Do Social Media Research Topic Ideas And Never Be Out Of Content Again

If you didn’t do Social Media research topic ideas, you probably run out of content. Hey it happens to everyone – it sure happened to me many times! And the worst thing I did was – not post anything at all.

It’s important to show your presence on social media platforms especially if you are new to online marketing. Your audience has to get used to you and the only way is through posts and videos.

But OHHHH what to post today? You can’t always post motivational quotes. That’s not a good social media strategy. So how can you come up with new topic ides?

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Are you ready to never stay without topic ideas to talk about on your social media platforms? Ok, let’s do this!

1.) Social Media Research Topic Ideas On Google:

Do you have Google? Check if it works. It does? Ok great, because that is the #1 FREE tool that any online marketer, entrepreneur or blogger is using to find new topics to talk about.

All you have to know is in what niche you are right now. Maybe you’re in make money online niche, weigh loss niche or anything else.

Type that in Google and you’ll find many new topics that will help your audience. Don’t forget that sharing more value will make your followers love you more.

2.) Social Media Research Topic Ideas On Leaders Profiles:

You are probably following leaders and influencers in your company. Check out their posts and videos. Write down some ideas and make your own content out of it.

Make sure you never just copy and paste! That is a big no-no in the social media world. Your audience has to get to know you so put some effort into your social media posts and express yourself.

There is another place you can find many great topic ideas. Your competitors! Again – DON’T STEAL THEIR POSTS! You are only searching for ideas.

Social Media Research Topic Ideas

3.) Social Media Research Topic Ideas On Blogs And Websites:

If you used Google to find new topic ideas, you probably came across some blogs and websites. And these are the places where you will find many ideas, especially if these bloggers are in the same niche.

Also don’t forget to check the blogs and websites from the leaders in your company (or competition). Not only will you learn and get many golden nuggets, but you will also never run out of topic ideas.

4.) Social Media Research Topic Ideas On YouTube:

Have you been listening to music on Youtube? Guess what else is there 😉 Yes, you guessed it – full of topic ideas for your social media posts. Put yourself in your targeted audiences shoes and type in what they usually search for.

Then grab a pen and paper and press play. Watch the videos and take notes. You can later share this in your own video, post or even Facebook or Instagram stories.

5.) Social Media Research Topic Ideas In Emails:

If you’re receiving emails from some influencers and leaders in your niche, then you are probably getting a ton of ideas to talk about. Go through those emails and write down all the tips they are sharing with you.

You will find many different quality topics to talk about. Your audience will love you for that! The more value you share, the more love you will receive.

Social Media Research Topic Ideas - Big Income Paradise

6.) Social Media Research Topic Ideas On Pinterest:

Many entrepreneurs and bloggers share their tips and trick on Pinterest. If you’re struggling to come up with new topic ideas to talk about, go to Pinterest, type in your niche and you will get so many ideas that you won’t be able to cover all of them in your whole life 😉

7.) Ask Your Audience:

Sometimes we share great information and tips but no one engages with us. Why is that? Well it’s because your audience is probably not interested in those topic. And the best way to fix that is to ask them what topic do they want you to cover.

It’s a WIN – WIN; you get more ideas and they get what they want!

8.) Use This Free Online Tool:

This free online tool helped me a lot! You can check it out at – Answer The Public. Write your keywords in (example: make money online) and it will give you a bunch of questions people ask.

You will be amazed at how many questions there are. Sometimes you can even use these questions as titles and attract more people to your post.

9.) Use Your Own Struggles As Inspiration:

What have you been struggling with in the past? Write down all your struggles and questions, make a research online or talk from your own experience. In most cases your audience has the same or similar questions they struggle with.

And you know that stories sell, right? 😉 So talk about what you struggled with and how you overcome those obstacles. Make sure you write all your ideas down in a notebook so that you won’t forget.


1.) Plan ahead:

Plan ahead

Sit down on Sunday and write a week worth of content ideas. You will be more organized and also present on social media every single day (CONSISTENCY).

Example of Social Media topic ideas (for Social Media Coaches):

  • Monday: Why is it important to have a Facebook group?
  • Tuesday: How can you build an engaging Facebook group?
  • Wednesday: How to use your Facebook group to grow your email list?
  • Thursday: Why is email marketing important for marketers?
  • Friday: How many times you should send an email
  • Saturday: Lifestyle photo (selfie, with family…)
  • Sunday: Remind your audience to plan ahead

2.) Make a Calendar:

You can plan ahead for the whole month (or two, or three…). It going to take more of your time but when you’re done, you won’t struggle to come up with new topics every single day.

I made a 1 Month Social Media Topics Calendar for you (for any niche)
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3.) Use a Software to Automate Your Social Media and Save a TON of Time!

Sometimes we all can get really busy, especially mompreneurs. How do you come up with new post ideas if you don’t have time? What about posting at the right time when your audience is online – but again you can’t do it because you’re too busy with your kids…

All of those struggles are now OVER! 🙂 Hooray! I found an amazing tool that will help all busy entrepreneurs, bloggers, mompreneurs and marketers.

It’s called TASSI and it’s a simple but powerful software that will help you automate your social media in just 1 hour a month! Say whaaat?!? 🙂

It will help you build your entire online business. Here is what you’ll get inside:

  • Smart Marketing Calendar
  • Custom Graphics
  • Image Editor
  • Pre-written statuses
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Recurring posts
TASSI - Automate your Social Media With 1 Hour a Month!

And guess what – it’s not even $100 per month! The price might shock you – it’s only $47/month – what a deal.

So grab TASSI by clicking here and start enjoying more free time!


You can do your Social Media Research Topic Ideas basically anywhere on the internet. Above in this blog post we mention a lot of them, but don’t let that stop you.

If you find another way, use it! And let your audience know about it – see here’s another idea for your social media post 😉

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If you're struggling with what to post on Social Media daily, then this is the blog post for you. I shared 9 different places you can do your Social Media Research Topic Ideas and this will help you stay consistent in with your branding. Check out the blog post and Re-Pin this. #BigIncomeParadise #socialmediaresearch #socialmediatopics #whattopost #socialmediastrategy If you're struggling with what to post on Social Media daily, then this is the blog post for you. I shared 9 different places you can do your Social Media Research Topic Ideas and this will help you stay consistent in with your branding. Check out the blog post and Re-Pin this. #BigIncomeParadise #socialmediaresearch #socialmediatopics #whattopost #socialmediastrategy