Let me get something off my chest.

Back in September 2019, I had a cry-fest for hours because of content creation. I got overwhelmed just thinking about it!

The thought of writing creative Social Media content without a struggle made me laugh because I thought it wasn’t possible. But now, after years of learning, testing, and tweaking – I can finally say that it’s achievable for everyone!

And today, I’ll share with you some of the simplest yet expert techniques that will help you create catchy content for your Social Media. You’ll see a boost in engagement and even an increase in profits!

Creative Social Media Content

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The problem with writing creative Social Media content

There’s a misconception that writing creative Social Media content is a daunting process. There are two reasons why most entrepreneurs and marketers struggle in this area.

Reason #1: they don’t have enough knowledge about how to write creative Social Media content.

Reason #2: they overcomplicate everything because they are stressed out and overwhelmed.

Which one are you?
Stressed woman near laptop

I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed and confused. That’s why I’m going to show you what to do so you can save time, get stress-free results, and effortlessly write creative Social Media content from now on!

How to overcome the struggle of writing creative Social Media content

Let’s start with the first reason. I know you might think creative writing is something people are born with, yet others are destined to struggle. But it’s not true!

Everyone can write creative Social Media content if they put in a bit of effort and learn the right strategies. And that’s precisely what we’ll talk about today.

If you want to avoid the content struggle, you’ll have to learn more about it. You need to understand why some posts work and others don’t. I’ll share with you some of my best articles that will help you gain a ton of knowledge:

Once you learn more about content creation, it will be easy to craft some fantastic posts that will give you killer results.

woman learning about social media content creation

Now let’s move on to the second reason why most entrepreneurs struggle with writing creative Social Media content.

Overcomplicating the whole process – I was so guilty of this!

Here’s the thing – when we start complicating, we get stressed out, and that’s when most mistakes are made. It’s essential you first learn how to write engaging and creative content, then just follow those steps.

However, it takes some time and practice. You won’t become a pro without that! It took me a couple of years to learn all the ins and outs, but I’ll help you cut that time in half! So don’t get discouraged and quit after one month.

But here’s some great news for you. Now that we have AI tools (AI stands for artificial intelligence), it makes writing content easier. You can learn How I Create a Month of Social Media Content In 2 Hours.

Now let’s move on to the juicy part of this article.

7 ways to make it easy on yourself when creating content

7 ways to make it easy on yourself when creating content - by Big Income Paradise

1.) Don’t complicate

It’s a creative process, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes we just overthink things, which is why we struggle so hard with writing content.

If you want to reach the next level in your business, you have to simplify everything! You don’t have to make it “perfect” the first time. After all, there’s no such thing as perfection.

So just write out your content, then take a break. It’s going to help you get your clarity. And when you’re ready, start fixing up the posts that you wrote.

2.) Making creative headlines

The title or hook is the first thing your readers notice, and if they see a creative one, they’ll immediately be intrigued.

Make sure the entire post lives up to expectations by sharing your best tips & tricks! And if you’re someone like me, who struggles to craft captivating headlines, then help yourself with a free Title generator tool.

title generator

3.) Use bullet points

People don’t like to read long text, and they’re also drawn to bullet points. That’s why you should use them whenever possible (but only if it fits the content).

Bullet points are also going to make your content creation easier. You’ll save more time by not having to write lengthy chunks of text.

4.) Keep your Social Media content simple

Don’t use complicated words, jargon, or long sentences that are hard to understand.

You can use creative words but don’t overdo it. Keep the writing style simple and easy to follow. It’s even more critical on Social Media, where people are looking for quick information.

5.) Create a content calendar

There are a lot of advantages to having a Social Media content calendar. From being more consistent to saving time!

A content calendar is going to increase your marketing efforts and help you stay organized and creative. Just look at it as a brainstorming session, where you’re going to write all the ideas down.

You can learn how to create your own content calendar, or you can grab my content bundle with 3 Social Media content calendars.

The Ultimate Social Media Content Bundle

6.) Use graphic templates

Do you know those entrepreneurs who have great visuals? They are all using graphic templates! And you don’t need to hire a graphic designer or make them yourself.

Graphic templates will help you save a lot of time, and your content will stay consistent so people will recognize it.

There are plenty of templates on the Internet. You can find them in Canva, or you can check these out:

796 Graphic Templates From Big Income Paradise

7.) Re-use your old Social Media content

If you don’t want to create new content every week, use your old posts. Rewrite them and change the headline and description, so it looks new. 

Also, make sure you fix up any outdated information. This is a creative way of recycling your old posts and making them look fresh! You should also create a new graphic to go with it.

Simple techniques for writing creative Social Media content

Simple techniques for writing creative Social Media content  - by Big Income Paradise

1.) Start with curiosity or a quote

Start each post with curiosity or an interesting quote. However, stay away from creating click-bait titles! You should deliver what you promise.

Your creative Social Media content should match the title. So start your post with a short sentence that will boost the interest of your audience. Take a moment and really think about what will make them stop and read your whole post.

2.) Use powerful, persuasive words

These words are not what you might think. They are actually simple words that evoke emotions. You’ll notice that a lot of successful entrepreneurs use these words – because they work!

Below are some examples. The first four are the most powerful!

  • You
  • New
  • Because
  • Free
  • Best
  • Killer
  • Awesome
  • Agonizing
  • Brilliant
Powerful Persuasive Words List

You’ll get this massive list of powerful words inside my 7+ Years of Social Media Content Ideas Bundle.

