It’s October, and you know what that means: pumpkin spice everything and a lot of Halloween fun!

But for digital and product-based small business owners, October can mean much more.

The month is filled with opportunities to drive salesboost your brand’s visibility, and increase engagement with your audience. 

I’ll share 100+ October social media ideas and a free content calendar to help you save time and get started fast.

You’ll also get great marketing ideas because they will help you increase your income

After all, it’s that part of the year when your business will make the most revenue, so make sure you’re prepared and ready to go!

Now grab your pumpkin spice latte, and let’s begin.

100+ Killer October Social Media Ideas + Free Content Calendar

This post includes affiliate links to products I love and recommend, meaning I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I will use the earnings to maintain my blog and business so that I can deliver more value and knowledge to you.

Tips for Creating Your October Content Fast

Here are some of the best tips that will help you knock out more content in less time:

  • Use content templates to save time.
  • Make a social media content calendar and fill it with ideas related to your niche.
  • Use to create content in less than 30 seconds.
  • Have multiple post ideas ready, so you don’t spend time searching for them daily.
  • Create a social media workflow, so you can quickly move from one idea to another without worrying about losing track of what you’re doing or where you left off.
  • Repurpose your previous high-performing posts; for example, if you made an Instagram reel, now create an infographic. This way, people won’t get bored seeing the same thing repeatedly!

October Social Media Ideas and Holidays For 2023

1.) International Coffee Day (1. October) If you love coffee as much as I do, this is a perfect day to celebrate this power juice.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a quote about coffee and talk about why you love it so much.
  • Ask your audience if they love drinking coffee.
  • Go to your local coffee shop and take a selfie with your favorite cup of coffee.

Hashtag Suggestions: #internationalcoffeeday

Other holidays and observances on 1. October:

  • Balloons Around the World Day
  • International Music Day
  • National Black Dog Day
  • National Hair Day
International Coffee Day

2.) International Day of Non-Violence (2. October)

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a list of ways to bring peace to your life or someone else’s.
  • Talk about your favorite organization that promotes peace and non-violence around the world.
  • Share a quote about peace and ask your audience to share their favorite quote about the same topic.

Hashtag Suggestions: #internationaldayofnonviolence

Other holidays and observances on 2. October:

  • Guardian Angels Day
  • World Farm Animals Day

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3.) National Boyfriend Day (3. October) If you have a boyfriend, you should tell him how much he means to you – especially today. 

Social Media content ideas:

  • Give your boyfriend a shoutout on social media.
  • Talk about why you fell in love with him.
  • Share a photo of you and your boyfriend – doing something cute.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalboyfriendday❤️

Other holidays and observances on 3. October:

  • National Child Health Day
  • Buy British Day

4.) Improve Your Office Day (4. October) If you want to feel more productive, you should clean your office. 

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about 5 ways to keep your office clean.
  • Share how you keep your desk tidy.
  • Talk about how to organize your office and keep it clean.

Hashtag Suggestions: #improveyourofficeday

Other holidays and observances on 4. October:

  • World Animal Day
  • National Taco Day
  • National Cinnamon Roll Day
Improve Your Office Day

5.) National Be Nice Day (5. October) We should be nice to others and ourselves every day – especially today!

Social Media content ideas:

  • Donate to your local animal shelter and discuss how they help the animals.
  • Inspire your audience to do something nice for others.
  • Talk about the importance of being nice to each other.

Hashtag Suggestions: #benicetopeople

Other holidays and observances on 5. October:

  • National Get Funky Day
  • World Meningitis Day

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6.) National Plus Size Appreciation Day (6. October) We all come in different sizes and shapes – and that’s the beauty of it!

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about why people should be proud of their appearance, no matter their size.
  • Share a quote about loving your body, no matter the shape.
  • Share your favorite plus-size fashion finds.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalplussizeappreciationday

Other holidays and observances on 6. October:

  • Inbox Zero Day
  • National Coaches Day

7.) International Day of Peaceful Communication (7. October) We should all strive for peaceful communication daily, so today, inspire your audience to do that.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share an inspirational quote that reminds you to be kind to yourself, others, and the world around you.
  • Share a personal story of how you’ve peacefully communicated with a company that mixed up your order.
  • Share the benefits of communicating peacefully.

Hashtag Suggestions: #internationaldayofpeace

Other holidays and observances on 7. October:

  • National Forgiveness & Happiness Day
  • You Matter To Me Day 
International Day of Peaceful Communication

8.) American Touch Tag Day (8. October) We all love this game, so why not play it today with your kids?

