Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to get your social media game up and running.

But let’s face it; with so much competition out there, it can be challenging to stand out and grab your audience’s attention.

That’s where Halloween polls come in.

In this post, I’m going to share 30+ Halloween poll ideas designed specifically for small business owners like you.

As you know, Halloween is a time of year when people love to dress up, have fun, and celebrate.

It’s also an opportunity for small businesses to create seasonal content, showcase their products or services, and connect with their audience in a unique way.

Therefore, taking advantage of the holiday can lead to increased brand visibility and growth.

So get ready to take your social media game to the next level with these 30+ killer Halloween polls!

30+ Killer Halloween Polls For Small Business Owners

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Seasonally-Themed Halloween Polls

Ready to sprinkle some Halloween magic onto your social media feeds?

These seasonally-themed Halloween polls are sure to ignite your audience’s excitement for the spookiest time of the year.

1.) What’s your favorite Halloween candy? A) Candy corn B) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

2.) Are you team DIY or team Store-bought costumes? A) DIY B) Store-bought

3.) Which Halloween decoration is a must-have for you? A) Ghosts B) Bats C) All the spooky stuff!

4.) Which horror movie sends chills down your spine? A) The Exorcist B)The ring C) Halloween

5.) Would you rather visit a haunted house or go on a terrifying haunted hayride? A) Haunted house B) Haunted hayride

6.) What’s your go-to pumpkin carving design? A) Spooky B) Silly

7.) Who is your favorite vampire in pop culture? A) Nicolas Cage as Dracula B) Robert Pattinson as a vampire

8.) Which mythical creature would you choose as your Halloween sidekick? A) Dragon B) Fairy C) Vampire

9.) If you were a witch, what kind of potion would you brew? A) Love potion B) Confidence potion C) Laughter potion

10.) Which haunted place would you choose to visit for a ghost-hunting adventure? A) Abandoned asylum B) Haunted hotel

You can adjust these Halloween polls to suit your business and your audience.

Seasonally-Themed Halloween Polls - Which haunted place would you choose to visit for a ghost-hunting adventure

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Halloween-Themed Business Polls

Halloween polls for small business owners can be a powerful tool to drive engagement and boost your brand awareness.

Here are 9 different poll ideas:

1.) What Halloween-themed promotion would you like to see us offer this year? A) 30% Off on everything B) A bundle of top sellers

2.) Which Halloween-themed scavenger hunt prize would you prefer to win? A) Free product B) Discount code

3.) Would you prefer that we share Halloween trivia or Halloween-themed memes on social media? A) Trivia B) Memes

4.) Which Halloween costume do you think best represents our brand? A) Spooky B) Silly

5.) What should we include on our website to put you in the Halloween spirit? A) Spiders B) Bats C) Spooky pumpkins

6.) Which Halloween email would you open up? A) Spooky 30% Off B) Let’s get spooky C) Here are your treats

7.) Help us choose – which Halloween-themed hashtag we should use when sharing our promo posts. A) #SpookySeason B) #Halloweek

8.) Do you want our Halloween gift guide? A) Yes B) HeckYes!

9.) Which Halloween decoration do you think is more fitting for our business? A) Spiderweb B) Scary pumpkins

Halloween-Themed Business Polls

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Interactive Halloween Polls

This spooky season is the perfect time to engage with your audience.

So, let’s dive into these 17 killer Halloween poll ideas that will have your followers eagerly participating and boosting your brand’s visibility.

1.) It’s the classic question – would you rather dress up as a spooky ghost or a mischievous vampire this Halloween? A) Ghost B) Vampire

2.) Are you planning on going trick-or-treating this year? A) Yes B) Nah

3.) Which Halloween movie do you love watching the most: A) Hocus Pocus B) Nightmare Before Christmas

4.) Would you rather carve a traditional scary face or a whimsical design on your pumpkin this Halloween? A) Scary B) Whimsical

5.) Which Halloween candy is better: A) Chocolate B) Gummies

6.) Are you brave enough to explore a haunted house this Halloween? A) I’m brave B)HellNO!

7.) If you had to choose, would you prefer a scary Halloween-themed dessert or a savory snack? A) Dessert B) Savory snack

8.) Which would you prefer: A) A scary escape room B) Halloween Treasure Hunt

9.) Which color scheme screams Halloween to you: A) Orange and black B) Purple and green

10.) If you could visit any haunted location, would you rather explore: A) A haunted mansion B) A spooky graveyard

11.) Which Halloween creature is the scariest and why? A) Witches B) Vampires C) Ghosts

12.) Are you a fan of decorating your home for Halloween? A) HellYeah B) Nop

13.) Would you rather sip on spooky cocktails or munch on creepy snacks this Halloween? A) Cocktails B) Snacks

14.) Would you rather possess the power of invisibility or the ability to fly on a broomstick like a witch? A) Invisibility B) Flying on a broomstick

15.) If you had to choose, would you rather be turned into a vampire or a zombie for one day? A) Vampire B) Zombie

16.) What’s your favorite Halloween tradition? A) Carving pumpkins B) Ghost tour

17.) Which Halloween treat satisfies your cravings? A) Candy apples B) Caramel popcorn

Interactive Halloween Polls

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Bonus Tips for Creating Killer Halloween Polls

So, you’re ready to create some killer Halloween polls for your small business? That’s fantastic!

Here are some bonus tips to help you make your polls spooktacular and engaging for your audience.

1.) Embrace the Halloween spirit: Halloween is all about fun, spookiness, and excitement. Let your creativity flow and infuse your polls with the essence of Halloween. It’s time to be festive and let your audience feel the magic!

2.) Tap into popular Halloween themes: Incorporate popular Halloween themes into your polls to resonate with your audience.

3.) Go beyond the basics: Don’t limit yourself to simple yes/no questions. Get creative with multiple-choice options and even open-ended questions.

4.) Inject humor: Halloween is a time for laughter and fun, so don’t be afraid to inject a little humor into your polls. A witty or playful twist can make your polls more enjoyable and share-worthy.

5.) Embrace eye-catching visuals: Spookify your polls with captivating visuals that grab attention and bring the Halloween spirit to life.

6.) Create a series: To keep the excitement going, consider creating a series of Halloween polls leading up to the big promo day. And if you want to make more money over the holidays, read my blog post: How To Effortlessly Increase Holiday Sales (25 Clever Ways)

7.) Engage in the comments: Keep an eye on the comments section of your polls and actively engage with your audience. Respond to their responses, ask follow-up questions, and encourage further discussion.

8.) Offer exclusive Halloween discounts: Use your polls as an opportunity to reward participants with exclusive Halloween discounts.

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Halloween polls are your secret weapon for boosting social media engagement.

With over 30 killer ideas to choose from, you can captivate your audience and bring spine-chilling excitement to your online presence.

Implement these poll ideas, track your results, and watch your engagement soar.

Please share this blog post with fellow small business owners and let them join in on the Halloween poll fun. Together, we can create an unforgettable Halloween season.

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