It’s August! Can you believe it? We’re already well into summer, and the school year is about to start. That means you’re probably in a race against time to create and plan as much content as possible before things get busy.

But don’t worry; I’ve got your back with the killer August social media ideas (and a free downloadable calendar) so that you can plan ahead, save time, and still grow your business. 

Let’s begin.

100+ Killer August Social Media Ideas + Free Content Calendar

Tips for Creating Your August Content Fast

You’ve got a lot of work and little time to do it. But don’t worry! The tips below will help you create your content for August as quickly as possible.

  1. Start planning early: The earlier you start, the more time you have to plan, research, and write your content. Your copy will be polished and ready to go when the deadline hits.
  2. Use graphic templates: Templates are great because they will save you a lot of time, and your branding will be cohesive across all platforms. 
  3. Create a content calendar: This is the best way to ensure that you have time to plan before you start writing. It also lets you show up in front of your target audience daily.
  4. Use It’s a handy tool that quickly and easily creates content for Social Media, blogs, sales pages, emails, or anything else. I have been using it for months now, and it is my top favorite tool of all time. 

How to Use These August Social Media Ideas

These August social media ideas are meant to be a starting point – a guide for your content plan. Don’t feel that you need to use every single one; you should only use the ones that:

  • Fit your business goals and brand personality,
  • Create compelling content that will engage your audience and make them feel connected to your brand,
  • Connect to your brand values,
  • Make relatable and funny content,
  • Or inspire your audience.

August Social Media Ideas and Holidays For 2024

1.) Dogust 1st: Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs (1. August) Every year, on the 1st of July, we celebrate all dogs in shelters.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share an infographic about how we can help dogs in shelters
  • Show support and donate to your favorite shelter and encourage your audience to do the same

Hashtag Suggestions: #dogust1st

Dogust 1st Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs

Planner Day (1. August) If you love planning your life and business, you should celebrate this day.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share your top 5 planning tips
  • Show your planner and to-do list
  • Ask your audience if they love planning

Hashtag Suggestions: #plannerday

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2.) National Ice Cream Sandwich Day (2. August) Let’s take a minute to appreciate this delicious treat and how it can be enjoyed in so many different ways!

Social Media content ideas:

  • Ask your audience what’s their favorite ice cream flavor
  • Create an ice cream sandwich and take a selfie with it
  • Share a home-made recipe

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalicecreamsandwichday

3.) National Black Women’s Equal Pay Day (3. August) We’re celebrating National Black Women’s Equal Pay Day by reminding everyone that there are still disparities in pay for women of color.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about this issue
  • Share tips on how we can change this
  • Talk about how much you value what they contribute

Hashtag Suggestions: #blackwomensequalpayday

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4.) Assistance Dog Day (4. August) This special day celebrates the amazing dogs who help people with disabilities.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a story about an assistance dog you met
  • Explain how these dogs help people
  • Ask your audience to share the story of their assistance dog

Hashtag Suggestions: #assistancedogday

Assistance Dog Day

Single Working Women’s Day (4. August) It’s the perfect time to celebrate all those single women who contribute so much to society.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share an inspirational message with a quote
  • Talk about your own experience
  • Share why you look up to them

Hashtag Suggestions: #singleworkingwomensday

5.) Work Like a Dog Day (5. August) Today is Work Like a Dog Day, which celebrates people who put in that extra work. So this is our day, you hard-working business owner.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about what you did or achieved in your business
  • Share how proud you are of your business bestie
  • Share some tips on how to be more productive

Hashtag Suggestions: #worklikeadogday

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6.) Balloons to Heaven Day (6. August) Balloons to Heavens Day is a day of remembering all those people we lost in gun violence.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about what this observance is about
  • Release a balloon and make a video about why we should stop gun violence
  • Write about a person you lost and how much you miss them

Hashtag Suggestions: #balloonstoheaven

Balloons to Heaven Day

7.) Aged Care Employee Day (7. August) We’re celebrating all those who care for the elderly.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share how grateful you are for them
  • Inspire people to do their best for elderly

Hashtag Suggestions: #agedcareemployeeday

8.) Happiness Happens Day (8. August) Happiness is something we all want – so let’s celebrate this day by being happy.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about why happiness is a choice
  • Share what makes you happy
  • Ask your audience what makes them happy

Hashtag Suggestions: #happinesshappensday

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National Dollar Day (8. August) We’re celebrating the USA moolah.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share tips about how to save money
  • Donate to your favorite charity
  • Inspire others to celebrate this day by giving back