3.) Ask (poll) questions

We are often so busy creating unique longer-form content that we forget to ask simple (poll) questions. But questions are compelling because they help you get to know your audience better.

Asking questions also shows you care about what people have to say. Plus, this is a great way to boost your engagement on Social Media!

So to make your life easier, I made two excellent articles that have over 400+ question ideas you can use right away:

4.) Share personal stories

Business Storytelling is one of the best ways to gain trust and make more sales. We all love a good story, but how can you actually create it?

Well, this is a creative process that can be broken down into different components. So you can practice and get really good at it!

  • First, you need a good hook. Here you should add either a question or an interesting fact related to the story. This will make it more engaging!
  • Second, start writing about how you struggled. Talking about that will make your audience emotionally connect with you.
  • Then you share about your shift – what you did to change your situation.
  • And the last part of your story should end on a positive note with a call to action.

If you want to learn about the 8-step storytelling formula, you can get it inside my PDF here.

Content Marketing and Storytelling Strategies

5.) Use infographics

Most people are visual learners, so make your content fun with infographics. It’s an easy way to appeal to your audience.

Infographics are also very shareable, and they can help boost your exposure on Social Media! You could even experience a viral post. But you will have to take some time and really create amazing graphics.

Visme is my favorite tool for creating infographics. You can test it out and see for yourself. And of course, we can’t forget about Canva, which also has many beautiful templates.

6.) Share valuable content

Testimonial - Big Income Paradise
Sharing helpful information will make your audience love you!

You want to attract more people to your business, right? Then give them what they crave! Your audience is searching for solutions to their problems.

And you can provide some quick, helpful advice with just a bit of research. First, make sure you know the pain points of your audience.

Then research those topics, and give away your best tips and hacks! Don’t hold back on the knowledge. By giving them what they need, you will get loyal fans for life!

This is where the magic happens – clients will buy from you more due to your credibility and expertise!

7.) Find infinite content ideas

As an expert content creator, I’m here to tell you a shocking fact! 97% of my audience always asks me where they may discover content ideas.

It is the most common issue I see entrepreneurs and marketers struggle with. And we are going to end this once and for all! There are 18 amazing places where you can find Social Media content.

All you need to do is take a little bit of your time and check out a couple of those platforms. Do some research and find what people are struggling with within your niche. Then write creative Social Media content on those topics.

If you prefer to watch a video – then check it out below:

Tools and resources to help you write creative Social Media content

As you know, I used to struggle with creating excellent posts. And it took me two long years to finally master the content creation.

Aside from sharing with you my expert techniques, I’d also want to provide you a list of all the most incredible content tools and resources that are really useful!

  • Copy.ai – is the best content creation tool to help you make creative Social Media posts, blog articles, emails, text for sales pages, and so much more!
  • Canva – you probably already know and use this tool, but it’s definitely one of the best, and it deserves to be on this list! Canva will help you create the most beautiful graphics without hiring an expensive graphic designer.
  • Visme – is another great graphic tool that will help you make attractive Social Media photos.
  • Title generator – this tool doesn’t need any explanation. It will generate 700 title ideas in a few seconds!
  • Content bundle – this saved my sanity, and I’m sure it will help you tremendously! You will be more organized, and it will save you a ton of time. You get 3 Social Media content calendars, 796 graphic templates, over 1,600+ extra content ideas, and more!
7+ Years of Social Media Content Ideas

Let’s not forget about the best free resources – my blog posts & freebies:

Creative ways to engage with followers on Social Media

Remember that creative Social Media content is only a part of the puzzle. Another vital aspect is engagement! However, don’t get obsessed with it. Sometimes people don’t engage, but they do read your posts.

So your primary focus should be great content. But I’ll share with you some PRO engagement hacks that will help you get more likes and comments.

social media engagement

1.) Engage with other people

To get engagement, you first need to give it. Yes, this involves some work because you will have to like and comment on other people’s posts. So take some time each day and do that.

2.) Don’t respond to all comments right away

Many entrepreneurs make this mistake, and they respond to all the comments at once. But to boost your content in the newsfeed, respond to a couple of comments – and leave the rest for later.

When you start seeing your engagement drop, then respond to another comment. You see, replying over time will get your post on top of the newsfeed over and over again.

3.) Make creative graphics that people want to share


We spoke about infographics, which are perhaps the best graphics you can make. People are more inclined to share creative images rather than plain text. It also adds an explosion of color that attracts more readers.

4.) Use powerful calls-to-action

You MUST have a call to action at the end of every post you publish. People need to know what step they should take next. So don’t be afraid to give them simple instructions.

Just be careful what calls-to-action you are using. Most Social Media platforms will punish you for using engagement bait – for example: “Like my post if you agree.”

Here are some great examples you can include at the end of your posts:

  • Head over to…
  • Do you agree?
  • Do you love this?
  • Who’s with me?
  • To learn more, go here…
  • Pass this on if you love it
  • DM me if you want to learn more

What’s next?

If you’re struggling to write creative Social Media content, then this article is helpful. We talked about how to develop creative Social Media content ideas that are engaging – without getting stressed out in the process!

But you’re a busy entrepreneur, a spouse, and a parent – and are likely running low on time. So how can you find all the content, create it, make attractive graphics for it, and then publish it?! Ugh! Even thinking about it might make you anxious!

That’s why I created a fantastic Content Vault with over 7+ years of content ideas that will help you save up a lot of your precious time! It will also boost your engagement and help you make more profit.

And the best part – it is only $27! Yes! So grab the Content Vault here now.

7+ years of social media content ideas