Social Media content tools are the backbone of any online business. They help you reach out to your audience and create an emotional connection with them. They also make your life easier!

However, without these tools, it’s going to take you much longer to craft magnificent posts – and that will lead to fewer leads and sales. But I’m sure that’s not what you want.

Using Social Media is all about creating excellent content that engages people on different levels through text posts, videos, or images.

Successful entrepreneurs rely on these content tools to get their message across in the most effective way possible. And I’m sure you want the same for your business.

So how do you know if a tool is worth purchasing? Let’s look at that, shall we?

Social Media content tools

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How to know if Social Media content tools are worth your investment?

  • The best content tools should help you save time,
  • have an easy-to-use interface,
  • boost your growth and give you insightful data that enables you to improve the efficiency of your content,
  • help you stay organized,
  • And they should be affordable.

Why should you use Social Media content tools in your business?

Why should you use Social Media content tools in your business

First and foremost, the content tools will save you an incredible amount of time so you can focus on other things in your business that matter most! Such as selling, providing excellent customer service, and all the other stuff that makes your business soar!

The more time you save in creating unique content, the more time you have to do other activities that will boost your profits.

And one of the most significant benefits is – it will save you tons of money on content creation! It might seem counter-intuitive because you’re investing in these tools. But if you would pay a copywriter or a graphic designer to do all the work for you, it would cost you way more – we’re talking about thousands of dollars more!

Now let’s look at all these fantastic Social Media content tools.

A List Of Ultimate Social Media Content Tools

Graphic tools

1.) Canva

Facebook posts with great images get 37% more engagement – according to this article here.

And Canva will help you do that! This is a fantastic graphic design tool with everything you need to craft beautiful Social Media images. It’s effortless to use, so you don’t need to be tech-savvy!



  • Free – you get a lot for free! Over 250,000+ templates, hundreds of thousands of photos, 5GB of cloud storage, and more!
  • PRO ($119.99 when paid annually, or $12.99 paid monthly) – you get everything the free version has, plus 100+ million premium stock photos, videos, audio, and graphics, 100GB of cloud storage, and so much more!

Is it worth paying for Canva PRO? Yes, because it’s one of the top Social Media content tools every entrepreneur needs! I’m using the PRO version almost daily, and it gives me more options to create beautiful graphic designs that boost my engagement and conversions. And a significant advantage is it’s very affordable, especially if you pay annually.

2.) Visme

Visme is a simple but powerful, all-in-one graphic creation tool. It helps you create interactive presentations, beautiful infographics, killer Social Media graphics, documents, and so much more!

It’s an easy-to-use drag-and-drop online platform, so whether you’re a seasoned designer or a total beginner, with Visme, you can create engaging, dynamic branded content that makes people ask, “How did you do that?!”



  • Free – you get 500 MB of storage, limited templates and charts, and regular support.
  • Starter ($147 when paid annually or $29 per month) – you get 1GB of storage, all templates & charts, and more!
  • Pro ($297 when paid annually or $59 per month) – you can create unlimited projects, 5GB of storage, brand kit, analytics, and so much more!

I was fortunate enough to get one year of the Visme Business version for free, and I love it! Especially the infographics (those are my favorites!) I would say that it’s worth getting the Business account, but only if you’re already making some profits and you want to scale them up.

3.) 796 Social Media graphic templates

These templates are great for saving time, reducing stress, and increasing Social Media engagement! How do I know that? Well, because I created them.

796 Canva Graphic Templates

You can customize them in Canva – meaning you can change all the colors, fonts, images, and elements. And here’s why they landed on this list of must-have Social Media content tools:

  • fill-in-the-blank templates,
  • ‘would you rather’ templates,
  • ‘this or that’ templates,
  • poll question templates,
  • quote templates,
  • infographic templates,
  • sales & promo templates,
  • freebie templates,
  • testimonial templates,
  • and Instagram story-size templates.


  • I wanted to help as many entrepreneurs as possible, so it’s a very affordable package of graphic templates at only $17!