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationaldollarday

9.) National Book Lovers Day (9. August) If you’re a book worm, you should celebrate this special day.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about your favorite book
  • Ask your audience about their favorite book
  • Share some tips you learned from a book

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalbookloversday

National Book Lovers Day

10.) National Spoil Your Dog Day (10. August) I think we spoil our dogs all the time – but today, spoil your best friend a bit more.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Take a selfie with your dog and talk about why they are the best pet ever
  • Share some dog health tips with your audience
  • Make a video about how to spoil a dog today

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalspoilyourdogday

11.) National Son and Daughter Day (11. August) Spend your day with kids and do something special.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about what you’ll be doing as a family
  • Share some family photos and memories
  • Tell your audience to share a picture of their kids

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalsonanddaughterday

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12.) National Middle Child Day (12. August) If you’re a middle child, you know how it goes – you get overlooked in this busy life. But it’s time to celebrate!

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about your experience of being a middle child
  • Share some tips on how to show love to your middle child

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalmiddlechildday

13.) International Lefthanders Day (13. August) If you’re left-handed, today is your day to celebrate that!

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a fun fact about being left-handed
  • Create a poll asking your followers if they are left-handed or right-handed

Hashtag Suggestions: #internationallefthandersday

14.) National Financial Awareness Day (14. August) It’s time to look at your finances and get them in order.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share some tips that helped you with finances
  • Talk about the importance of having our finances in order

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalfinancialawarenessday

15.) National Relaxation Day (15. August) Have you been working hard? You deserve to take some time off – and today is the perfect day!

Social Media content ideas:

  • Show a photo of you relaxing
  • Make an infographic of how to take care of yourself

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalrelaxationday

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National Back To School Prep Day (15. August) It’s time to start planning for the school year ahead.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share some tips about how to prep for school
  • Talk about your struggles with prepping for school

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalbacktoschoolprepday

16.) National Tell A Joke Day (16. August) If you love joking around, go all out today.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Simple – share a joke
  • Ask your audience to tell their favorite joke

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationaltellajokeday

National Tell A Joke Day

17.) National Nonprofit Day (17. August) Today, you should acknowledge your favorite nonprofit organization.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share gratitude for nonprofit organizations
  • Donate to the nonprofit of your audience’s choice
  • Inspire your audience to also donate

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalnonprofitday

International Homeless Animals Day (Different date each year – 17. August) Spread awareness about homeless animals and help them out in any way possible.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about how we can help homeless animals
  • Make a video of you helping homeless animals and inspire people to do the same

Hashtag Suggestions: #internationalhomelessanimalsday

International Homeless Animals Day

18.) Never Give Up Day (18. August) In business, we tend to have some hard days, but today, get motivated and inspire people around you to never give up!

Social Media content ideas:

  • Motivate your audience not to give up
  • Share some tips to help your audience keep going forward
  • Ask your audience what they struggle with right now – if you can, help them out and provide tips

Hashtag Suggestions: #nevergiveupday

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19.) World Humanitarian Day (19. August) On this day, we celebrate humanitarian workers.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share gratitude for humanitarian workers
  • Share some tips on how we can help others

Hashtag Suggestions: #worldhumanitarianday

20.) World Mosquito Day (20. August) Let’s raise awareness about the impact of mosquitoes on global health

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share an infographic highlighting the top mosquito-borne diseases and their impact on global health, along with the importance of prevention tips and mosquito control measures.
  • Encourage your followers to share their own creative ways of repelling mosquitoes or their favorite mosquito-repellent products.

Hashtag Suggestions: #WorldMosquitoDay

21.) Internet Self-Care Day (21. August) Today, you should use the Internet to find different self-care resources and use them. You deserve to take care of yourself because you usually put others first.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Find some self-care tips and share them with your audience
  • Find a blog about self-care and share it on social media
  • Talk about how you take care of yourself and why it’s important

Hashtag Suggestions: #selfcareday

22.) Be An Angel Day (22 August) Be someone’s angel today and help them.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Inspire people to help at least one person today
  • Help someone out

Hashtag Suggestions: #beanangelday

23.) Cheap Flight Day (23. August) It’s not just back-to-school time; it’s also the time of discounted airfare. If you love to travel, make sure you don’t miss this.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share some of your best tips about getting cheap flights
  • Talk about a time when you got a discounted airfare
  • Share some traveling tips

Hashtag Suggestions: #cheapflightday

Cheap Flight Day

24.) International Strange Music Day (24. August) If you love bizarre music, you should share it with others.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share the bizarre music you love
  • Ask your audience to share their favorite music with you

Hashtag Suggestions: #internationalstrangemusicday

25.) Kiss and Make Up Day (25. August) Keeping a grudge will only harm you, so today, forgive everyone who hurt you.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about the benefits of forgiveness
  • Share the process you go through when you want to forgive someone

Hashtag Suggestions: #kissandmakeupday

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26.) National Dog Day (26. August) Dogs deserve to be celebrated every day, but today, go all out for your furry friend.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Show a photo of you and your dog
  • Talk about how you take care of your dog
  • Talk about the healthy dog nutrition

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationaldogday

Women’s Equality Day (26. August) We all deserve to have the same right, so remind everyone we are equal.

