These Facebook Marketing Hacks Will Help You Succeed in 2020

Have you been checking your Facebook every day, but you still don’t make any money from it? You see all these leaders enjoying the success from the Facebook Marketing strategies they do – and you’re thinking

“How do they do it? What’s the secret?”

The first “secret” that is not really a secret is actually consistency. Without it, no one succeeds in the online world.

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1.) Stop posting links to other social media sites:

If you’re sharing links to your Youtube channel or Instagram profile, then you are hurting yourself. Facebook doesn’t like it if you send people off of their platform.

What is the solution? Simple… all you need to do is put a link to the blog post, Youtube video or Instagram profile in the comments below your post.

So in the post (or video), you tell your audience that you will be posting a link in the first comment below.

Make sure you build emotion and excitement around what you want to share so that your audience gets curious and interested.


2.) Use Facebook stories:

Have you heard about Instagram stories and how well they work? Well, guess what, Facebook stories are blowing up too…and FAST!

So get on the bandwagon and start sharing value, lifestyle, inspiration, and anything else.

Use the stories every single day because like we said above – they are becoming really popular. Your audience will check your stories, some will even engage with them.

3.) Video Marketing Content:

video marketing

If you want to succeed faster in online marketing, then yes you will have to start doing videos. Stop stopping yourself.

Step out of your comfort zone and step into the success zone. Facebook will love you for using their tool which is Facebook Live Videos.

Also, your audience will connect with you faster. Let me ask you this question;

Who do you trust more? Someone who is too afraid to show their face or someone who takes that risk and makes videos?

Probably your answer is – someone who makes videos, right? 😉

4.) Repurpose your old content:

This doesn’t mean you just copy and paste the content from your Instagram profile to Facebook. Don’t be lazy 🙂

You can repurpose by writing a similar text when promoting old content. So if you’re talking about How to Succeed in Online Marketing through Social Media, then you write two different but similar texts for each social media platform.

And if you have a blog then you can share your articles many times. This is what I learned from Neil Patel. He said we can promote our blog posts up to 6 times per year.

That’s great, isn’t it? 😉 You make it once but you can use it many times. Just make sure you refresh the content. Information in it has to be up to date.

5.) Getting high engagement Free and Fast:

Your posts have to be good, interesting, funny, and full of value. Well not all at once if you don’t want to 🙂 but if you can do that, then why not 😉

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Here is a funny example that I once posted on Facebook and it got a lot of attention:

how to get massive engagement on facebook

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6.) Good quality pictures:

When doing Facebook marketing, make sure you use the right size pictures (940 x 788 px).

The quality of the picture will attract or repel your audience. Don’t worry, you don’t need to hire a professional photographer 🙂 but if you want to, then do it.

There are many different sites that offer free-quality pictures. Here are two of them:

You can also take selfies on your phone, just make sure you have good lighting and a smile 🙂

Use Canva to make good-quality pictures in the right size. Watch the video below where I show you how to use it:

7.) Schedule Your Content (For Busy People)

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You know when people say “Rules are meant to be broken.” – this doesn’t apply to Facebook Marketing. If you want to succeed in 2020, then you will have to play by the Facebook rules.

These tips above will show you how successful marketers make money online. You want to be one of them, right? 😉 Then read the article and take massive action, my friend.

What tip from 1-7 will you master first?