4.) Viral content templates

These are such astonishing and professional-looking graphic templates. You can unlock 100 tested and proven Viral Content Templates that are fully customizable in Canva.


They are expertly formulated to generate more engagement, grow your following, and boost sales without having to pay for ads!


  • Super affordable at only $29.99!

Video tools

1.) Facebook Live videos

Facebook Live is one of the best free Social Media content tools that Facebook is pushing hard. It can be a part of your powerful strategy to gain more trust and deepen the relationships with your audience.

It works great if you prepare it well, meaning – come up with a topic, show your beautiful face, and do some background research on the subject you’re discussing. Just make sure you have everything ready before starting!


  • Free
Facebook live video

2.) Zoom

Zoom is another fantastic tool that allows you to communicate with your team, customers, and prospects through online conferences! But you can also make pre-recorded videos with it.


  • Free – you can host a video for up to 100 participants, unlimited group meetings for up to 40 minutes, and you can use team chat.
  • Pro ($13.99 per month) – host up to 100 participants, up to 30 hours per meeting, Cloud Storage 5GB, and more.
  • Business ($20.99 per month) – all from Pro, plus host up to 300 participants, extras (SSO, managed domains, and more)
Zoom meeting

Content writing tools


Are you an entrepreneur who needs ongoing content for your blog, Social Media, or email newsletters?

Discover an awesome tool that will help you eliminate all the struggles and speed up the whole process. is a software program that will help you create unique and engaging content for your online business.

No matter what business you are in, content creation is going to be at the heart of your marketing efforts.

But that can be very hard! Product research, writing, editing, and publishing – it all takes a lot of your time and effort. With, you will be able to generate high-quality articles from scratch in minutes.

It can also help you create:

  • Product descriptions,
  • Digital ad copy,
  • Website copy,
  • Social Media content,
  • Sales copy,
  • Bullet points,
  • Stories,
  • Rewrite sentences,
  • Viral ideas,
  • Emails,
  • Strong headlines,
  • And so much more!
Click here and get started with


  • Free (2,000 words per month, 1 user seat, 90+ copywriting tools, Blog Wizard tool, Chat by, 200 Bonus Credits)
  • Pro ($49/month or $432/year, unlimited words, unlimited projects, 5 user seats, 90+ copywriting tools, 500 workflow credits per month, access to newest features, priority email support)

2.) Big Income Paradise blog

Of course, I have to talk about my blog. You will find a ton of articles with content ideas that you can copy & paste. It’s perfect if you’re in a hurry and want to post something on your Social Media quickly.

And the best part – it’s FREE! So here are some of the blog posts with Social Media content ideas:


  • Free!

3.) Flick


Flick is a great tool that helps you find, manage, and analyze Instagram hashtags. It will help you grow your account by reaching new audiences on the platform interested in what you have to say or sell.

In just minutes, Flick can give quality hashtag recommendations for the organic growth of followers from untapped audience profiles. So, in short – it’s going to save you hours of your time!


  • Solo (£132 when paid annually or £14 per month) – link 4 social profiles, schedule 30 posts per social (per month), track 30 Instagram posts/mo, and access to some features.
  • Pro (£228 when paid annually or £30 per month) – link 8 social profiles, 2 user logins, schedule and track unlimited posts, and access to all features.
  • Agency (£660 when paid annually or £68 per month) – link 20 social profiles, 5 user logins, schedule and track unlimited posts, and access to all features.

4.) Grammarly

Grammarly is a lifesaver because it will make sure that your Social Media posts are mistake-free and engaging! Even if you’re great at writing, we all know how frustrating it can be to look back on our Social Media content and see all those silly mistakes.


If you don’t want to waste time editing your posts, you should get this tool for Social Media content or your articles. Grammarly will save you hours of work, and it will also help you improve your posts.


  • Free – has basic writing suggestions and tone detection.
  • Premium (12€ per month) – everything in Free, clarity-focused sentence, rewrites, tone adjustments, inclusive language, word choice, formality level, fluency, additional advanced suggestions
  • Business (Starting at $15 /member/month) – everything in Premium, style guide, snippets, brand tones, analytics dashboard, priority email support, and much more!