Social Media content ideas:

  • Post a video where you play a touch-tag game with your kids.
  • Talk about how much fun you had playing this game.

Hashtag Suggestions: #touchtag

Other holidays and observances on 8. October:

  • National Salmon Day

9.) Curious Events Day (9. October) It’s your day today if you love to wonder about random things.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about the things you usually wonder about.
  • Ask your audience what they wonder about.

Hashtag Suggestions: #curiousevents

Other holidays and observances on 9. October:

  • International Beer and Pizza Day
  • National Pro-Life Cupcake Day

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10.) World Mental Health Day (10. October) Your mental health is important, so take care of it and inspire others to do the same.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share an infographic on how to take care of your mental health.
  • Talk about 5 common mental health mistakes.
  • Share your story on how you take care of your mental health.

Hashtag Suggestions: #mentalhealthday

World Mental Health Day

National Face Your Fears Day (10. October – Different date each year) Think of your biggest fear, and face it. You can do it!

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a relatable, funny meme about facing our fears.
  • Share your story about how you confronted your big fear and what happened next.
  • Give your top 3 tips on how to face your fears.

Hashtag Suggestions: #faceyourfearsday

Other holidays and observances on 10. October:

  • National Angel Food Cake Day
  • National Handbag Day

11.) Black Girl Day Off (11. October) Take a day off – you deserve it!

Social Media content ideas:

  • Encourage your audience to prioritize self-care on this day.
  • Highlight black-owned businesses run by incredible black women and talk about how they take care of themselves.

Other holidays and observances on 11. October:

  • National Spread Joy Day
  • National Coming Out Day

12.) National Savings Day (12. October) It’s the perfect day to consider how you save or spend your money.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share an Instagram carousel with 5 tips on saving money.
  • Explain what you do monthly to save some money.
  • Talk about the 3 things you teach your kids about saving money.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalsavingsday

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Other holidays and observances on 12. October:

  • World Arthritis Day

13.) International Day for Failure (13. October) We all fail (probably daily) – so encourage your audience to accept their defeats and keep trying.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Make a reel talking about why we shouldn’t be afraid to fail.
  • Create an infographic about why failure is good.
  • Talk about your biggest defeat and what you did to overcome it.

Hashtag Suggestions: #failures

Other holidays and observances on 13. October:

  • National No Bra Day
  • National Train Your Brain Day
  • National Transfer Money To Your Son Day
International Day for Failure

14.) National I Love You Day (14. October) It’s a great day to tell your loved ones how much you love them.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about your other half, how you met, and why you love them.
  • Share a love quote and add your thoughts.
  • If you’re single – talk about the things you love in your business.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationaliloveyouday

Other holidays and observances on 14. October:

  • National Dessert Day
  • World Standards Day

15.) Global Handwashing Day (15. October) Our hygiene is essential. On this day, you can share your opinion and tips about it.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share 5 tips on hygiene.
  • Make a reel showing what product you use.
  • Create an infographic about the importance of handwashing.

Hashtag Suggestions: #globalhandwashingday

Other holidays and observances on 15. October:

  • National Lemon Bar Day

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16.) National Boss’s Day (16. October) Celebrate your boss – especially if you are your own boss.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share 3 things you like about your boss.
  • Give 5 tips on becoming your own boss.
  • Make a funny reel about being your own boss.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalbosssday

Other holidays and observances on 16. October:

  • World Food Day

17.) World Trauma Day (17. October) If you have experienced trauma, do not suffer in silence. Talk about it with friends and loved ones so that they can offer support.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share your top 3 tips about overcoming trauma.
  • Make an infographic that explains how to support someone who has experienced trauma.
  • Share a story about how you have helped someone who has experienced trauma.

Hashtag Suggestions: #worldtraumaday

Other holidays and observances on 17. October:

  • The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
World Trauma Day

18.) Health Care Aide Day (18. October) This day is to recognize the work of healthcare aides and their importance in providing quality patient care in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities worldwide.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about how your work as a healthcare aide.
  • Share a story about how someone you work with has made a difference in the lives of their patients.
  • Provide 5 tips on how to be a good healthcare assistant.

