You don’t need to pay for advertising if you want to get results in your online marketing business. However, paying for ads can help you get results faster when done right. So don’t use them unless you know what you’re doing.

But we’re going to talk about free places you can use to get more traffic and sales. However, you will have to make a plan for each platform before you start promoting your online marketing business.

You can’t wing it! I used to go with the flow, had no marketing strategy, and all I got out of it was wasted time and no results.

Before we start, I would also like to add that you shouldn’t choose too many platforms to start with. You’ll quickly get burned out and you won’t be able to keep up. My advice is to start with:

  • one social media platform,
  • one search engine (Google, YouTube, or Pinterest for business)
  • and email marketing

This way, you’ll be able to stay consistent and you’ll connect with your audience easier. Now let’s check out all the different places you can promote your online marketing business for free.

35 Places You Can Promote Your Online Marketing Business For FREE

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  1. Facebook Messenger (Profile)
  2. Facebook Messenger (Page)
  3. Facebook Profile
  4. Facebook Page
  5. Facebook Group
  6. Facebook uploaded videos
  7. Facebook Live videos (your)
  8. Facebook Live videos (being a guest)
  9. Facebook Stories
  10. Facebook Page Stories
  11. Facebook Watch Parties

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  1. Instagram Posts
  2. Instagram Live
  3. Instagram Reels
  4. Instagram Stories

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  1. Pinterest Profile
  2. Pinterest Group Boards

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  1. YouTube Uploaded Videos
  2. YouTube Live Videos


  1. Twitter Profile
  2. Twitter Group Chats


  1. LinkedIn Posts
  2. LinkedIn Groups
  3. LinkedIn Messenger


  1. Email Newsletters
  2. Email Autoresponder

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  1. Blog Posts (on your blog)
  2. Guest Blogging (on other blogs)


  1. Host a Webinar
  2. Be a Guest on a Webinar


  1. Your Podcast
  2. Be a Guest on a Podcast


  1. Your Profile
  2. Quora Blogs
  3. Answering Questions

Test out this list and find the best places that will give you additional income faster. You have nothing to lose because all of this is free!

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There are many different places where you can promote your online marketing business. But don’t spread yourself too thin.

Choose one social media platform your audience interacts on, and learn all about social media content marketing. Also grow your email list by using any of the search engines (Google, YouTube, or Pinterest).

And most importantly – stay consistent! Success doesn’t happen overnight.

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