5.) Headline analyzer

This content tool is a fantastic add-on to your business. Creating powerful headlines is essential if you want people to read your posts!

The Headline analyzer will show you if your title is engaging enough for people to want to read your Social Media post.


  • Free!
CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

6.) Title generator

The title generator is one of the most beneficial Social Media content tools! It’s similar to the last one, but unlike Headline Analyzer, it will help you come up with unique titles!

You just need to input your keyword, and the tool will ‘spit out’ over 700 headline ideas. How cool is that?!


  • Free!
title generator

7.) Answer Socrates

Want more free content tools for Social Media? Well, Answer Socrates will help you discover the questions people are asking on Google about almost any topic. So it will help you see what content you should create to help your audience out.


  • Free!

8.) Answer the public

Answer the Public is a similar tool to Answer Socrates, but you have limited searches per day. The main idea is the same – you get to see what people ask, so you should create posts that provide solutions.



  • Free (limited searches)
  • Individual ($9 per month or $99 for lifetime) – 1 user, 100 searches per day, CPC and search volume data
  • Pro ($99 per month or $948 billed yearly) – Up to 3 users, unlimited searches per day, CPC and search volume data.
  • Expert ($199 per month or $1,788 billed yearly) – Unlimited users, unlimited searches per day, CPC and search volume data.

9.) Social Media Content 101

I created this course specifically for busy entrepreneurs who want to learn how to create killer Social Media content that gets high engagement, reach, and converts to sales.

Social Media Content 101

Inside you will learn:

  • How to identify your content goals and make sure your posts are always aligned with them
  • What part of the analytics are most important to focus on to help you get a better visibility
  • How to tell a story to boost your sales (+ 8-step storytelling strategy)
  • The most important types of content you should be using in your business
  • What the different content pillars are, and how to use them in your business
  • How to structure a social media post for maximum results
  • Why benefits are more important than features and how this helps boost sales
  • How to plan out your content and never worry about what to post
  • The best way to boost engagement so you can build a community around your brand

So are you ready to discover the most EFFECTIVE ways to create Social Media content that makes people throw money at you? Then get Social Media Content 101 here.


  • $29

Social Media content ideas and calendars

1.) 7+ Years of Social Media Content Ideas

7+ years of social media content ideas

If we’re talking about the best Social Media content tools – this is it! The bundle is a solution for busy entrepreneurs who want to create valuable, engaging content and grow their business FAST!

If you’re sick and tired of spending hours creating content that doesn’t even convert, then 7+ Years of Social Media Content Ideas are for you.

What’s included in the bundle:

  • 3x Social Media Content Calendars – $299 Value
  • 1600+ Extra Content Ideas – $299 Value
  • 796 Graphic Canva Templates – $197 Value
  • How to Create High Converting Content (video training) – $97 Value
  • 90-Day Social Media Challenge – $29 Value
  • Content Marketing & Storytelling Strategies – $57 Value
  • Content Templates, headlines, and hashtags – $97 Value
  • 150+ Powerful Caption/Reel Hooks – $39 Value
  • 35 Ideas Where To Promote Your Business – $29 Value
  • List Of Holidays – $17 Value


  • $27

2.) Pre-Written Social Media Content

I’ve created pre-written content for different niches. You’ll be able to simply copy and paste it into your posts, emails, or even lead magnets.

You can check them out here:


  • $15

3.) Copywriting Formulas:

This is an e-book with different copywriting formulas that will help you improve your copywriting skills and create compelling content that drives engagement and sales.

Each of these formulas has an explanation and example, so you can see exactly how to use it. With this resource, you’ll easily write your Social Media content and captions, emails, product descriptions, and so much more!

Copywriting Formulas - 27 formulas


  • $19

4.) Ivory Mix Social Media content calendar

The easy marketing planner contains many content ideas for 365 days, blog post ideas, hashtags, and more.