Hashtag Suggestions: #healthcareaide

Other holidays and observances on 18. October:

  • National Chocolate Cupcake Day

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19.) Evaluate Your Life Day (19. October) Today is a day to step back and reflect on your life as it currently stands.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Create a reel about how your life has changed over time and what you did that helped you out.
  • Talk about the top 3 mistakes people make when trying to change their lives.
  • Share a story about a time you made a significant change in your life and how it helped you become who you are today.

Hashtag Suggestions: #evaluateyourlifeday

Get to Know Your Customers Day (19. October – Different date each year) The first step to becoming a successful business is knowing who your customers are. From there, it’s easier to tailor your marketing strategy and content to their needs and interests. So if you want to get ahead of the competition, start getting to know your customers better!

Social Media content ideas:

  • Ask your customers what their biggest problems are, and then offer solutions.
  • Offer a discount to your existing customers and thank them for being loyal.
  • Share a quote and express your gratitude for such loyal customers.

Hashtag Suggestions: #informationoverload

Other holidays and observances on 19. October:

  • National New Friends Day

20.) Information Overload Day (20. October) It can be challenging to have information overload, so take some time off from learning.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Provide resources on how people can reduce the amount of information they consume.
  • Provide tips on how to unplug, decompress, and balance screen time.
  • Encourage your audience to practice mindful media consumption habits.

Hashtag Suggestions: #informationoverload

Other holidays and observances on 20. October:

  • World Osteoporosis Day 

21.) Celebration of the Mind Day (21. October) It’s a day to celebrate the human mind and everything it can accomplish.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a selfie of yourself celebrating this day by playing different games that are great for your mind.
  • Create your own Social Media game and encourage your audience to play with you.
  • Talk about the benefits of playing games and how they can help you stay healthy and happy.

Hashtag Suggestions: #themind

Other holidays and observances on 21. October:

  • National Apple Day
Celebration of the Mind Day

22.) National Make A Dog’s Day (22. October) The goal of this day is to make your dog as happy as possible.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Inspire your audience to get creative and find new ways to show their love for their dogs.
  • Share 5 tips on how to make your dog’s day great.
  • Create a list of fun things to do with your dog.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalmakeadogsday

Other holidays and observances on 22. October:

  • National Color Day
  • Smart is Cool Day

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23.) National Boston Cream Pie Day (23. October) Calories? They don’t count today so eat that Boston cream pie all you want.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a recipe with your followers.
  • Take a selfie of you eating the Boston cream pie.
  • Explain why sometimes it’s good to eat whatever you want and not feel guilty about it.

Hashtag Suggestions: #bostoncreampie

Other holidays and observances on 23. October:

  • National Croc Day

24.) National Food Day (24. October) It’s a perfect day to educate your audience about how important it is to eat healthy and make good food choices.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Create a reel with the top 5 healthy foods that everyone should eat.
  • Make an infographic of healthy foods and their benefits.
  • Talk about how your life changed after you started eating healthy.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalfoodday

Other holidays and observances on 24. October:

  • United Nations Day
  • World Development Information Day
  • World Polio Day
National Food Day

25.) National I Care About You Day (25. October) Encourage people to show love towards others and take time out of their busy lives to do things together.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a quote and a story about how you usually show you care for others.
  • Make a list of things your followers can do to show their love and appreciation for others.

Hashtag Suggestions: #icareaboutyou

Other holidays and observances on 25. October:

  • International Artist Day
  • National Fine Art Appreciation Day
  • World Pasta Day

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26.) National Day of the Deployed (26. October) On this day, you should recognize those deployed overseas.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Express gratitude to those who serve, and thank them for their service.
  • Encourage your audience to share their stories with you.
  • Share a quote and talk about how proud you are of those who serve.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationaldayofthedeployed

Other holidays and observances on 26. October:

  • National Financial Crime Fighter Day
  • National Pumpkin Day

27.) National Mentoring Day (27. October)  Celebrate a mentor who helped you.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share your experience with others and encourage them to find their own mentors.
  • Talk about the 5 essential qualities every mentor should have.
  • Share a quote about being a great mentor and discuss why it’s vital.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalmentoringday

Other holidays and observances on 27. October:

  • Cranky Co-Workers Day
  • National Black Cat Day
National Mentoring Day

28.) National Chocolate Day (28. October) You know what to do – grab your favorite chocolate and enjoy it!

Social Media content ideas:

  • Ask your audience what’s their favorite chocolate.
  • Share a healthy chocolate dessert recipe with your audience.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalchocolateday

Other holidays and observances on 28. October:

  • Wild Foods Day 

29.) National Internet Day (29. October) Today, you can celebrate all things internet-related. After all, it made it possible for you to work online and get financially free.

