As a small business owner, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate this holiday season.

From promoting your brand, to gift shopping, cooking, and decorating.

But there are two essential things you need to consider. Your audience and your Social Media content.

You must know what your audience is searching for to increase holiday sales. And you’ll get your answer by creating the right content – Thanksgiving poll questions.

I’ve put together a massive list of 50 Thanksgiving polls you can ask to get to know your audience and increase your Social Media engagement. Check them out.

50 Outstanding Thanksgiving Poll Questions for Small Business Owners

Thanksgiving Poll Questions

Under each section below, you will find two different sets of Thanksgiving poll questions.

The first one will help you figure out the holiday buying habits of your audience, and the second set of Thanksgiving polls will boost your engagement.

You can change the text inside the [square brackets] with your ideas.

Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions

Business poll questions:

  • Would you rather purchase [face cream] or [hand cream] for a Thanksgiving gift?
  • Would you rather get [product 1] or [product 2] on the Thanksgiving sale?
  • Would you rather buy Thanksgiving gifts for your [family] or [yourself]?
  • Would you rather get a Thanksgiving deal for [20% Off with free shipping] or [40% Off]
  • Would you rather get [free shipping] or [free gift] with your Thanksgiving purchase?

Engagement-boosting poll questions:

  • Would you rather eat at a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner or stay home and cook?
  • Would you rather have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner or go out to eat at a restaurant?
  • Would you rather have a last-minute trip before Thanksgiving or stay home and relax?
  • Would you rather start your Thanksgiving meal with a prayer or end it with a toast?
  • Would you rather be the person who always has to clean up after Thanksgiving dinner or always has to cook it?

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This or That Thanksgiving Poll Questions

Business Thanksgiving poll questions:

  • Which one would you prefer to get 50% Off on Thanksgiving? [Product 1] or [product 2]
  • Which one would you choose? [20% Off + free shipping] or [20% Off + free gift]
  • If you had to pick only one, which one would you purchase as a Thanksgiving gift? [Product 1] or [product 2]
  • Please help me choose – I’m creating a special Thanksgiving offer, and I want to know what you would prefer to get. [Product 1 + gift 1] or [Product 2 + gift 2]
  • Do you buy Christmas gifts if you see a Thanksgiving offer? Yes or No?
  • What do you prefer on Thanksgiving? [Relaxing] or [Holiday shopping]
This or that poll questions - What do you prefer on Thanksgiving Relaxing or Holiday shopping

Polls to boost engagement:

  • What do you look forward to most about Thanksgiving? [Food] or [Spending time with family]
  • What’s your perfect Thanksgiving dinner? [A nice, quiet meal with family] or [A big, loud Thanksgiving party]
  • What do you love more? [Pumpkin pie] or [sweet potato pie]
  • Which would you prefer? [Help cooking] or [help cleaning]
  • Let’s play a game – what do you love more? [Turkey] or [ham]

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Fun Thanksgiving Poll Questions

Business polls:

  • What’s the best gift you’ve ever received on Thanksgiving? [Product 1], [product 2], [product 3]
  • What’s the best gift you ever gave on Thanksgiving? [Product 1], [product 2], [product 3]
  • What would be your favorite Thanksgiving deal? [30% Off + free shipping], [50% Off store-wide], [30% Off + free gift]
  • Do you buy Thanksgiving deals from small business owners? Yes, no, sometimes

Polls for boosting engagement:

  • How many people are you planning to invite for Thanksgiving? [5-10], [10-20]
  • What fun traditions do you have with family on Thanksgiving? [Say a toast], [crafting a Thanksgiving centerpiece], [check out a photo album]
  • What’s your favorite Thanksgiving activity? [Crafting a Fall wreath], [bake Thanksgiving cookies], [volunteer]
  • What are you planning to do for Thanksgiving? [Travel to see family], [cook a traditional feast], [go out with friends]
  • What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food? [Turkey], [Gravy], [Mashed Potatoes]
What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food - poll questions

Yes or No Thanksgiving Poll Questions

Poll questions for business:

  • Do you buy gifts if you see an excellent Thanksgiving offer? Yes, no.
  • Do you treat yourself to Thanksgiving deals? Yes, no.
  • Would you do your holiday shopping if you saw a 50% Off Thanksgiving deal in my store? Yes, no.
  • Would you buy holiday gifts from my store if I gave you 20% Off + [a free gift]? Yes, no.
  • Would you like to save money by shopping for gifts in my store and getting a special Thanksgiving [30% Off + free shipping]? Yes, no.

Poll questions to increase engagement:

  • Are you stressed out about hosting a Thanksgiving feast? Yes, no.
  • Are you excited about Thanksgiving? Yes, no.
  • Do you like pumpkin pie? Yes, no.
  • Will you be hosting a Thanksgiving party this year? Yes, no.
  • Do you need some help with your Thanksgiving menu? Yes, no.

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Other Thanksgiving Poll Questions

  • How many times have you been in a corn maze? [Never], [5 times], [more than 10 times]
  • Is there anything you won’t eat on Thanksgiving? [Turkey], [pumpkin pie], [cranberry sauce]
  • Will you make turkey, ham, or both? [Turkey], [ham], [both]
  • After a big Thanksgiving meal – would you rather take a nap, or would you prefer to watch football? [Nap], [watch football]
  • Are you a turkey or ham person? [Turkey], [ham], [both]
Are you a turkey or ham person Turkey, ham, both
  • What’s the best part of a Thanksgiving meal? [Turkey], [the stuffing], [the pie]
  • What are you thankful for? [My family], [my life], [everything]
  • Do you have plans to travel this Thanksgiving? Yes, no.
  • Do you prefer pumpkin pie or ice cream after Thanksgiving dinner? [Pumpkin pie], [ice cream]
  • How would you describe Thanksgiving in one word? [Magical], [nice], [stressful]


There you have it – 50 Thanksgiving poll questions for your business. Make this Thanksgiving the best one yet by asking your audience the right questions and ensuring you’re set up to succeed.

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