Have you been trying to promote business through your Facebook profile? But all your TREMENDOUS effort isn’t enough. 

You spend MORE than 20 hours per week crafting content. However, if no one is engaging with it, you’re wasting your precious time. Hey, you’re a busy entrepreneur and a MOM

Wouldn’t it be better to spend more time with your kids? Or have time to do other powerful strategies? I’m sure that sounds better. 

But wait, there’s more than just creating content!

The appearance of your Facebook profile also plays an IMPORTANT role. Have you been trying to gain more friends and followers? Yet, whatever you do, it doesn’t attract them. Almost no one seems to accept your friend request. 

These two questions probably crossed your mind: “Why don’t they want to connect with me? What am I doing wrong?”

Don’t worry! You’re going to learn the exact Facebook profile strategies that many successful entrepreneurs use. These are tested and proven to work!

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Can You Use Your Facebook Profile For Business?

The short answer is YES! Just turn on the Professional mode under your settings.

But before you do that, know that some people said their engagement dropped. My experience is different, but I just wanted you to know.

What Is The Difference Between a Facebook Personal Profile And a Page?

A Facebook page is specifically made to promote your business. It also looks more professional, and you can use ads to reach more people. On the other hand, your profile is there for you to connect with your family and friends.

However, they did give us the option (Professional mode), so we can use our profile for business too.

Here’s How To Promote Your Business On Facebook Profile

How To Promote Your Business On Facebook Profile

1.) Change Your Settings To ‘Public’ For Maximum Exposure:

Your profile and posts need to be public. That’s because those who are not your friends can’t see them if your account is private. So to get maximum exposure, make sure you check out the settings.

And you might think those who are not your Facebook friends won’t engage with you. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Sometimes people will share your posts, and their audience will see it. 

People are naturally curious. And if you create outstanding posts, they won’t be able to resist engaging in them. So don’t limit yourself.

2.) Facebook Profile Picture:

Have you ever got a friend request from a person with a profile picture of a dog or logo? I’m sure you have. And I’m also sure you didn’t want to accept it.

Even if you did, did you know how that person looks? You probably had to dig deep to find their picture. People typically DISTRUST those who are hiding their faces.

That’s why you should use a photo of YOURSELF. No one else should be in that image, not even your husband or kids. If you want to build trust, show your beautiful face.😉

Treat your Facebook profile as YOUR brand. So have a social media branding strategy in place.

Another crucial ingredient of a great profile picture is your smile. That’s going to make your account irresistible

Also, make sure the quality of the image is excellent. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a professional photo shoot. Using your smartphone and good lighting will do the trick.

Quality Facebook Profile Picture

Facebook Profile Picture Size:

The recommended Facebook profile picture size is: 180 x 180 pixels

3.) Facebook Cover Picture:

There are two ways you can go about with a cover picture. It depends on how you want to be perceived. Do you want to look like an expert? Or maybe more friendly and approachable?

To look like an expert, create a cover picture that shows that. You can include a word like ‘entrepreneur.’ Use a professional image of YOU and add the URL to your blog or website. Here’s an example of a cover picture on my Facebook profile.

my facebook profile cover photo

You can also decide to have a lifestyle picture. Use your favorite vacation photo with your family. It all comes down to this question: “Who do you want to attract?”

Be very strategic with a cover photo. So if you use a family photo, then you will attract people who have families. If you want to attract dog lovers, then use an image of your fur baby.

Facebook Profile – Cover Photo Size:

The recommended size is: 851 x 315 pixels for desktops and 640 × 360 pixels for phones.

4.) Facebook ‘About You’ Section:

The ‘About you’ section is right under your profile picture. That’s where you have to describe yourself. Don’t make a mistake like some digital entrepreneurs. Usually, they say something in lines like: “Join me here: LINK,” or “Buy the product here: LINK.”

Right away, people know you want to sell to them, and nobody likes that. So instead, be smart about it and create an appealing description. Here’s an example of what I wrote on my Facebook profile:

My Facebook Profile About Me Description

5.) Facebook Posts And Videos:

Here is where most entrepreneurs get it wrong. Have you been struggling with increasing your engagement and attracting people to you? 

Engagement on your Facebook posts and videos is significant because that is your traffic. And without it, your business won’t survive. So how can you increase it?

I made a whole blog post that talks about how to get massive Facebook engagement fast. It’s an in-depth guide that will show you how I got over 300+ likes and over 200+ comments consistently. 

But there’s another problem. TIME! You’re a mom and a digital entrepreneur. So you are super busy! Coming up with new Facebook post ideas is challenging. I have been there and overcome that obstacle. So now I will help you do the same.

Here’s my blog post with 120 Social Media content ideas that you can use on Facebook. You can create posts, videos, or stories. That’s up to you.

woman learning about social media content creation

6.) Planning Facebook Posts:

You probably know by now that CONSISTENCY is key to success! And that means you need to post daily on your Facebook profile.

But don’t feel bad if you have been struggling with content creation. We all do. I dreaded creating posts before. Then I found a solution and fell in love with it. It’s all about planning your content.

Wouldn’t you feel at ease if you knew what to post every day? You sure would. And that’s why this step is so important.

It will help you with consistency. Just be prepared to invest some time into planning. I know you’re very busy, but I promise it will be worth it. 

However, life is unpredictable. Sometimes you can’t do anything about it. But imagine having 7+ years of content ideas planned out for you. Would it make a huge difference in your life and business?

I’ve created this huge bundle because most of my followers kept telling me they’re struggling to create content for social media consistently. After all, most of you are moms, so I get it.

Snatch these 7+ Years of Content Ideas here, and start growing your business.

7+ Years of Social Media Content Ideas


There are tons of people who are using their Facebook profiles to promote their business. But unfortunately, most of them fail. That’s because they don’t have the right strategy. 

Usually, people try to wing it. However, when it comes to promoting your business, you need a robust strategy. And that’s what we covered in this blog post.

Follow all the steps and start fixing your Facebook profile. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Just make changes along the way. Analyze what works and what doesn’t.

Know it will take some time and effort before you will see a desirable outcome. Keep going and stay consistent. After all, that is the key to success.

It’s essential to post every single day. Notice what kind of content converts best. And don’t forget to have a conversation with your audience. They are the core of your business.

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