items. 
  • Post pictures of chip bags, candy wrappers, and soda bottles. You can even add some fun facts about the brans. (or the nutritional values)

Hashtag Suggestions: #Nationaljunkfoodday, #enjoyjunkfoodday

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22. Mango Day (22. July) Mangos are a popular fruit enjoyed globally, so they should get their own day.

Social Media content ideas: 

  • Share videos and photos of people creating mango art
  • Share recipes that have mangos as the main ingredient

Hashtag Suggestions: #mangoday, #lovemangos

Mango Day

23. National Day of the Cowboy (23. July) Spend the day learning about cowboy culture and what it truly looks like, not how the media has portrayed it in the past.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Learn and share information on the authentic cowboy culture (roping, riding, herding)
  • Visit cowboy museums, rodeos, state and county fairs
  • Take pictures, dress the part

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationdayofthecowboy, #countrycowboys

24. National Parents’ Day (24. July) We all love our parents; spend this day letting them know how you feel.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share new and old photos of you and your parents
  • Write a beautiful poem about your parents

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalparentsday, #recognizeyourparents

25. National Hot Fudge Sundae Day (25. July) This is a great thing to celebrate, and we support hot fudge sundaes having their own day in July.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Take pics with your hot fudge sundae with all of your favorite toppings
  • Talk about the origin of hot fudge sundaes ( Created by Clarence Clifton Brown in 1906)

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalhotfudgesundeaday, #hotfudgesundaeday

National Hot Fudge Sundae Day

26. National All or Nothing Day (26. July) Sometimes, we can get caught up in the monotonousness of our everyday activities and navigate on autopilot. So, today, give something your everything.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Take today to learn a new hobby or sport and document it
  • Encourage others with kind words to make today a good day and give it their best.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalallornothingday, #giveityourallday

27. Take Your Pants for a Walk Day (27. July) Go for a long walk today and feel the benefits it brings.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Link lists of great places to hike worldwide with pictures to go with it.
  • Offer readers a walking club and get people together to go out and move.

Hashtag Suggestions: #takeyourpantsforawalkday, #gooutandwalk

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28. National Milk Chocolate Day (28. July) Of course, chocolate should have an entire day of its own. Today, enjoy your favorite bars, brands, and baked goods made from cocoa.

Social Media content ideas: 

  • Create a survey asking people what their favorite chocolate bar is
  • Make a list of places you can visit that are based around chocolate (Hershey, PA, Theo Chocolates: Seattle)

Hashtag Suggestions: #Nationalmilkchocolateday, #milkchocolateday

National Milk Chocolate Day

29. National Lasagna Day (29. July) There are many ways to make a good lasagna; take today to try new recipes.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share your favorite lasagna recipes
  • Take pictures or a video of you preparing, cooking, and eating your lasagna

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationallasagnaday, #eatyourfavoritelasagna

30. Paperback Book Day (30. July) There is just something about reading a good old-fashioned book; put down your e-reader, and pick up a paperback.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Start a book club
  • Ask for suggestions for a good book
  • Share photos of your children reading classics

Hashtag Suggestions: #paperbackbookday, #pickupagoodbook

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31. National Mutt Day (31. July) Mixed breeds are known for being some of the best pets; let’s give them an entire day of love and attention.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Take pictures of your pup doing something silly
  • Offer ideas on the way to celebrate your canine companion
  • Give some facts about what makes mutts great dogs

Hashtag Suggestions:#nationalmuttday, #loveyourmutt

National Mutt Day

July Social Media Marketing Ideas

Below are some of the best marketing ideas that will help you promote your brand and products during this holiday season.

Engage Your Audience With A Variety of Social Media Platforms

If you don’t have multiple ways to entertain your followers yet, try adding a new platform to your brand. Giving people different ways to access your content will increase your views.

July is Full of Summer Events; Utilize Them

Promote upcoming events and schedule virtual tours, activities, or online concerts. Keep those that follow you in on all the summer fun and events that are going on. This will increase the number of people who stick with you simply to find where the best entertainment will be.

Stay Trendy with Your July Social Media Ideas & Content

Trends are consistently changing, and your social media content should too. You always want to be in the know with all of the trendy styles, themes, fashions, and foods happening during the month of July, so your content can be relatable.

Check out my blog post for more social media market ideas for the summer.

July Social Media Content Calendar

If you are looking for an easy and creative way to keep your social media posts and content organized, you should consider using a July social media content calendar.

A content calendar is a helpful tool for anyone sharing content on social media, especially those sharing it on multiple platforms or having little time to waste when creating ideas and posts.

Check out my awesome July social media calendar and challenge to help you start this month with ease. 

July Social Media Content Calendar

Tips for Using the July Content Calendar

There are many benefits to using a content calendar; keeping things on track and organized is one of the biggest. 

Some helpful tips for using the July content calendar:

  • Highlight important event days,
  • Place the calendar in an easy-to-see location, so you will use it daily,
  • You can also change the content if you want.

Top Social Media Content Tools for Small Business Owners

Are you looking for helpful content tools to keep your July social media ideas on point and interesting? Here are some great options to try.


Canva is a fantastic tool for making captivating social media content and ensures it looks professional every time. Using this app can help even the newest content creators post images, advertisements, and flyers that look amazing.

Use Canva to create brilliant July social media content quickly and with ease.

Social Media Content Calendar

Using a content calendar will help organize and prioritize your content in a whole new way. 

There is nothing more beneficial to your social media business than having a plan, keeping your information in one space, and staying consistent. 

There are many ways to keep your content on par and many tools are available to help you when needed.

If you are looking for a helpful and easy way to make your social media ideas stand out, consider getting these 7+ Years Of Social Media Content Ideas

In this package, you will get access to:

  • 3 Yearly Content Calendars,
  • 1600+ Content Ideas, 
  • 796 Graphic Templates,
  • How to Create High Converting Content (video training),
  • 90-Day Social Media Challenge,
  • Storytelling Strategies,
  • Content Templates, headlines, hashtags,
  • 35 Ideas Where To Promote Your Business,
  • List Of Holidays
  • And Bonuses
7+ years of social media content ideas

Using will do so much for your online presence, including bringing more traffic to your sites. This tool creates professional and creative copy for your social media platforms, blog, emails, etc.

All you have to do is provide them with the type of copy you are looking for and describe your product; this app does the rest.

Viral Content Templates

If you are not already using viral content templates, your social media sites are missing out. These customized Canva templates are perfect for advertising your product and adding engaging content to improve your posts and increase your audience population.



There are endless possibilities for creating engaging and amazing content and posts during the month of July. Your social media platforms can be a massive success with the right tools and a little creativity and organization.

So if you are looking for social media marketing or content ideas, you’ll love this post because it will give you two types of tools.

One is a list of July social media ideas, while the other is a free downloadable July content calendar to help your business gain visibility in today’s highly competitive market.

July Social Media ideas infographic

100+ Killer July Social Media Ideas + Free Content Calendar