IvoryMix – The Easy Marketing Planner

Here is what you will get inside the Easy Marketing Planner:

  • 365-day content ideas and planner
  • 12-Month Holiday and Seasonal Content Ideas
  • 60+ Blog post ideas
  • 200+ Caption Templates
  • 150+ Daily Hashtag Ideas and Prompts
  • 100+ Story Starters
  • Visual Content Ideas and Prompts
  • Printable Planning Sheets


  • $54

5.) The Social Media Content Club

This product was my first purchase of all content calendars. It saved me more than 20+ hours and my sanity! It also helped me create valuable, engaging content.

The Social Media Content Club - best social media content calendars

This Content Club has two different purchase plans (see details below). Here’s what you get inside the annual plan:

Monthly $27Annual $197
30+ NEW Copy-and-Paste captions every month30+ NEW Copy-and-Paste captions every month
30+ NEW Fill-in-the-Blank captions every month30+ NEW Fill-in-the-Blank captions every month
AI Post Generator with Daily PromptsAI Post Generator with Daily Prompts
180+ NEW images every month180+ NEW images every month
Daily Video Ideas planned out for you every monthDaily Video Ideas planned out for you every month
Daily Post Prompts planned out for you every monthDaily Post Prompts planned out for you every month
Targeted Hashtag lists for every monthTargeted Hashtag lists for every month
Detailed Holiday lists for every monthDetailed Holiday lists for every month
Access to an Image Library of 1,400+ imagesAccess to an Image Library of 1,400+ images
/Save $127 a year compared to the monthly plan
/2022 Content Pack ($197 value)
/50 Video Quote Templates ($39 value)
/2023 Content Calendar ($48 value)
/2023 Holidays List ($27 value)
/Members-only community ($97 value) 

Content schedulers

1.) SmarterQueue


SmarterQueue is one of the most impressive Social Media content tools for entrepreneurs, influencers, and businesses. This content tool allows you to schedule posts individually or as a whole.

It has a separate queue and posting plan that will help reduce any timing needed from your end. It allows you to automate your content, so you don’t have to worry about what to post every day!


  • Solo ($299.88 when paid annually or $29.99 per month) – 4 social profiles, ten posts per day, ten content categories, 500 queued posts, basic importer, basic analytics
  • Business ($515.88 when paid annually or $49.99 per month) – 10 social profiles, 20 posts per day, 20 content categories, 1,000 queued posts, intermediate importer, intermediate analytics
  • Agency ($1,019.88 when paid annually or $99.99 per month) – 25 social profiles, 40 posts per day, 50 content categories, 2,500 queued posts, advanced importer, advanced analytics
  • Custom (the price depends on what options you choose)

2.) Tassi

Tassi is the fastest, easiest-to-use Social Media marketing software (scheduler) for entrepreneurs and business owners.


With it, you can schedule your posts in minutes rather than hours! It’s more than just a scheduler; it also has many other helpful features to make life easier on Social Media.

Here’s what you’ll get inside:

  • Clever marketing calendar with recommended daily posts,
  • Pre-written statuses with one click rewording,
  • Graphic libraries + new content each month,
  • All-in-one Social Media management system,
  • Recurring posts,
  • You can also personalize and brand your content,
  • Video sharing,
  • And some bonuses!


  • $47 per month
  • $397 per year

3.) Facebook group scheduler

How to schedule posts in a Facebook group

This scheduler is one of the Social Media content tools that Facebook provides for free inside their platform. It allows you to schedule posts at any time of the day.


  • Free

4.) Facebook business suite

The last one of the free Social Media content tools you can use in your business is a Facebook business suit. It allows you to schedule content on Facebook and Instagram, analyze the performance of each post, and so much more!


  • Free


Social Media content tools, such as 7+ Years of Social Media Content Ideas,, and schedulers, can help save time and automate your posting process. These are the best resources you can have in your toolkit!

You will save valuable time on Social Media Management and yet still generate more followers, engagement, and profits with less work!

If this sounds like something that would benefit you and your online business, I highly recommend looking at this whole list of Social Media content tools.

Thank you for reading, and if you enjoyed this article, please share it on Social Media!