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share 3 tips on how to make money online.
  • Talk about how the internet changed our lives.
  • Ask your audience what they love most about the internet.

Hashtag Suggestions: #internetday

Other holidays and observances on 29. October:

  • National Hermit Day
  • National Cat Day
  • National Oatmeal Day

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30.) National Checklist Day (30. October) As a small business owner, you probably make checklists daily. So why not celebrate their usefulness?

Social Media content ideas:

  • Talk about how you make a checklist that helps you finish projects successfully.
  • Share your daily checklist with your audience.
  • Ask your followers what’s on their list today.

Hashtag Suggestions: #nationalchecklistday

Other holidays and observances on 30. October:

  • Haunted Refrigerator Night
  • National Candy Corn Day
  • National Treat Your Pet Day

31.) Halloween (31. October) Are you as excited for Halloween as I am? If yes – then dress up and enjoy!

Social Media content ideas:

  • Share a selfie and post it on Social Media.
  • Encourage your audience to share their selfies with you and tell them that the best costume will win a prize.
  • Offer 20% off Halloween coupon code.

Hashtag Suggestions: #halloweenspirit

Other holidays and observances on 31. October:

  • National Caramel Apple Day
  • National Knock Knock Joke Day

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October Social Media Marketing Ideas

October is the perfect time to get your business in front of potential customers. 

This is the month when people start to purchase more and more that’s why most small business owners see an increase in revenue.

Take these fall marketing ideas for a spin and see which ones work best for your brand:

  • Free shipping on orders of $20 or more.
  • A spooky 30% off deal.
  • Free gift for a $50+ order.
  • Show off your product packaging design for the holidays.
  • Host a Halloween dress-up contest– for example, ask people to submit photos of themselves dressed up, and the best costume wins your special prize.
  • “Dress up” your online store into a Halloween-themed design to make the shopping experience more fun and exciting.
  • Let your customers know you’re donating a portion of your earnings to your favorite charityand explain why you’re doing so.
  • Get creative with your product designs – create a product that’s designed to look like a monster, witch, or another Halloween-themed character.

It’s time to get your creative hat on and think about how you can make your customers’ shopping experience more entertaining and memorable this October.

Tips for Using the October Social Media Content Calendar

The October content calendar is excellent because everything is already planned for you.

But if you’re feeling creative, you can change it up and add your own ideas like:

  • different holidays and observances you want to celebrate,
  • special offers,
  • contest announcements,
  • promotions, product launches, and much more!

You can do whatever you want, but don’t try too many new things at once! This was a mistake I made that ultimately led me to extreme stress and failure because I didn’t know which posts were working and which ones didn’t.

Always test out ONE strategy, hack, or tip at a time, and then move on to the next.

You can get your hands on my October social media content calendar here.

October Social Media Content Calendar

Social Media Content Tools for Business Owners

If you’re running a small business, you know full well that time is money. Therefore, using the right social media content tools will help you get better results from your efforts.

These content tools save countless hours and allow me to get more done in less time. That’s why I recommend them to every busy small business owner.

  • 3 Social Media Content Calendars: I created these 3 content calendars for busy small business owners. They’re designed to save you time and get the results you want from your social media efforts. Use the coupon code to get 25% off: BLOG25
  • This is a powerful content tool that allows you to create engaging, high-converting posts, emails, articles, or anything else – in seconds! It’s the fastest and easiest way for busy people to make excellent posts that get results. You can check out my quick review video below.
  • Canva: It’s a graphic design tool that makes it easy to create beautiful visuals. You can use it for social media posts, blog images, infographics, presentations, and more.
  • Viral Content Templates: These are high-converting graphic templates that you can customize in the free version of Canva.
  • The Social Media Digital Planner: You’ll be able to plan and organize all your content ahead of time. You can use it for Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, or any other platform.
  • Doing It For The Gram (Instagram Digital Planner): This planner will help you create and maintain an active, profitable Instagram account. Plan your way to Instagram success!


There you have it – 100+ killer October social media ideas will help you make the most of your time and social media content marketing.

I also want to encourage you to get creative with your content so that people will keep coming back for more!

If you need help getting started, don’t forget about my free October social media content calendar: it’s already filled with great ideas for the month.

As always, I hope you found this post useful. If you did, please share it with your business bestie – she’ll be very grateful!