Women's Equality Day

Social Media content ideas:

  • Bring awareness to women’s equality
  • Mention some of the issues that still need to be addressed

Hashtag Suggestions: #womensequalityday

27.) National Just Because Day (27. August) Today, you should do whatever you want – just because!

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share what you’re doing and say it’s ‘just because’
  • Inspire people to do whatever they want

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationaljustbecauseday

28.) Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day (28. August) Remember all your pets that have sadly passed – keep their memory alive.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a photo of your pet that passed away
  • Share some memories

Hashtag Suggestions: #rainbowbridgeremembranceday

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29.) Individual Rights Day (29. August) We should all have the same rights, so talk about this subject today.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about our rights
  • Share what needs to be changed
  • Ask your audience what rights are important to them

Hashtag Suggestions: #individualrightsday

30.) National Holistic Pet Day (30. August) You should give your dog the best life possible, so think about their nutrition, exercise, and overall well-being.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share your best tips about healthy pet nutrition
  • Make a video with your pet and talk about why they need exercise

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalholisticpetday

National Holistic Pet Day

31.) National Zoo Awareness Day (31. August) If you love zoos, then today you should visit one and celebrate how much they do for animals.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a photo of the animals in the zoo
  • Express gratitude to all the employees in the zoo

Hashtag Suggestions: #zooday

August Social Media Ideas For Marketing

It’s time to start thinking about how you will make the most of your social media activities this August. Get your brand out there and tell people what you’re all about.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Host a special August sale
  • Create a summer giveaway or contest
  • Get in the spirit of summer with some fun memes
  • Share your business plans for the rest of the year
  • Offer a free summer special e-book or course
  • Share your best-selling summer products
  • Talk about your top summer hacks in your niche
  • Ask your audience to submit their own summer tips as comments on your post
  • Make a list of August events that you’ll be attending and share it with your followers

August Social Media Content Calendar

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I always advocate using a social media content calendar to help with your marketing actions.

It’s not just because it helps you stay on track but also gives you a place to plan your content and ensure everything is posted at the right time for maximum engagement and ROI.

I’ve already done all the hard work for you. Get my August Social Media Content Calendar here.

August Social Media Content Calendar

Tips for Using the August Content Calendar

So you’ve got my August content calendar, and you’re ready to go. Now what?

You can use the content ideas written inside, but change them up if you feel like some ideas don’t connect to your business.

Here are some other tips for using the August content calendar:

  • Create your content ahead of time
  • Analyze your previous content and add it to the August calendar
  • Assess what’s working and what isn’t
  • Take advantage of any holidays or events that come up during this month (make sure you can connect them back to your business)
  • Use it as a creative exercise

Best Social Media Content Tools for Business Owners

  • Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design tool that offers thousands of templates, fonts, and graphics so you can create professional designs in minutes.
  • is a fantastic tool to help you write faster and better content. You can create social media posts, emails, sales copy, blog articles, and more.
  • 7+ Years of Social Media Content Ideas – This is an all-inclusive content package that includes 3 social media calendars, over 1,600+ extra post ideas, 796 engaging graphic templates, fill-in-the-blank content templates, and so much more. Enter this coupon code at checkout to receive 25% off: BLOG25
  • Viral Content Templates – by using these templates, you can get more eyes on your brand without spending hours trying to come up with something new. The graphics are also customizable, so you can make them fit your brand perfectly!
  • 5-Minute Reels – you can create a customizable reel with your brand fonts and colors. It’s strategically formulated to increase your reach and boost engagement – without dancing, lip-syncing, or pointing!


I hope you enjoyed these August Social Media ideas and will have fun using my suggestions. It was nice to write it; encouraging business owners to try new things is essential for their brand growth.

If you found this article useful, please share it with your business bestie – the more people see it, the more we can help small businesses grow.

August Social Media ideas infographic

100+ Killer August Social Media Ideas + Free Content Calendar